Why Did Kate Armstrong Sell Cassillis Castle?

Why Did Kate Armstrong Sell Cassillis Castle? Kate Armstrong sold the Casillas castle, some of which date back to the 15th century, in 2014 for £5 million. But even with 13 bedrooms, a ballroom, and a private theater, it didn’t find the perfect buyer until the price decreased to £3.9 million.

Why Did Kate Armstrong Sell Cassillis Castle?

A wealthy businesswoman was forced to sell her Scottish castle for £2.6 million less than it cost her to sell and renovate.

For £3 million, Confused.com creator Kate Armstrong, an Australian, purchased Cassillis House in 2009.

When Mrs. Armstrong purchased the 112-room estate, which is on 300 acres of land in the Ayrshire countryside, it was in need of repair.
As a labor of love, she spent four years and an extra £3.5 million refurbishing it.

A startling £2.6 million less than what it cost to sell and repair the castle, it is currently up for sale for £3.9 million.

The castle, some of which are from the 15th century, was for sale in 2014 for £5 million, making it one of the most expensive properties.

A Millionaire Sold a £6.5 Million Castle for £3.9 Million

Here are some details on the millionaire who sold the £6.5 million castle for £3.9 million.

List Details
1 Some people forced a wealthy businesswoman to sell her Scottish castle for £2.6 million. It was less than it cost her to purchase and renovate.
2 Armstrong Kate was the Australian creator of the pricing comparison website Confused.com. She purchased the Cassillis House for £3.1 million in 2009.
3 Mrs. Armstrong purchased the 112-room estate situated on 300 acres of Ayrshire countryside. The estate she bought needed repair. As a labor of love, she spent four years and an extra £3.5 million refurbishing it.
4 A startling £2.6 million less than what it cost to buy and repair the castle, it is now up for sale for £3.9 million.
5 The castle, built in the fifteenth century, is among the most expensive homes in Scotland.
6 But, the property’s 13 bedrooms and private theater could not draw in the appropriate bidder.
7 They offered an extra £1.1 million off the asking price to find a buyer.
8 The modest asking price is to attract a speedy buyer who would take good care of the estate close to Maybole.
9 In 2013, the BBC2 show Restoration Home highlighted her four-year initiative to update the estate.
10 The castle has a crumbling roof and ruined elaborate design work because it was abandoned for a long time.
11 Mrs. Armstrong received approval from Historic Scotland to paint the castle the original color yellow.
12 The massive makeover was finished, and the property now has 13 extra bedrooms, seven of which have en suite bathrooms.
13 It also has a ballroom, library, wine cellar, movie theater, and area for a gym.
14 The castle also has an original clockwise spiral staircase constructed in the fifteenth century to allow a right-handed fighter to defend his higher ground against an attack of adversaries.
15 The sale will also include four more structures on the estate, one of which is a five-bed coach house. These extra features include portcullis doors and several circular turrets.
16 Evelyn Channing, a property agent of Savills, described the home in 2014. It has undergone the arduous process of thorough repair and is now suitable for use in the twenty-first century.
17 In contrast to most projects, this one is already complete and has a fascinating past.
18 The tower and a bedroom found after they pushed back some plaster are two examples of unique old elements that have been preserved.

Worth of Cassillis Castle

Maybole’s Cassillis Estate. An impressive castle, steeped in history and renovated for modern habitation, towering above the River Doon for over £3,900,000 in offer.


2014 saw the sale of the 15th-century castle for $5 million. It wasn’t until it was relisted for £3.9 million that its 13 bedrooms, ballroom, and private theater found a buyer. A Scottish castle owned by a rich businesswoman was sold for £2.6 million, less than it cost to buy and restore the property. Armstrong Kate, the creator of Confused.com, purchased Cassillis House for £3.1 million in 2009.

What Is Cassillis Castle?

The structure that makes up Cassillis House is a sturdy rectangular tower constructed in the 14th century but changed, to which a square tower got added in the 17th century and substantial baronial additions in 1830.

The 285-acre estate where the castle locates includes 112 rooms, and the tower is harled and painted yellow. The basement is vaulted, and the space of the wall is up to 16 feet thick, with a jail constructed within them.

There aren’t many more historic elements left, but one is a turnpike staircase from the 17th century. On Blaeu’s map of Carrick, Cassils is identified as a tall tower and structures or a courtyard in a sizable fenced and forested park.

Property Transferred by Marriage

The Kennedy family, who had been Stewards of Carrick from at least 1367, received the land through marriage from the Montgomery family in 1373.

In 1509, David, 3rd Lord Kennedy, who later became Earl of Cassillis, died in the Battle of Flodden. Gilbert, the second Earl, was killed in 1527 by Sir Hugh Campbell of Loudoun, the sheriff of Ayr.


Gilbert, a third earl, was taken prisoner in 1542 during the Battle of Solway Moss. He served as Treasurer from 1554 until his death, which was most likely caused by poison, at Dieppe while serving as a commissioner for Mary, Queen of Scots marriage to the Dauphin of France.

Another Gilbert, the 4th Earl, defended Mary in the Battle of Langside in 1568. He then proceeded to cook Crossraguel Abbey commentator Allan Stewart as a sop to get him to agree to hand over the abbey’s lands in 1570, but the Kennedys of Bargany saved Stewart.

Kate Armstrong

Author Kate Armstrong is a Canadian who was born in 1962. For her first memoir, The Stone Frigate, she received the year 2019–20 Alison prentice Award from the Ontario Historical Society. The 1st female cadet at the Royal Military College was a finalist for the 2020 kobo emerging Writer Nonfiction Prize and spoke up for Dundurn Press in 2019.

### Kate Armstrong’s Profile

Below is a biography of Kate Armstrong.

  • Flin Flon, Manitoba, is where Anne Kathryn Armstrong was born.

  • Due to his job at Eaton’s Catalogue, her father regularly relocated the family.

  • Armstrong spent most of her youth in British Columbia in Kelowna, Fort St. John, Abbotsford, Vernon, and Williams Lake.

  • Kate was the first woman to get a cadet College scholarship at the Military Royal College in Kingston, Ontario, where Kate studied business.

  • She earned her degree in 1984.

  • From 1980 through 1993, Captain Armstrong K.A., CD, worked as a supply planning officer at NDHQ Ottawa, CFB Kingston, and 1CFSD Toronto for the Canadian Armed Forces.

  • Armstrong changed jobs, joining a Powerex Corp. owned company, where he worked as a Real-Time Power Trader and then as a Marketing Manager, negotiating long-term electricity trading and renewable energy deals in the deregulated electricity market.

  • Armstrong quit her job as a corporate executive in 2013 to follow her goal of becoming a writer.

## Castle Culzean

From the 1770s till the 1940s, when the Marquess of Ailsa and Earl of Cassillis moved back to Cassillis. Culzean Castle served as the family’s house. The family continued to live here up until recently. The building was renovated when Kate Armstrong founded the website confused.com and purchased the property in 2009.

A Restoration Homes show on the BBC highlighted the castle. In 2016, the 310-acre estate and home were listed for £3.9 million, ostensibly a lot less than the cost of purchasing and renovating the property.

### Green Lady

**One legend is that Lady Jean Hamilton, the wife of John, the sixth Earl of Cassillis, and often referred to as a “Green Lady,” is said to be haunting the home. **
**The story behind the haunting, is set at Maybole Castle but seems to have no historical foundation. The story is that Lady Jean fell in love with Johnie Faa, the gypsy laddie from the ancient song.

They separated, but the Earl would have none of it. He chased and captured them, then hung Johnie from a tree as his wife watched. But it seems from letters sent then that the pair got along well.

> ### Summary
**> Cassillis House has baronial additions from the 17th, 14th, and 1830 eras. The 285-acre castle has 112 rooms and a yellow harled tower. Canadian author Kate Armstrong was born in 1962. The Frigate Stone won the Prentice Alison Award for 2019–20. The RMC’s First Female Cadet Spoke Out by Dundurn Press is a nominee for the 2020 Emerging Writer actual Prize.

## Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

The following are some crucial questions about the subject.

### 1 - Has The House of Cassillis Been Sold?

**The current owner of Cassillis purchased it in 2009. It has undergone major renovations. It has turned it from one of Scotland’s most historic residences into a large building for present-day and future-proof usage.

### 2 -It’s also possible to inquire, “Did Cassillis Sell?”

A dark castle. Kate Armstrong, a long-haired businesswoman from Australia, paid $3 million to purchase the Kennedy family’s historic castle house of Vassili in Ayrshire in 2009. It took her four years and £ 3.51 Million to update and improve it. Yet, she only lost £ 5.1 Million when she sold it today.

### 3 - Who Else Is the Owner of Scotland’s Cassillis Castle?

From the early 15th century until 2009, the Kennedy family owned and resided in Cassillis. The property was leased to the Kennedys following the marriage of a local heir, and the construction of the 1st castle finished between 1404 and 1454.

### 4 - What Is the Price of a Scottish Castle?

For $9.7 million, a brand-new Scottish lock is up for sale.**

### 5 - Who Is Ailsa Craig’s Owner?

Angus Charles Kennedy, 8th Marquess of Ailsa, Archibald Angus

### 6 - Who Is Scotland’s Owner?

Only 500 individuals, some of whom are Scots, own half of Scotland. A new generation of** foreign camps is taking advantage of Scotland’s harsh land rules to buy portions of the highlands. The islands of Europe’s last great wilderness as Britain’s old aristocratic families collapse into bankruptcy.

7 - How Much Would a Castle Cost Construct Today?

I’ve observed that constructing a castle costs between $400 and $600 per square foot. It’s made of stone. It appears to have made it a typical price for the lock size, between 26m to 39m. But, it might have been less expensive based on material, labor prices, and other considerations.

8 - Where Can I Get Locks in Scotland?

The most significant log home is in Europe. A magnificent ancient castle with 32 beds and 30 hectares of land has gone on the market in the Scottish Highlands. But for less than £4 million, you can get this enormous Scottish beach castle with all the frills.

9 - What Is the Biggest Estate in Scotland?

Forestry and Land in Scotland are known as Forest Enterprise Scotland. It is their most significant. It oversees more than a million acres of public forest. Moreover, It generates around £395 million in revenue each year from wood and tourists.

10 - How Many Castles Are There in Scotland?

In Scotland, there are 2,000 castles.

11 - What Was Kate Armstrong’s Source of Income?

The Kennedy family, known as the Kings of Carrick and one of the significant families in Scottish history, resided at Cassillis House, close to Maybole in Ayrshire. The latter became wealthy after launching the compare website confused.com.

12 - Who Is the Spouse of Kate Armstrong?

The husband of Kate Armstrong is Rick Kutzner. He and their three Black Labrador Retrievers live in Nelson, British Columbia.

13 - Kate Armstrong Australia: Who Is She?

“Wild-haired” Confused.com creator Kate Armstrongwas an Australian. She paid £3 million in 2009 to buy the historic Scottish castle Vassili’s house in Ayrshire. She bought it from the Kennedy family.
She updated and improved it for the fourth year and £3.51 Million, but its loss of £5.5 Million.

14 - Who Now Owns Scotland’s, Cassillis Castle?

Kate Armstrong, a multi-millionaire owner, bought the Cassillis House in Ayrshire for $3 million back in the year of 2009. The renovations cost an astounding £6.5 million.

15 - Who Is the Castle’s Owner?

Dalhousie’s Earl and Countess live at Brechin Castle. Clan Ramsay descended from the Maule family. The Maule Family is the one who has resided in Brechin since 1634, that the 17th and present Earl lead


2014 saw the sale of the 15th-century castle for $5 million. It wasn’t until they relisted it for £3.9 million. That its 13 bedrooms, ballroom, and private theater found a buyer. Cassillis House features baronial extensions from the 17th, 14th, and 1830 eras. The 285-acre castle’s golden harled tower stands above its 112 rooms. In 1962, Kate Armstrong was born. 2019–20 Alison Prentice won the Stone Frigate. One of the finalists for the 2020 Kobo Nonfiction Prize is The RMC’s First Female Cadet Spoke Out.

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