When Does Panera Stop Serving Breakfast?

When does Panera stop serving breakfast? The short answer is no; breakfast is not available all day at Panera. Monday through Friday, breakfast is served beginning at 6:00 a.m. and ends at 10:30 a.m. The hours on Saturdays are 6:00 AM - 11:00 AM. Including over 2,000 locations throughout the United States plus Canada, Panera Food Company is a well-known fast casual food brand. Sunset Hills, Missouri is home to the company’s headquarters.

When Does Panera Stop Serving Breakfast?

About Panera Bread:

Name Panera Bread
Type Private
Industry Coffee Shope
Predecessor Fast Casual
Founded 1987
Founder of St. Louis Bread Co

Saint Louis Food Company is a franchise with more than a hundred sites in and around St. Louis, Missouri. Bakery goods, spaghetti, salads, burgers, soups, and beverages are all on the menu.

  • In 2020, flatbread pizzas will also be available. The German Reimann family controls JAB Holding Firm, which in turn owns the company and its subsidiary, Au Bon Pain.

  • Bagels, brownies, cookies, croissants, muffins, scones, and a plethora of other baked products may all be found at Panera.

  • The in-house baker at Panera usually gets to work on these and the artisan loaves of bread well before the sun comes up.

Panera’s regular menu, available for in-store consumption or takeout, features items such as tortillas, pizzas, soups, and beverages such as coffee, instant coffee, iced drinks, espressos, lemonade, and tea.

Keep in mind: By a factor of 86, it was the best-performing restaurant stock for its final 20 years on the stock market (1997-2017). Historically, Panera was the leading supplier of free Wi-Fi connections in the USA. In many places, you may only use the free Wi-Fi for 30 or 60 seconds at a time during peak times.


The St. Louis Bakery Company was established in 1987 by Ken and Linda Rosenthal, who opened the first shop in Kirkwood, Missouri. The Rosenthals started their business with a loan from the Small Business Administration and a $150,000 investment.

Au Bon Pain Co., a private firm, bought the St. Louis Bread Bakery in 1993 for $23 million. In 1997, Au Bon Pain modified the brand name to Panera, from a phrase that has antecedents in the Latin word for “fertile crescent” and is similar to the word meaning “breadbasket” in Spanish and Catalan.

  • The Saint Louis Bread Company, which operates 20 cafes in the city, has also been updating its locations.

  • For $78 million, in May of 1999, Au Bonne Pain Co. sold Au Bon Pain to Bruckmann, Schröder, Sherrill & Co. so that it could concentrate on the Panera Bread franchise.

  • Panera Bread’s headquarters relocated to Melbourne Heights, Missouri in the year 2000. Panera Bread paid $21.1 million in 2007 to acquire a 51% ownership in Paradise Bread & Café, a Phoenix, Arizona-based concept with over 70 stores in 10 states, primarily in the west and southwest.

  • In June of 2009, the corporation completed its purchase of the remaining portion of Paradise.


In February 2008, the firm was hit with a class action suit over claims that it concealed information that would have dissuaded investors from supporting the company, including the state of its finances, the nature of its partnerships, and the prospects of the business. Panera settled the case for $5.75 million with stockholders in February 2011 and did not acknowledge liability.


Nonprofit Panera Cares:-

Panera Appears to care, a “Pay whatever you can” restaurant, opened in St. Louis, the company’s home market, in 2010 thanks to the efforts of the company’s charitable foundation.

  • The concept originated with CEO Ron Shaich when he saw an NBC feature on the SAME Restaurant in Denver.

  • Sometime later, the idea was brought to Dearborn, Michigan, Portland, Oregon, Chicago, and Boston. They averaged 3,500 weekly consumers across several of their locations.

  • Sadly, the Chicago location of Panera Cares had to close its doors after January 2015. The Portland, Oregon, Panera Cares location ceased operations at the end of August 2016.

As of January 2018, the original facility in the St. Louis area was closed. As of Friday, February 15, 2019, there was no longer a Boston location.

Unconfined hen eggs:

Panera Bread committed to using only free-range eggs in each of their restaurants by 2020 on November 5th, 2015.

Panera Bread has expanded its vegetarian offerings to include edamame and organic quinoa. The firm announced at the time that 21% of the approximately 70 million eggs utilized by the company in 2015 were from cage-free sources.

It presented its third animal protection status report in December 2016, detailing plans to enhance the well-being of broiler chickens.

Helping each other out:-

Unsold loaves of bread and other baked items are donated to local food banks and charities through the Day-End Dough-Nation initiative.

Over a year, Panera Bread’s bakery cafes contribute 100 million dollars ’ worth of abandoned loaves of bread and baked items to local groups in need.

Panera also gives gift certificates and fresh baked goods to charity events put on by groups that help the poor.

Panera Hours 2022:

Day Opening Time Closing Time
Monday 06:00 AM 10:30 AM
Tuesday 06:00 AM 10:30 AM
Wednesday 06:00 AM 10:30 AM
Thursday 06:00 AM 10:30 AM
Friday 06:00 AM 10:30 AM
Saturday 06:00 AM 11:00 AM
Sunday 07:00 AM 11:00 AM

Are you trying to find the hours that Panera Bread serves breakfast? Panera Bread’s breakfast hours, breakfast menu, and pricing are all included here.

The Panera Food Company is a U.S.-based fast-casual restaurant business that specializes in bakery-cafe fare. It was founded by Ken and Linda Bernstein in Kirkwood, Missouri back in 1987.

Saint Louis Bread Business started what is now known as Panera Bread in 1987. The Saint Louis Bakery Company was purchased by the publicly traded Au Bon Pain Co. in 1993, at which time it adopted the Panera Bread moniker.

Brownies, croissants, bagels, cookies, waffles, muffins, bread rolls, and cold sandwiches are just a few of the many baked products and pastries available at Panera Bread.

Panera’s regular menu includes spaghetti, sides, salads, Panera Kids, tortillas, panini, frozen beverages, iced drinks, water, and tea, in addition to the bakery goods available for takeout or in-store consumption.

The cuisine at Panera Bread is both delicious and nutritious. It’s also cheap to buy food here. If you are searching for a convenient place to get great and healthful cuisine, go no further than Panera Bread.

Note: If you want to have a good start on the day and maintain your energy levels, Panera Bread is your best bet for a delicious and nutritious breakfast.

Panera starting time:-

Panera Bread has over 2,000 locations in the US and Canada, and many of them are open in the morning. Across the board, breakfast service at eateries begins at the same hour. On the other hand, weekday and weekend schedules vary.

Panera Bread’s breakfast hours are 07:00 AM on Sundays and 06:00 AM Monday through Saturday. These times might change based on where you were.

At Panera Bread, during breakfast hours, the most ordered products are,

  • Bagels

  • Cup of Fruit, Suitable for the Season

  • Sandwiches with lots of energy to get you through the morning

  • Raw Steel-Cut Oatmeal

Panera closing Time:

The hours that breakfast is available to vary both when it opens and when it closes during the week compared to the weekends.

On weekends, Panera Bread locations finish serving breakfasts at 11:00 AM, however, on weekdays, they cease at 10:30 AM. Avoid missing out on Panera Bread’s breakfast by coming between the given times.

Generally speaking, most Panera Bread locations provide breakfast around these times. These times might change based on where you were. Panera’s breakfast service lasts how long? It concludes at 11:00 AM.

What are the most well-regarded menu items at Panera?

Morning favorites include the power almond quinoa oatmeal, the ham, egg, and cheeses breakfast power sandwich, the cheese and bacon on ciabatta, and the avocados, egg white, and vegetable power breakfast sandwich.

The greatest lunch offerings include the all-natural turkey chili, baked egg soufflé, chicken Caesar salad, ten vegetable soups, creme of chicken and wild and cultivated soup, 10 vegetable soups, and broccoli cheddar soup.

The greatest sandwiches include the baked frontage chicken panini, the napa almond chicken salad, the chipotle chicken avocados melt, the roasted turkey and avocados BLT, the bacon turkey bravo, the grilled mac and cheese, and the chipotle chicken avocados melt.

Panera Hours Near Me:

Panera brunch hours: We know about Panera Bread locations are positioned in more than 2000 U. S. and Canada locations. Most of these eateries run from 07:00 AM to 10:00 Sunday night and also from 06:00 AM to 10:00 from Monday till Saturday.-

These times may vary somewhat in certain regions. So, if you’re after the hard numbers, do as instructed.

  • To begin, please go to the Panera Bread Website.

  • The “Locations” tab should be the next stop.

  • The next step is to type in the postal code or city wherever you currently reside.

  • Your selection of nearby dining options will now appear. So, you should look up the restaurant’s hours so you may go there at a suitable time.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Here we discuss some questions frequently asked by people.

1. Is Panera’s breakfast menu limited?

The bulk of Panera Bread’s lunch menu is available all day. You’ll have to wait till lunchtime to have some soup, though. Sandwiches and salads can still be ordered in the morning, albeit the preparation time may be longer.

2. Just how long can you keep Panera Bread?

Although cooling can prevent the bread from going stale, most loaves should be consumed within a week if stored at room temperature and 3 to 5 days if stored in the refrigerator.

3. What’s taking Panera so long?

The drive-thru at Panera is notoriously sluggish, yet workers are monitored for speed. Panera’s menu options take longer to make than standard fast food chains, which causes friction between consumers and drive-thru employees. Larger orders often take around five to 10 minutes to prepare.

4. To what extent does Panera use genuine eggs?

According to Panera, “100% genuine eggs are the foundation of a terrific breakfast sandwich.” The new morning sandwiches use only natural ingredients; they don’t use any artificial sweeteners, tastes, preservatives, or colors.

5. What method does Panera use to prepare their eggs?

Panera has changed the way it prepares eggs for its breakfast sandwiches to “over-easy,” where the whites are firm but the yolks are still runny. Panera claims to be the only national chain that routinely offers over-easy eggs.

6. Is horse meat served at Taco Bell?

Because of the severity of the horse DNA detected in Taco Bell’s meat, the company recalled all beef products and severed ties with its European supplier. You should thus under no circumstances try the new “Zenyatta Ultimate” when visiting the United Kingdom.

7. Until what hour does Chick-fil-a stop serving breakfast?

From 6:30 AM to 10:30 AM, you may have breakfast at Chick-fil-A. Sundays are off limits so that workers may focus on “resting, friends, family, and personal activities.”

8. Is the beef in Taco Bell real meat?

Our seasoned meat is made from 100% quality beef sourced from the USDA. Our taco meat is prepared like that used at home: after boiling, the superfluous fat is removed and it is seasoned in advance with our exclusive combination of seven traditional flavors and spices.

9. Do you have to pay more for refills at Panera?

If you pay $10.99 per month plus tax, you can get free refills of the same soft drink at any ability to participate in the U.S. Panera Bread bakery café as often as every two (2) hours all through regular bakery-café hours. This includes drip hot cups of coffee, hot tea, and fountain beverages.

10, Can I Get Turkey Sausage at Panera?

Energy-Rich Breakfast Sandwich with Turkey Sausage, Egg Whites, and Spinach from Panera. The Breakfast Power Sandwich with Turkey Sausage, Egg Whites, and Spinach from Panera has 380 calories.


For good reason, Panera Bread has become one of the world’s most popular quick-service restaurants. They have a fantastic variety of breakfast foods, plus they also serve lunch and supper all day long. Regrettably, most breakfast options end about 10:30 or 11 a.m., although you can probably still obtain a bagel or croissant. There’s no need to stress if you know you won’t make it to the restaurant in time for breakfast since you can place a reservation early and have it transported or waiting for you when you get there.

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