Why Art Jamming Is The Team Building Activity Of Choice

As the world grows more and more developed, corporate spaces are cropping up more and more in every corner of every city. While this has been great by way of making jobs for people, it has also fostered a sense of competitiveness that goes beyond human nature. Even after sharing a workspace for five days a week, there is often still a sense of animosity in between coworkers because they have competed for the same promotion, holiday or project.

An ideal solution

While this has been a worrisome development for most executives, many team building activities have shouldered some of the responsibility for the healing that needs to be done in most offices.

Art jamming team building workshops have grown more and more popular among disgruntled coworkers as a way to let off steam in a productive, soothing way.

But what is it about art jamming that makes employees so bent on choosing it as a team building activity?

What is art jamming?

Art jamming is a group activity in which people get together to make art. It can be any kind of art. This activity is often used as a way to get people to connect in a healthy and safe environment.

Some of the activities that can be done in an art jamming session are:

  • Sculpting
  • Painting
  • Sketching
  • Crafts
  • Pottery

Why is it so popular?

There are several reasons for its popularity among today’s workforce. These may be anything from it being a good stress reliever to it being an activity that allows you to express yourself. It is also a great way to connect with coworkers and employees and show them your artsy, creative side.

What are the aspects that make it the team building activity of choice?

Art jamming is a well-rounded activity. Some of those facets of art jamming team-building workshops are listed below.

  1. Ideal for indoorsy people.

Many people genuinely do not like going outdoors. The heat, the cold, the insects, the dust and several other factors prevent them from enjoying themselves outside. So, for people like that to participate in team-building activities, they need activities that can be undertaken indoors.

  1. Does not require people to be athletic.

There are many nonathletic individuals who sit out team-building activities because their physique or preferences do not allow them to play volleyball, football, capture the flag, or paintball. Art jamming is such an activity that it requires nothing but the use of the individual’s hands.

  1. Allows unskilled people to also participate.

While many activities require you to be good at something or have a certain skill set, art jamming is such an activity that only requires you to be deft with your hands.

  1. Can be undertaken while socially-distanced.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many offices to work remotely. This has led to a cancellation in most team building activities as all of them demand people to be in close quarters. However, art jamming is one team building activity that can be undertaken even at safe distances.

The takeaway

The coronavirus pandemic has taken many things from us, but team building workshops are still something that individuals can participate in, thanks to the art jamming option.