Where is God?

Where is God? Well, It’s high time you checked it. Just have a check.

Myth: Even though all the religious orders have explained it in different ways, the later interpretation left it slipping beyond ordinary comprehension. People think that God is situated somewhere in heaven looking into the things you do, trying to punish you for whatever you’ve done wrong. When you pray to God, God’s responsible for granting your wishes. You can please God through different rituals so that God can easily give you the most favorable life. God is your own property and you can ask God to punish your enemy.

God is gender less and when it allowed itself to get experienced the Creation took place. It kept its creation different. Difference means always more experience. Whatever you see outside is God experiencing in different forms and dimensions. You yourself are the part of it. Creation means God’s experience through Simulated Physical Realities. The purpose behind Creation is enjoyment, experience, evolution and new lessons.

How it works: The Divine Conscious Energy (Spirit) that you are, gets dormant inside when you take your physical avatar because it needs to get adjusted to your biological structure and it’s also necessary for your life. Now your conscious level becomes the tool for you to be improved as it’s filtered heavily by it’s biological projection, you call the Brain, giving you an optical illusion of duality of the self and other when there’s only unity around. This is how you become more self centric, being competitive, and making conflicts with each other. Your life should also be the knowledge of who you are truly. You have to spend several births sometimes to regain the consciousness of who you are. Life is the choice you made so you are solely responsible for that. Your prayer is the positive affirmation that you do to yourself to stay conscious of who you are. You can’t please God through rituals, but through your pure service to others with zero expectations. If something bad happens to you, it may be because of the poor choice you made or negative Karmic background you left. You can definitely change it through your positive mindset and actions. Learn more:http://bit.ly/33GcaGb