What Vibe Do I Give Off

What Vibe Do I Give Off

What kind of energy or mood do you give people? ۔


Too cold


Hello Etc. And do people talk about your mood or do you already know?

And what are your sun, moon and asc signs?

I give different people different vibrations, it really depends on how comfortable I feel, how well I know you, or who you are basically. It's not that I'm wrong, I don't treat my teachers the way I treat my friends, for example.

Gemini Sun.

Aries month

Lee is on the rise.

Maybe a little bit of interest, it really depends on the person, but it's rare for someone to get my attention so strongly that they can understand my mood. So most of the time, Ian, I imagine I've got some beautiful vibes from me.

What Vibe Do I Give Off