Who is Advocate High Court?

Zeshan Sarwar Alias Zeshan S. Ghumman is an Advocate High Court and founding member of the law firm in Lahore (SG Advocates & Legal Consultant), who is able to analyze complex legal situations or problems and then present sound opinions of them both ■■■■■■ and in writing. The experienced in-house lawyer bringing over 5 years of experience with a demonstrated history of working in properties, startups, and renewables. Well presented and highly personable, with a deep knowledge of corporate regularity and company rules. He is an innovative and successful attorney, highly effective in developing creative case strategies, grows in a dynamic environment, and adapts to ever-changing requirements in the legal field. He is detailed, pious, and organized with experience to achieve favorable results in judicial matters. Zeshan is well versed in a trial proposition, research, drafting legal documents, and tackles cases with tenacity and an analytical mindset. Due to his passion for technology, he is handling small to large corporate projects to help them legally from scratch to end. He is now a legal adviser of several national and international companies.


  • Court Procedures
  • Document Review
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Trademark and Patent Licensing
  • Skilled Mediator
  • Exceptional Negotiator
  • Outstanding Public Speaker
  • Professional and Personable
  • Strong Leader


  • Successfully defended several preliminary injunction proceedings.
  • Obtain favorable settlements in 75% of cases.
  • Successfully Achieved to help Business start-ups.
  • Successfully defended multiple criminal cases and civil cases.
  • Establishing what needs to be done to solve a client’s legal problem.
  • Successfully reviewed legal documents to ensure they are in proper format and contain all the necessary paperwork for court acceptance.
  • Successfully supporting clients across global sectors.
  • Successful in holding regular case works meetings and review with legal staff.
  • Successfully achieved in having multiple client’s positive reviews.
  • Successfully provided services to international clients from all over the world.


  • Sharing legal information, tips, and advice with work colleagues.
  • Excellent problem solving and solution finding skills.
  • Always respecting the differing needs, culture, and values of clients.
  • Drafting legal paperwork and material.
  • Positive, confident, and friendly demeanor with a high level of integrity.
  • Confident in presenting a decision-maker in both public and private organizations.
  • Develop and implement legal strategies for website content.
  • Counsel on laws and liabilities for music hosting, artist services, and news agencies.
  • Evaluate data involving assets, income, expenditures, and surpluses.
  • Structure Contracts and agreements with clients, vendors, and employees.
  • Determine applicable laws for issues such as real estate purchases and licensing.
  • Retained as outside counsel for companies and businesses.
  • Investigated complaints of retaliatory and discriminatory employment practices.
  • Present and summarize cases and appeals.
  • Drafting and amending complaints


  • Bachelor’s of Law (The College of Law)
  • Masters in Political Science (University of Punjab)
  • Master’s of Law LL.M (UOL)


  • International Criminal Law (Case Western Reserve University)

  • Contract Law (Harvard Law School)

  • Successful Negotiation and its Essentials (University of Michigan)