What Should A Beginner Know About SEO?

To start from scratch and define SEO, one should consider the role of marketing in general business terms.

Marketing, of any type, is purely aimed at promoting a brand, product, or service through any means necessary. The word to note here is ‘promote’ and not ‘sell’, as the latter falls into the domain of sales. In marketing, professionals seek purely to educate people about a product or service and create a situation where selling becomes much easier for sales professionals.

SEO is also a marketing technique by definition, seeking to improve the visibility of a given website on search engines organically.

Notice the last word of the previous sentence, ‘organically’. Marketing is generally associated with the spending of lavish amounts of money on widespread campaigns to increase revenues, sales, and engagement. SEO, on the other hand, is a completely organic technique and allows marketers to reach out to a larger audience.

This is why SEO courses are so popular. From choosing online programs to attending a classroom SEO course in Delhi, many types of training programs are gaining popularity.

In this article, we discuss the core basics one should know about SEO before entering the field.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO refers to the implementing of techniques on a website to promote its search ranking on popular search engines. Put simply, all techniques used in on-page SEO are used on the website on not anywhere else.

On-page SEO primarily deals with two practices – keyword research and content.

Keyword research simply refers to finding certain keywords that can be ranked easily on search engines and bring in sizable volumes of traffic over time.

The mistake people often make in keyword research is choosing keywords that are far too popular to be ranked. These are typically short-tail keywords. Ideally, digital marketers should find suitable long-tail keywords that draw in decent droves of traffic.

As far as content is concerned, digital marketers should focus on creating write-ups that deal with the topic at hand. Keywords have to be layered in the content to make sure that the search engine crawlers are able to index the webpage under the targeted keywords.

Off-Page SEO

The opposite of on-page, off-page SEO deals with all techniques used outside the domain of the website to be promoted. The entire narrative surrounding off-page SEO is based on one topic - backlinks.

Backlinks refer to links which direct users to another website. The more relevant backlinks a website has, the better chance it has to increase search rankings.

There are many popular off-page SEO techniques such as guest posting, article submission, social media bookmarking, PR writing, and so on which can be used to increase the number of backlinks to a given website.


In conclusion, this article covered the two main topics a beginner in SEO should know about. Those thinking about joining an SEO course nearby should first know the aforementioned points well.

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