What To Say To A Girl On Tinder

What to say to a girl on Tinder? When you talk to a girl on Tinder; all you have to do is make sure to stick to non-physical compliments on Tinder if you want to be taken seriously and your words aren’t creepy. Do not use old-fashioned platitudes such as, “you have a great grin”, and “you’re hot”.

What to say to girl

What to Say & What Not to Say to a Girl on Tinder?

To begin experiencing dating success on Tinder, a man must first understand what to say and do, as well as what NOT to say and do.

What to Say on Tinder?

With a real, precise complement, and then a question she hasn’t heard a million times, you’ll get her attention. Don’t be generic once again. Instead, have a peek at her profile to see what catches your eye the most. Something about a female that stands out is important to her. That’s why you need to inform her.

As soon as possible, you want to ask her out. Most men take too long to respond, which gives the impression that they are unsure or hesitant. Be patient, and wait until the initial discussion ends naturally before suggesting that you move the conversation offline—to each other’s phones, for example.

You must tell the complete truth and nothing but the truth in every situation. Being a truth-teller is both seductive and morally correct. Own the fact that you’re out of a job. While the reality may be ugly, you can still make it seem amazing.

Mention your lofty aspirations for a future job. As a college student, he was hesitant to tell female acquaintances about it. Then then, he’s doing a good thing—changing his professional path to become a paramedic! A man who has the guts to be open and honest about his flaws is much more appealing than one who hides behind lies to make himself seem better.

What Not to Say on Tinder?

In their introductory statement, many men make the mistake of being sluggish and uninteresting. Any variant of “Hello” is outlawed by me as your dating coach. You’ll sound like every other man, and that’s a waste of your time and hers.

Introducing yourself to a lady in the real world is a terrific method to get things started. Why? Because most guys shy away from approaching women, it tells her that you’re confident by walking up and saying hello.

As a result, it makes you seem like a million other guys on Tinder, and you appear to have put no effort into your opening lines. For those who fail to stand out, she will swipe left.

Don’t send texts that are riddled with obvious mistakes and misspellings. The fact that it’s only texting, and not a college thesis, means that women are more forgiving than males in this regard. Mistakes will inevitably be made.

It’s possible to get a date with a smart, sophisticated woman if you’re aware of the difference between “your” and “you’re.” The last time I checked, a client’s text conversations with a certain female had abruptly halted.

After a series of texts littered with a half-dozen typos and errors, she decided to stop communicating with him. She was right to reject him.

Even if she disappears or “ghosts” you, you don’t want to convey a message that you don’t want to meet up. And never, ever, ever write anything derogatory about her. When it comes to dating, she, like you, is simply looking to find someone to share her life with.

Rejection is never fun, but it’s a part of the job market. Because she doesn’t even know you, this is a kind of rejection. Every woman has her preferences, and she doesn’t want to be attracted to everyone you meet. It’s not a personal assessment of your worth or lack thereof. Just like us, women are trying their best.


A chat on any dating site might be difficult. Sending an insulting or harsh message will almost certainly garner you no response from the other sex. Online dating may be intimidating, from coming up with Tinder pick-up lines to initiating conversations and meeting in person. What to say on Tinder is a fear for many online daters. How can you introduce yourself to someone you like without being boring?

How to Chat on Tinder after Match?

Messages may be exchanged between you and your Tinder match using the app’s chat feature. For both iOS and Android, the same steps are required for this procedure.

  • The upper-right corner of the Tinder app has an icon that looks like a speech bubble. After you’ve been matched with someone, touch it.

  • You’re presented with a screen that displays a list of your matches along the top and a list of messages you’ve received down the bottom. Send a message by tapping on the picture of the person you wish to contact.

  • Opens a new chat window. Send a message by tapping the text area at the bottom of the screen.

  • To send a message, click the Send button.

  • The recipient of your message has received it. WhatsApp, Vero, and Facebook Messenger may all be used to communicate.

What to Say to a Girl & What to Say to a Guy On Tinder

To Girl To Guy
Suggestions for Incorporating Humor into Your Communications Praise Him
Be Amusing Keep It Simple
Tips for Making Flirty Remarks Avoid Mentioning His Ex
Select an excerpt from her biography Discuss What They Do

What to Say when you Match with Someone?

Sending a follow-up message is the first step, but what should you say?

Be Prepared to Face Obstacles

Make sure you’re aware that you won’t discover “The One” right away in any kind of relationship, whether it’s long-term or simply a one-night stand. Only 7% of men message after a match is made—and this is true even for many users who aren’t single!

The fact that they swiped right indicates that they are pleased. You’re right. With 1.6 billion swipes every day, it’s important to remain calm and go on with reasonable expectations.

How to Begin a Tinder Conversation

When you match with someone on Tinder, you may use the Chat feature. So, what’s your first move?

When you’re out on the town and meeting new people, you’re certain to hear a lot of corny Tinder pickup lines. Even though they have “fine” written all over them, you shouldn’t feel obligated to inquire whether they’re a parking ticket. Don’t even think about it.

Similarly, don’t just say “Hi” and leave it at that.

Be a regular human being and strike up a conversation. When looking at their pictures and biography, look for something interesting to inquire about. To learn more about the person, see whether their profile photo shows them on vacation. Do you like doing things that are a little out of the ordinary? Were you in the same class? Do they have a job?

Discover all you can about the individual you’ve been paired with so you can communicate effectively with them. It’s that easy.

It’s not as big an issue as people make it out to be. If everything goes well, you’ll only need to ask a few questions, one of which may be about meeting up.


While finding love is vital, your safety should always come first. Many individuals meet on dating apps. And although you should be pleased with your match, don’t get carried away. Like many others, you may have joined up with Tinder with good intentions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to Tinder Conversation with girls:

1. Is there anything you can say to a Tinder user without a profile?

Tell a tale in which she may be a part of it. They deserve it. Compliments on a person’s qualities, rather than their appearance, are more appealing to women. Make a point to compliment her on her conversational style and tell her how much you love it.

2. On Tinder, should I simply say hello?

Tinder is a great place to start a conversation with “hi,” “hello,” or “hey,” but only if you add a question. “Hey, how’s it going?” is a simple yet powerful greeting. Your match will have something to respond to if you add a question.

3. There is no bio on this female, so how do you begin a discussion with her?

When it comes to starting a discussion, the best method to do it is to ask a question. Just have a look at her images, they’re stunning. Ask her about anything that stands out to you. Verify that the inquiry you’re asking is a sincere one.

4. What does it signify if your Tinder profile is empty?

A blank profile indicates that the user has deactivated their account or removed their personal information from the site. The chat will be preserved, but no one will be able to view your profile.

5. How can you have a conversation with a woman without being monotonous?

Avoid monotony! Make yourself vulnerable and honest by exposing yourself. When you’ve finished answering a question, ask it again. Don’t respond to questions with one-word replies, which tend to stifle dialogue.

6. Is it a good idea to text a lady every day?

Whether it’s a love relationship or a close friendship, it’s common for individuals to contact one other every day. Don’t feel pressured to start messaging females regularly while you’re texting them. It’s amazing if it occurs and you’re both into it!

7. Is it possible to send messages to one another using Tinder?

You can only message a Tinder user if you have a match with them, as opposed to other texting platforms. It is not possible to message anybody on Tinder. This occurs when you both swipe right on one other’s profiles, and a match occurs.

8. How to get started with tinder discussion?

On Tinder, it’s important to pay attention to the vibe in the room. Customize an opener that is special to her. Never be corny or too effusive when it comes to compliments.

9. What do you say on Tinder to keep the conversation going?

Maintaining a lively conversation on Tinder might be difficult if you aren’t using the technique of humorous inquiry. Pose a thought-provoking question and put the initiative back in their hands. Always remember to sever ties when things begin to go bad. Nothing is more frustrating than getting sucked into a pointless discussion.

10. To ensure that I’m being courteous on Tinder, what can you do?

Putting yourself in a real-world scenario is all it takes. Don’t text anything you wouldn’t say in person. Similarly, keep your distance from others. Be careful not to bring up sex or previous relationships at the drop of a hat in conversation. To be effective, you must be able to empathize with the other person’s situation.


It seems tough to navigate the issues of what to say on Tinder in an age when we value respect, diversity, and equality more than ever. But it isn’t. There are no ‘wrong’ methods to talk to women as long as you respect your Tinder match. It’s reasonable to be apprehensive about doing it. You should be conversing with folks in customer service, coworkers, and those who aren’t your type.

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