Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?

Why do good girls like bad guys? Girls do like bad boys because being good can be boring sometimes. Dating a bad boy is fun because they are very open with you in front of others. Additionally, girls feel safer with bad boys. They always want to turn them into a good boy.

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?

Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?

Because their neurological systems have been accustomed to dealing with a lot of stress, good girls raised by an emotionally negligent mother or married to a narcissistic abusive husband are more likely to find themselves in another traumatic relationship.

Consequently, females with unresolved prior relationships frequently feel void in the absence of trauma, craving it and then looking for that trauma to feel “normal” once again. Even though standard talk therapy is often used to treat trauma, recovery typically needs a more comprehensive approach.

The same portion of our brains that goes “offline” during trauma and extremely traumatic experiences is the part that employs spoken language to talk about our concerns in therapy.


Bad boys aren’t always bad and don’t necessarily cause trauma, but many bad boys are erratic and theatrical, making them difficult to anticipate. It’s no surprise that good females are attracted to terrible boys because of the basic pleasure of being immersed in the drama they produce.

Why Are bad Boys So Exciting?

In contrast to the normal companions, Dr Fugère believes that “bad lads” might be a refreshing alternative. As Dr McKay points out, these guys might be “exciting and enjoyable” to date if women are bored; nevertheless, dating someone like this can have significant negatives such as causing wounded feelings, fighting, addictions, and even criminal histories.

  • Hypnotherapist Jennifer Schlueter, for example, became entangled with a bad boy from a different nation and culture.

  • There was explosive energy between us that led to wonderful sex and adventures but also conflicted, as she recalls in her memoir.

  • The allure of bad lads stems in part from their perceived stigma. After all, Dr Melancon was once smitten with an outcast. “When we crave something out of our reach, our yearning rises tremendously,” she says.

  • When we met, he had his own video production company, and I was a PhD student researching human sexuality.

There was a unique spark between us since he was someone I shouldn’t have been dating! People in my life began to wonder what I was up to with him, which ratchet my attraction to him like Romeo and Juliet." Even yet, we’ve all seen Romeo and Juliet’s tragic finale.

Why Do Good Girls Like Bad Guys?

Many find the connection briefly fascinating and adventurous. Taking a lady on adventures with a wild 18-year-old may be entertaining. Not so much at 30, unemployed, with a criminal record, and missing teeth.

It may be temporary if you know a lady dating a bad guy. At university, I met a girl with great academics, beauty, and charity work. She has a lovely family and a promising future.

Reasons Explanation
Excitement Some want excitement in their life and relationships. Many women admire a calm, punctual accountant, while others find him dull. Bad dudes may make life exciting.
Attention-Grabbing My high school friend’s parents were severe. Her parents wouldn’t allow her out often. When she started dating, she didn’t date someone stuffy, dull, or ordinary. She wanted to argue. She dated the “bad lad.”
Attractive I used to think being kind and following the rules would attract ladies. I was shocked they chose a renegade. Science reveals what women desire in dating, relationships, and sex. Niceness and rule-following aren’t listed.
A Phase Dating a bad boy is a popular movie topic. In most situations, these reflect a lady escaping a monotonous existence or a younger girl exploring her wild side. The villain is usually a misunderstood, decent person.
They Want to Change Them A coworker dated a bad boy. He was aggressive, abusive, criminal, and drug-addicted. “No one else saw the real man,” she informed me. I wanted people to see the genuine Ronnie

Note: They can’t feel genuine love until they’re “fixing” someone else, and decent guys bore them. Serial killer lovers are extreme rescuers. A “rescuer” is a lady who repeatedly selects a bad guy. Without counselling, she’ll never kick her bad-boy habit.

Do Women Feel Secure Around Bad Boys?

Isn’t it plain to see? When you’re dating a bad boy, there’s nothing to worry about. Having a horrible person as a bodyguard is the finest way to feel safe and protected. Why? Because they are willing to put themselves in harm’s way to keep you safe at all times.

Males are taught to admire their risk-taking behaviour in an article on Vice that says, “Risk-taking becomes simply another way for men to display their dominance.”

“They (women) prefer having someone in their lives who is tough enough to confront the world and hit back when required,” says Forrest Talley, PhD, a psychologist.

Some ladies like to have a bodyguard with them all the time. However, when it comes to finding a potential mate, they prefer physically beautiful men with a no-holds-barred, no-holds-barred, risk-taking mindset. No one has those like the gangsters.

Keep in mind: The research title, “Physical Attractiveness and the “Nice Guy Paradox”: Do Nice Guys Finish Last?” proves how important looks are in the desire for more casual, sexual interactions. However, being pleasant is the most important component when it comes to a long-term relationship.

How to Be a Good Boy?

So, now that you know the characteristics and behaviours that distinguish bad boys from good guys, the issue is: How can you integrate the characteristics and behaviours of masculinity in a grounded way? A man can’t be a naughty boy and a good guy.

  • Prioritize Yourself - Many guys believe that women are looking for a hero. They’re drawn to males willing to give up their happiness to make their partner happy. It’s a fact, though, that most women do not. If they do, it’s never worth it to make this trade.

  • Speak Your Truth - As a bad-boy attribute, the ability to tell the truth without remorse is one that few men possess. When it comes to so-called “bad boys,” they don’t hoot what other people think; what they say is a direct reflection of their thinking.

  • Maintain Strong Boundaries - Most guys find it difficult to set boundaries. Because setting personal limits leaves others feeling left out, it’s never a good idea.

  • Make a Safe-Hauling Container - A sense of safety may be achieved by using aggression, but it doesn’t necessitate getting into a bar brawl or starting an unnecessary confrontation to use this idea. Instead, you may create a safe environment by being a leader and a capable individual.

  • Strive to Improve Your Situation - As the last step, you must commit to ongoing improvement and reject the status quo if you want to attract the lady of your dreams. The basic idea is the same for all men, regardless of how it manifests itself in practice. And when a guy becomes comfortable and stagnant.

Most guys, on the other hand, are willing to cross their limits at the drop of a hat for anything. Even if they’ve already made arrangements with their buddies, they’ll go out with their lover and her friends.

Taking charge and telling her, “We’ve got reservations tonight at that new Italian restaurant, and once we’re done, I’ve planned a surprise for you,” will put you in a much better light.

You must be ready by 7 o’clock and wear my preferred black outfit." While she may be apprehensive at first, you gradually develop her confidence that you can handle both her and the relationship and life’s obstacles.


Knowing and sharing your limits builds a container of trust in your relationship, similar to stating your truth. As a result, she can completely examine the relationship and determine for herself whether or not your limits clash with her demands because you are clearly stating your wants.


Some related questions are given below:

1 - Why do good girls get with bad guys?

Having a terrible male around helps good girls get out of their shells. Breaking the rules is what a bad boy does for you; he encourages you to do new things, pushes your boundaries, and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

2 - Why are toxic guys attractive?

As a rule, toxic guys are drawn to strong, self-assured women who can care for them because they are self-centred and overconfident. Furthermore, these men desperately need someone who can soothe their fragile egos and shield them from feeling rejected.

3 - Do girls like quiet guys?

It appears that males who keep to themselves have a deep inner circle full of fascinating sentiments and thoughts that attracts female admiration. Despite their best efforts, women cannot decipher what they are thinking. Men are enveloped in a strong aura, and women cannot dispel it.

4 - What attracts a female to a man?

A woman finds a man more alluring and desirable when trustworthy and honest. Anyone who can be relied upon to tell the truth, and speak from the heart is someone worth following because his word can be trusted. Relationships can grow when people have confidence in one another, according to Degges-White.

5 - What is it about older men that appeal to females?

Older men tend to have a firm grasp on what they want in a relationship, which makes them more attractive to women who aren’t searching for anything that may go wrong. An older male is more likely to be financially self-sufficient, possess a car, and hold steady employment. "As a man ages, he begins to respect the wisdom of his elders more.

6 - Why are the nicest people often the last to finish?

He says, “In the context of relationships or jobs, pleasant people finish last is generally a reference to something else.” You can see that the man has suppressed his genuine wants, desires and ideas to seek the approval of others. So frequently, it’s girls.

7 - Is it true that men grow more attractive as they get older?

According to developmental psychologist Michelle Drouin, the myth that males get more beautiful as they age is unfounded. The truth is, a recent study indicated that women hit their peak appeal on online dating sites around 18. Men reach their prime sexually at the age of 50.

8 - What’s the worst that can happen if a guy flirts with you?

A bad boy is awful at dating because he is a flirt. He isn’t trustworthy or devoted to any woman. Flirting in public is a great way to build self-confidence and project a fun, carefree vibe. In every relationship, don’t care about the other person’s feelings.

9 - What type of girl does a bad boy like?

They prefer girls who know what they’re doing over bad boys. He won’t be pleased if you appear like everyone else and have nothing exceptional to offer. This is true even if it means being different from other ladies, which will make him even more attracted to you.

10 - Which body part attracts the most?

In a 2017 poll by Dr Felix, an online health provider, 24% of women claimed that chests were the most appealing area of men’s bodies, according to the results. Another 13% of women said that a man’s stomach was the most attractive portion of his body.


While nice ladies come in a wide variety of looks and sizes, one trait they all have is the ability to make morally sound judgments. Being a nice person is wonderful, but being a decent person may be tedious at times. To have the best chance of surviving in this world, our bodies are built to be flexible and responsive in difficult situations.

A trauma pattern that is tough to escape may repeat itself if you connect with being a decent girl who keeps getting drawn to terrible males. When it comes to releasing previous trauma and retraining your nervous system, seeing a professional dance/movement psychotherapist or using your body and dance-based movements in therapy may be more beneficial.

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