Why Does Life Sucks?

Why does life sucks sometimes, it’s not good to feel that way but also not bad, life just sucks.
Whenever you feel exhausted it does suck.

why we feel it suddenly?

Whenever something good goes in our life, unexpectedly we become so happy that we even don’t know how to react. Same is like when we feel our life exhausting, sucking our soul in every way, no matters how much you try to calm down, it doesn’t.

Sometimes, we got a reason to our exhaustion towards life, that’s why we manage to go through it. But, sometimes life sucks without a reason, that feeling of; how life sucks can lead to enormous amount of pain and disaster creating another obstacles in our life.

But, the question is here,

Why does life sucks?

Well, logically this feeling rises in many people’s lives whenever there dreams are broken, or nothing goes in their life like they planned.

Life is hard tough and sometimes inevitable, teases us up to the extent that we feel life sucks.

All of us, always plans our life according to our rules, and thinks that our life will lead in the way we want it to lead. But you know what sucks, it never does. Life makes its own choices, ways and we just have to follow up. Until, we die.

Sometimes life sucks, when you feel denied by everyone you love; in the moment when you are lost in a way that you don’t know what to do, or doing something that you don’t want to do.

Whatever I talked or blabbed with you above was when your life sucks with a reason that you don’t know. But sometimes we know why our life sucks.

7 reasons why does our life sucks

Whether you a boy or a girl, man or a woman, adult teenager or old, there’s always a time when your life sucks. 90% peoples life sucks when they are young and heartful. I am going to discuss about the reasons of these young and heartful boys/girls/others.

1. Poor financial situation

Can’t buy some new clothes? No vehicle? No gym accessories and other stuff?

If you are borned poor, it would be understandable, why your lifes prettily sucks. Because seeing your friends and cousins buying every stuff they need,
an abyss will grow in you, that abyss will be weighing too much that sometimes you would feel; why me?, why not these other people’s who wastes their extra money and time relentlessly.

You will feel that your life sucks, at that time.
Other that hurting your affections, the unlucky financial situation can effect other aspects of your life


Tax fee, if you are proud residence of your state, and know your responsibility of paying taxes. But, you don’t have money to pay, hey then you are doomed.

Health- health never comes cheap, if you cant afford to seek medical attention, then you cNant get treated also.

So, whenever you will feel sick, your only way to treat yourself is over the counter medication.

Education- well, without money your career cannot grow, that means that you are doomed in any way without money.

2. Pressure from community

Exploration shows that investing energy in online media leads towards wretchedness.

Furthermore, the reason for using it isn’t rocket science. If you want to know why a few bunch of people are madly cheerful, that reason on the ground is that they don’t exist on web-based media.

Hanging out on those stages makes you perceive how others are getting along. Furthermore, the more you know, you can’t resist the urge to consider how you are getting along.

From that end, you start terminating self-questions that lead to hopelessness.

Here are a few examples:

“He went to an exceptionally perceived school and it appears somehow like his whole life sorted out. And still, I don’t have the freakish idea about, what I’ll be doing this week.”

“At 24, she’s now settled herself. She has an incredible profession, family, and companions. I don’t have any of that.”

“The last time I saw my secondary school pals was nine years prior. It would appear that they went exploring, and I wish I likewise went with them.”

These sayings can only lead you to think that your life is more sucked up than anyone else.

5. Poisonous environment

Here’s the manner by which you portray a poisonous environment:

(A) Draw piles of plates in a region that resembles a lounge room

(B) Insert folks who smoke and make noisy sounds.

So in case you’re living in a spot same as I pointed you’re in a poisonous climate, it’s no big surprise why you feel as though your life sucks. Having terrible components encompass you is a surefire method of welcoming pressure where it’s not required.

So in the event that you stay in a poisonous climate all day, every day, that additionally implies you’re focused on day in and day out.

Also, we’re not simply discussing the spot you live. Your working environment can be harmful, as well.

This type of environment can make you feel how much your life sucks, when others are living prosperous life, but your life, just sucks.

In the event that it doesn’t offer you the chance to develop, accept it as a sign that you should leave. For all you know, you are attempting to be a corporate zombie.

6. Medical problems (because of helpless way of life decisions)

In the event that you have medical problems, it tends to be the fundamental motivation behind why you think your life sucks.

Furthermore, if these medical problems are because of your helpless way of life decisions, that is on you. The World Health Organization says in the event that you keep it up, you will undoubtedly create persistent illnesses.

few things that you do, must need to go:

Staring at the TV throughout the day – Just staying there is a simple method to unwind. In any case, doing it more than needed outcomes in actual idleness and expands your danger of a cardiovascular failure.

Smoking – It denies your blood and different organs of oxygen. Furthermore, without oxygen, they won’t work well.

Drinking ■■■■■■ – The more ■■■■■■ you devour, the higher your pulse level goes.

In any case, shading yourself fortunate. When you’re mindful that settling on helpless way of life decisions is doing you hurt, you can choose to assume responsibility.

You should simply to dump the unfortunate way of life and begin living better!

7. Dread of facing challenges

To push ahead in your own and expert life, you need to face challenges. So when was the last time you took a risk?

In the event that you can’t name a solitary time, at that point there’s the issue: Your dread of facing challenges.

There is always a Consequence, good or bad, sucks or not, but we have to face it, because sometimes it keep us from that feeling.

Here’s a more intensive glance at the reasons for that dread:

Not having any desire to leave your customary range of familiarity – Pursuing something requires exertion and can carry a few burdens to the condition.

On the off chance that you’re not up to yielding to the prerequisites, at that point it’s the reason you have that dread

No clearness – You’re befuddled. You don’t have a clue what your objective is

Past disappointment – If you bombed when you faced a specific challenge previously, you should think about yourself a disappointment.

Yet, here’s the means by which you can reclassify the circumstance: Take the danger once more.

What to do when life sucks

Your life still sucks, after doing everything in your hand, shooting every bullet, life is just stuck in being suckers for you or you just Past that, here are alternate ways you can fix the issue:

1. Be in your protected zone

A motivation behind why you feel that your life always sucks is possibly your dread of the obscure. Confronting question marks about your present circumstance or your future causes you to feel feeble.

Also, this dread develops more conspicuous when you need more an ideal opportunity to figure things out.

So to determine this, flee to your protected zone. There, spend a second to think and help yourself that the dread to remember the obscure can’t get to you.

Besides, it’s not possible for anyone to haphazardly rush in to trouble you.

Try not to have a protected zone? Make one! Simply locate a calm and commotion free spot where you can be separated from everyone else.

2. Talk it out

Packaging your feelings is simple. In any case, you know what else it is? A clear methodology of causing you to feel a wide range of outrage.

In the event that you keep even the littlest disappointments inside you, it’ll simply develop.

What’s more, continue to develop they will until you at this point don’t have any control of it. The Snowball Effect should sound recognizable, shouldn’t it?

So visit a dear companion and fill them in on your circumstance. Educate them regarding what’s pestering you.

It doesn’t make a difference on the off chance that they can’t offer an answer. What is important is that you have them to assist you with reducing your heap.

Simply ensure they’re listening attentively when you’re venting. Subsequent to getting a few things out there, you’ll feel good.

That is because talking works. In the event that you don’t have a clue why numerous individuals pay and see specialists, why not discover the appropriate response yourself?

3. Write on your diary

You may call it by one of its three names: diary treatment, composing treatment, and diary composing treatment. They all mean something very similar. Furthermore, they all stay consistent with a similar thought.

Furthermore, this thought is to put your disappointments out there. It resembles conversing with a dear companion. Be that as it may, in the event that you don’t have one, let your diary fill in as your closest companion.

If it’s not too much trouble utilize a good old pen and journal for this. Along these lines, you won’t be effortlessly enticed to go on the web. In any case, in the event that you can compose better utilizing your PC, at that point get it going.

4. Do some proactive tasks

Be dynamic to keep your blood siphoning and your body in phenomenal condition. That is a simple peasy approach to lift your mind-set.

The unbelievable Runner’s High, for example, has appeared to revamp your cerebrum and inspire. It’s additionally a pass to an hour or two without uneasiness and agony.

What’s more, something cool about it is that it’s free. All you require is to put on some running clothing and possibly put on great music. At that point off you go.

5. Take dangers

As referenced before, a motivation behind why you feel life sucks is the dread of facing challenges.
Make yourself face the dangers, instead of blaming your life for being such a sucked, stand , and fight, till the last breath.

It’s justifiable to fear taking gigantic jumps of confidence. Be that as it may, it’s something you need to do so you could dispose of the undesirable feelings. Also, one of those is disappointment.


Why does my life sucks, is just an top emotional level that’s generated whenever you feel unwind, unwilling, exhausted and boarder.

Seeking for love and affectionate in your life is sometimes the reason a person develops folks in his tail. Anger and sadness also tools some part in this tale.

Life is short we always want to do everything we love but, sometimes we are unable to complete our every desire and, our life starts feeling sucks here what you should do whenever your life feel sucks:

Start little – Small dangers mentor you to be adequately certain to take matters up an indent. Pitching an awesome yet a superb plan to your supervisor is a model

Try not to focus on negative remarks – Words of debilitation are time-squanderers. They’ll likewise deter you from attempting to push ahead

Be prepared – It’s difficult to prevail with regards to something on the off chance that you have zero hints on the best way to pull it off. So set yourself up already for the means you need to take.