Who has the cheapest car insurance

Thanks to the change in the methodology for calculating the cost of compulsory motor third-party liability Cheapest insurancefor the first time during the existence of “car cheapest insurance”, the possibility of market competition between insurers appeared. As conceived by the specialists of the Central Bank, the introduction of the tariff corridor was supposed to motivate insurance companies to fight for customers.**

Cheapest car insurance

More than six months have passed since the change in the procedure for determining the price of Car insurance that is, car insurers had enough

time to apply the new opportunity in practice. Consequently, the base rates used by a particular company are unlikely to change anytime soon.

It is worth noting that at the moment auto insurers have the opportunity to set an individual rate of the base rate in individual settlements or regions, which they actively use. As a rule, information about the base rate for OSAGO in a particular city is posted on the website of the insurance company. This Informationcan be used to conduct a small comparative analysis of the offers of the leading players in the insurance market. So which insurer is willing to sell compulsory auto insurance at the lowest price?

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It should be noted right away that when compiling the table, only companies included in the top ten market leaders in terms of the amount of collected Insurance Premiumwere taken into account.
Leading insurers with an extensive network of branches and branches get a better picture of what is happening. Consequently, it can be assumed that it is their tariff policy that more accurately reflects the realities of the domestic market of compulsory car insurance. Unfortunately, it was not possible to obtain information on the size of the base rates used by UralSib and Consent, therefore, these organizations were not included in the table.

Table 1. Base rates in large Russian cities

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No. Company name Moscow Petersburg Samara Rostov Chelyabinsk Vladivostok
Rosgosstrakh 4118 4118 3432 3432 3535 3551
RESO 3,604 3,604 4118 4118 4118 3775
VSK 4118 4118 4118 4118 4118 4118
Ingosstrakh 3432 4118 4118 4118 3912 4118
Insurance 3432 4118 3432 4118 4118 3432
SOGAZ 4118 4118 4118 4118 4118 4118
MAX 3432 3432 4118 4118 4118 3432
Renaissance 4118 4118 4118 4118 4118 4118

For private cars

As follows from Table 1, three large auto insurers set the maximum base rate at once. Probably, this tariff policy is dictated by the negative statistics of unprofitableness of these companies under OSAGO agreements. Although, in the case of SOGAZ, the high tariff is most likely explained by the desire of an insurer with a significant portfolio of corporate clients to reduce the number of private clients.

Capital rates

Three companies from among the leaders of the Insurance markethave set the minimum allowable cost of compulsory motor third party liability insurance for Moscow motorists. It is quite possible that in this case, it is not at all a matter of loss-making statistics.
Ingosstrakh, MAKS, and AlfaStrakhovanie are actively working in the capital’s market of voluntary transport insurance, so low prices for car insurance may be part of the strategy to increase the sales of CASCO policies.
Apart from the aforementioned auto insurers, only one company is ready to draw up an OSAGO Agreement

for an amount below the maximum possible. But the RESO-Garantia underwriters did not lower the bar to the minimum level. The insurer has set a rate of 3,604 rubles for metropolitan motorists.

Prices in the Northern Capital

Almost the largest players in the insurance market have set the highest base tariff for St. Petersburg motorists. Only companies “MAKS” and “RESO-Garantia” offer compulsory auto insurance cheaper than other large organizations.
The first company uses the minimum base rate when calculating OSAGO. The underwriters of the second company set the same rates for residents of the Northern capital as for motorists registered in Moscow (3,604 rubles).

The cost of the policy in the regions

In the overwhelming majority of cases, leading insurers are not ready to offer residents of large regional centers cheap car insurance policies. So, in Rostov-on-Don, you can purchase an OSAGO Policyfor a minimum amount only in the “RGS”. But residents of Samara have the opportunity to draw up a compulsory auto insurance contract at a bargain price either in the same “Rosgosstrakh” or in “AlfaStrakhovanie”.

It is noteworthy that none of the leaders of the OSAGO market have reduced the tariff for motorists from Chelyabinsk to the minimum level. In general, this is natural, because one of the largest industrial centers largest industrial centerin the Urals is famous for its high accident rate.
It is not for nothing that during the last adjustment of the calculation method, the specialists of the Central Bank established the highest territorial coefficient for this city.

The most interesting situation is in the Far East. Four insurers set the maximum base rate for Vladivostok residents, but the remaining four companies decided to sell policies at a more competitive price.
The Lowest base rate is offered by AlfaStrakhovanie and MAKS. Then comes Rosgosstrakh, and RESO-Garantia closes the quartet. Most likely, the pricing policy of these insurance companies is based on the statistics of payments. However, it is possible that insurers have set low base rates in order to increase the flow of customers.

Other cities

Unfortunately, taking into account the number of settlements included in the tariff guide for “car civil insurance”, it is not possible to provide data for each city. However, insurersInsurer can always carry out independent work on the analysis of offers from insurers in their region. In this case, it is worth adhering to the following sequence of actions:

Calculate the maximum and minimum policy price

According to the CMTPL Calculator negligent insurers may offer the policyholder to purchase compulsory car insurance for less than the lower price threshold or more expensive than the upper one. The car owner should not agree to such an offer, as there is a risk of purchasing a fake or invalid policy.

**Make a list of auto insurers

that the motorist trusts. To do this, you can study reviews of insurance companies, and it is also useful to ask for advice from friends of car owners.

Visit the website

Visit the website of each company included in its individual list from Clause 2 . Usually, insurers post information about base rates in the “OSAGO” section.

E-OSAGO at a bargain price


1. If you want to pay less for the OSAGO policy - follow the rules of traffic rules. From 12.05.2020, amendments were adopted to the law on “motor civil liability”. Now ICs can independently increase the cost of the policy for those drivers who like to violate traffic rules, and for those who drive by the rules - give discounts.

Bonus-malus coefficient

The insurance rules provide a 5% discount for each year of insurance if there were no accidents due to your fault. The discount is cumulative and is capped at 50%. Since 2019, the bonus-malus class is determined once a year on April 1 of the current year and is valid for all insurance contracts. Your insurance history will no longer be reset, even if there is a break in your insurance for more than a year. You can independently check which KBM is assigned to you using the online car insurance services on the website of brokers or PCA.

Discount for driving experience age

When calculating the cost of an OSAGO insurance contract, coefficients are applied, depending on the experience and age of the drivers. The worst value is applied. If the driver’s age is 36 years, and the driving experience is 5 years, then he will receive a 4% discount. And that driver at the age of 23, with 3 years of experience, will receive a 4% premium. Therefore, consider which of the drivers you can exclude from insurance to save money. The online calculator for compulsory motor third party liability insurance will help to find out the inclusion of which of the drivers will increase the cost of the policy .

Address of registration of the owner of the car

The address of permanent registration of the owner of the car affects the cost of OSAGO. Muscovites pay twice as much for insurance as rural residents. Therefore, you can either change your registration, or re-register the car with a relative who is registered in the village.

Choosing an insurance company

Many people believe that the cost of the MTPL policy is the same, therefore, it is absolutely all the same in which insurance company to draw up the contract. Since 2019, the insurer can independently set the size of the base insurance rate. This means that the cost of the policy may differ in different companies by 40%. It makes sense to find out the price of insurance in different SK in order to buy the cheapest MTPL policy .

You can save not only money, but also time. How? Insure your car online on the website of electronic MTPL aggregators or insurance brokers. On their resource, you can make a calculation for several insurance companies, just enter your data once. The convenient service of the insurance broker Inzuro allows you to calculate the cost of OSAGO in SK from the Top-20, just enter the car number.

Where is it cheaper to insure a car MTPL

OSAGO is compulsory insurance and all issues under such a policy are regulated by the state at the legislative level. Given this, it would seem that the price of insurance should remain the same regardless of the name of the insurance company. In practice, everything turns out to be different: insurers have the right to regulate the cost of car insurance within the price interval determined by the Central Bank.

In order to find out where it is better to insure a car under OSAGO, you need to understand what the cost of the policy consists of.
The main component of the price for car insurance is the basic coefficient, which insurance companies can choose independently, without going beyond the limits indicated by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.

To date, the base rate for category B cars owned by individuals can range from 3432 rubles. up to 4117 p.
Analysis of the insurance market has shown where the cheapest car insurance is CTP.

The following insurance companies offer the lowest base rate for the Moscow region:

Insurance company name Base rate, RUB
Support 3432
RESO-Garantia 3,604
Liberty Insurance 3690
MAX 3700
Renaissance 3775
Rosgosstrakh 3775

The maximum coefficient and the highest rate in the Moscow region were set by such insurers as:

Insurance company name Base rate, RUB
Alpha insurance 4118
Consent 4118
VSK 4118
Ingosstrakh 4118
Zetta Insurance (formerly Zurich) 4118
Haide 4118

Which company is better to insure a car under OSAGO

When choosing an organization for concluding a contract, it is important to find out not only where is the cheapest insurance for OSAGO, because you want to be sure of the insurer’s honesty, so that in the event of an accident, without unnecessary hassle, get money for car repairs.

The research of the reliability of various financial organizations, including insurance companies, is carried out by special rating agencies. The most widely known and trusted agency in Russia and around the world is RAEX. According to experts, the list of the most stable auto insurers is as follows:

Alfa Insurance;



ERGO insurance company;





Liberty Insurance

These are companies where you can apply for a CMTPL policy without fear that they will soon close or go bankrupt, since they have been assigned an exceptionally high reliability rating with a stable development forecast.

Where to insure a car under OSAGO according to car owners

In addition to experts, ordinary citizens who, from their own experience, faced with the procedure for issuing an insurance policy and receiving payments, express their opinions on the quality of services provided by insurers.
Thus, a popular rating of companies is formed, which is useful to study before the car insurance is paid.

Where to make OSAGO in the opinion of drivers (insurers are in the list by popularity):











The rating was compiled based on the subjective opinion of the policyholders regarding the conscientiousness of the provision of insurance services to them: the speed of settlement of the loss, the objectivity of the calculation of the insurance payment, the completeness of the information provided by the information center of the insurer. It is also important for many drivers that the company has an office where it is possible to insure a car on Saturday without restrictions.

Car insurance: where is it cheaper or where is it more profitable?

Choosing where it is cheaper to insure a car MTPL, drivers often do not think about insurance payments, because no one wants to think once again what will happen if he gets into an accident.
However, before applying for a policy, it is better to familiarize yourself with the statistics of payments of the selected company, because the repair of your own car may depend on this.

In 2016, Rosgosstrakh became the undoubted leader in terms of the average payout, which was not included in the top ten insurers, according to the national rating.
More detailed data are given in the table, which can be used as a guide to find out where it is more profitable to insure a car under OSAGO.

Table: Average insurance payout in 2016.

Insurer name Average payout, rub.
Rosgosstrakh 80719
RESO-Garantia 62883
Ingosstrakh 62,000
VSK 66411
AlphaInsurance 57 857
SOGAZ 49 588
Consent 60 673
MAX 73,234
Renaissance Insurance 66,826
Yugoria 55870

Now, answering the question: where is it cheaper to insure a car under OSAGO - it becomes clear that in order to get a profitable policy, you need to choose not only by the price of the contract, but also by other criteria:

Financial stability of the insurer

The size of the average payment in case of an insured event;

Loyalty to the client

The cheapest insurance company, OSAGO, cannot always offer the level of service required by the client or be sufficiently reliable. In such cases, it would be wiser to overpay for the insurance a little, gaining the confidence of bona fide payment in the event of an accident.


The fact is that the cost of an OSAGO insurance policy depends on many factors, such as:

Geography of caruse depending on the region;

using it for personal purposes or in a taxi;

age and experience of the driver;

participation of the driver in an accident (hit, did not hit, how often he hit, whose fault was the accident);

engine power level;

insurance statistics;

insurance period - in many companies you can insure for a month, several months, for a year.