Why Did My Ex Unfriend Me But Not Block Me

Why Did My Ex Unfriend Me But Not Block Me

Why did my ex delete me from my Facebook friends instead of blocking me? 3

My boyfriend and I broke up a few days ago and he was a little dramatic and maybe saddened by me and the situation. Yes, he kicked me out of friendship, but I don't understand why he didn't block me. And believe me, he knows the difference between the two.

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Take a picture of us. I thought it was the same, but I don't know. So he liked my picture on my page and I found out that he had seen my page ... but within 20 minutes he hated it. What to do with?

Also, after we separated, she changed her status immediately after being single, and the very next day she dropped out of college and became attracted to women who were nothing, no status, and among women. No one was interested.

He also posted the following excerpt:

We are never as helpless and unhappy as when we are in love, we are never as sad and unhappy as when we have lost our love or the purpose of your love.


What does the quote you posted mean? I thought you meant me, but why didn't you call me? I still remember it?

Jazz ... you have a very dramatic son! I think he was a little angry (as usual in this situation). I think your best bet is to talk to him ... or forget about it (hopefully he'll stop feeling sorry for himself). Otherwise you can't do much with such a person) ... Cice dear ... is yours ..

She is very sad about your breakup. I don't think he has blocked you, so he can still see your account, even though he can't see much. It's like being in the middle of it all. You still think about it, but he didn't want to interfere with your life since you broke up.

You can leave the window open if you want to delete it. Blocking you altogether means that he has lost interest in you. But losing you means he still has a second hand.

1. If they block you, they won't be able to see your profile.

2. That's why he only lost you.

3. If you change your privacy setting to "friends only", they won't be able to see your history.

He wants to spy on you. :) Just that

Why Did My Ex Unfriend Me But Not Block Me

Why Did My Ex Unfriend Me But Not Block Me

Nervous breakdown, hell is probably getting more depressing now.

Why Did My Ex Unfriend Me But Not Block Me