What Kind Of Doctor Is Ken Jeong

What Kind Of Doctor Is Ken Jeong? The actor who plays Ben Chang on the NBC television series Community, Community, which has been aired since 2009, is Ken Jeong. He was reared by his mother, father, and brother after his parents divorced in Detroit, Michigan, where he was born to South Korean parents. He fared well in school, but until realizing that acting was something he was excellent at and enjoyed, he had no idea what he wanted to accomplish with his life.

What Kind Of Doctor Is Ken Jeong?

  1. Ken Jeong is an American actor and comedian born on February 24, 1969. He portrayed Mr. Chow in The Hangover trilogy and Ben Chang in the hit television show Community.

  2. Besides practicing medicine, he serves as a medical correspondent for Yahoo! Health. President Trump chose him in 2018 as co-chair of the Task Force on National Bioethics Education.

  3. Dr. Jeong has worked as a surgeon with Summit Medical Group in Los Angeles, California, since 1993. He is affiliated with Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Burbank, California.

  4. Dr. Jeong has received acclaim for his accomplishments in his field, including being named one of “America’s Top Surgeons” in 2014 and 2015 by the Consumers’ Research Council of America.

  5. In addition to his employment as a doctor, he also performs stand-up comedy globally as an actor and comic.

  6. He has appeared in movies like Knocked Up, Role Models, Pineapple Express, Step Brothers, The Hangover trilogy, The Office, and Curbs Your Enthusiasm.

  7. In 2014, Dr. Jeong wrote The Health Care Handbook: Surviving Obamacare (and Always Getting What You Need).

  8. He has also contributed articles to publications like Men’s Health and Women’s Health. He enjoys reading, weightlifting, and golf when not working or performing humor.

Ken Jeong Family:

Dr. Jeng was reared in Boston after being born in Seoul, South Korea. However, he attended the University of North Carolina School of Medicine for medical school after receiving his degree from Tufts University.

He worked as a research scientist and teaching assistant at Duke University Medical Center while pursuing his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees. He finally rose to the position of instructor and director of research development in the surgery department.

His research focused on in vitro and in vivo animal models for clinical pharmacology, notably gastrointestinal physiology and surgery.

Together with his wife, registered nurse Tran Ho, he has two daughters. Together, they established The Dr. [Ken] Foundation, which gives impoverished areas in Los Angeles access to health information and resources.

In addition to his training in medicine, Dr. Jeng’s professional highlights include recurring roles in the successful films Knocked Up, Role Models, Pineapple Express, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, and The Five-Year Engagement. He also played Mr. Chow in The Hangover trilogy.

His resume also includes episodes of well-known T.V. shows like Community and Scrubs. He was a founding member of the cast of Undateable on NBC.

Highlights of Dr. Jeng’s off-camera career include guest hosting and co-hosting stints on programs like Jimmy [Kimmel Live!, Good Morning America, Last Call with Carson Daly, and others. In 2012, he served as the NBC program Fear Factor host. Additionally, in 2015, Ken had an appearance on Celebrity Apprentice 3 and served as a judge on the ABC reality dance competition series My Diet Is Better Than Yours.

Ken Jeong’s Net Worth:

  1. Ken Jeong has a $1.2 million net worth. However, he has appeared in a few films, such as Harold and Kumar. White Castle and The Hangover 1 and 2 are to be seen.

  2. He has additionally appeared on several shows, including Saturday Night Live, How I Met Your Mother, Law & Order: SVU, 2 Broke Girls, Dr. Ken, and The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

  3. The average episode of his show brought in $65,000. His stand-up comedy specials have also received positive reviews and good sales. He joined a select group of only 12 comedians in 2011 to sell out Madison Square Garden in New York City.

  4. The same year, he published You Complete Me, Ho. In the book, a woman saves him from himself by entering his life.

  5. He began his career as a physician. He went to the Duke University School of Medicine, received an honors degree in 1991, and finished his internal medicine residency at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans.

Information about Ken Jeong Details
Birth name Kendrick Kang-Joh Jeong
Education Duke University
Born July 13, 1969
Years 1995–present

Is the Wife Of Ken Jeong A Doctor?

Tran Ho, Ken’s wife, is a medical professional. He said she was an OB-GYN who had received top honors from Harvard in an interview with Glamour.

Tran and Ken married in 2009 when they were both 32 years old. They met while they were both medical students at UCSF. They had their first child in 2013 and their second child in 2017.

Have You Heard? Ken has jokingly claimed to be a doctor, so he and his wife are acting like House. But how would we ever know because neither one seems to ever appear on reality T.V. of any kind? They must be pretty secretive!

He was born and raised in Illinois, attended UCSF for his medical degree, and completed his residency at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. He knew he wanted to become a doctor at that point, but he needed to decide which specialty to pick.

Tran Jeong:

  1. Jeong Kyo, better known by his stage name Ken Jeong, has a wide range of experience in industries like humor and medicine.

  2. Jeong, a medical school alumnus of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill, also studied improv and sketch writing at the Upright Citizens Brigade. He joined as a regular till 2006 and contributed reporting to the well-known program Mad T.V.

  3. Although Tran quit his job as a doctor to pursue a career in comedy, it’s difficult to picture him as anybody other than Mr. Chow from The Hangover.

  4. He invests so much of himself in Mr. Chow that when he used his medical training to save actor Bradley Cooper from falling off a roof during filming, he was not only convincing in his portrayal but also received praise from Doctors Without Borders for making them laugh and drawing attention to their cause.

  5. Tran observed a lot of similarities between his work as a doctor and his result as an actor while he was still actively practicing medicine.

  6. He frequently transitioned between stand-up comedy and hard workdays. He drew inspiration from previous encounters to develop the character he plays in The Hangover.

  7. To make Mr. Chow one of Hollywood’s most well-liked characters currently appearing on screen, he drew on his life experience as a doctor and a comic.

Ken Jeong’s Wife’s Cancer:

In 1995, Tran, Ken Jeong’s wife, had the best cancer diagnosis. She underwent surgery and chemotherapy successfully. But the cancer returned in 2009.

Cancer subsequently spread to her bones and brain despite undergoing yet another surgery and chemo.

On social media, the adored actor and comedian shared his sorrow. He said her elegance, strength, and courage have served as an example.

How you have handled everything life has thrown at you makes me incredibly proud. On May 1, 2015, Tran passed away. Ken gave her a wonderful eulogy that was beautiful in every aspect.

He closed by expressing his unending love for her and praising Tran for being a fighter who did everything she could to beat cancer.

You taught me to struggle and triumph, although everything life throws at me. That will always be my catchphrase. Until I pass away, I’ll do everything in my power to ensure your gift keeps on giving.

Dr. Ken:

  1. Ken Jeong is an American actor, comedian, doctor, and writer. He studied medicine at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Ochsner Medical School in New Orleans.

  2. He has worked as a doctor since earning his degree and has appeared in several films, including The Hangover (2009), in which he plays Leslie Chow.

  3. He has also appeared in supporting roles in Bill Lawrence-produced television shows like Seinfeld and Scrubs.

  4. For his work on Dr. Ken, he received a Webby Award and three Emmy Award nominations.

  5. He is also well-known for his Ben Chang on Community role. He recently appeared as Mr. Wu in Office Christmas Party and Leo Chung in The Outdoorsman (2016). (2016).

  6. Also, Dr. Jeong is the author of the New York Times bestselling book The Chew: Food. Life. Fun, which offers fun cooking, eating, and food-related advice based on his own experience as a doctor and the experiences of stars like Kristin Chenoweth, Mario Batali, Heidi Klum, and others.

Is Korean Ken Jeong?

Dr. Jeong was born in Korea and moved to the U.S. with his family as a teenager. He obtained a biology degree from the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill before pursuing his medical education at Duke University.

The Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, where Dr. Jeong finished his residency, selected him as Chief Resident.

After that, he worked for UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center while serving as a vice-captain in the United States Army Reserve.

Dr. Jeong finished his study in internal medicine in 1997 and attained board certification. He received a diagnosis of Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome not long after and decided to pursue acting instead of medication.

Dr. Jeong, who had a lengthy and fruitful medical career, landed a significant break as Senor Chang on Community. He has since acted in blockbusters, including The Hangover and its sequels.

Dr. Jeong has written several books, including an autobiography titled You Complete Me, Ho, in addition to his acting job.

Who Among The Actors Is A Doctor?

Ten celebrities and entertainers who also practice medicine:

Sr.no Details
1 * George Miller. Brendon Thorne / Getty Images…
2 * Khaled Hosseini. Leonardo Cendamo / Getty Images…
3 * Ken Jeong. Fox / FOX Image Collection via Getty Images…
4 * Ron Paul. …


American actor, comedian, and doctor Ken Jeong. His performances in the Community T.V. series and The Hangover movies are what made him most famous. His role as Mr. Chow in the sleeper smash movie The Longest Yard received him the Excellence in Acting Award from the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival in 2005. (2005). Additionally, during that year’s commencement address, he had the privilege of addressing the graduating class of the University of California, Irvine Medical School.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some Important Questions For Your Knowledge:

Q1: Who is Ken Jeong’s wife in terms of medicine?

Ken went on to appear in The Hangover II and III and six seasons of the television program Community after The Hangover. However, Ken and his wife had already met when they worked as doctors at the L.A. hospital years ago. He practices internal medicine and family medicine.

Q2: How does Ken Jeong practice medicine?

Inside medicine

KEN JEONG: Internal medicine, or general practice with an emphasis on adult medicine, was my area of expertise. I was a physician by day.

Q3: What field of study has Ken Jeong’s Ph.D. been in?

Jeong started practicing internal medicine after completing his residency and continued to perform at comedy clubs and The Improv. He was severely bitten by the acting bug and decided to devote his life to acting, appearing in films and television programs, including his sitcom Dr. Ken.

Q4: Why did Ken Jeong leave the medical field?

Jeong is a registered doctor who gave up his medical practice to concentrate on his acting career. Ali Wentworth, a special guest co-host, questioned Jeong if any of his former patients had seen him in comedic roles like The Hangover.

Q5: Is Dr. Ken a legitimate physician?

Jeong still holds a California medical license, although he no longer practices medicine instead of an acting career. He participated in the first season of the British version of The Masked Singer, in which he now appears as a panelist in America.

Q6: Was Ken Jeong genuinely brilliant?

In the film Real Genius, does Ken Jeong appear? Although I adore the Real movie Genius, I wasn’t in it. That happened 40 years ago.

Q7: What is Ken Jeong’s net worth?

However, Ken Jeong’s net worth is estimated to be $14 Million as of December 2022. However, this is what? American comedian, actor, and doctor Ken Jeong hails from Detroit. Jeong is best recognized for his roles as mobster Leslie Chow in The Hangover movie trilogy and Ben Chang in the sitcom Community.

Q8: What medical school did Ken Jeong attend?

The actor and comedian graduated from Duke University in 1990. Thus, he is most known for his roles as Leslie Chow from The Hangover Trilogy and Senor Chang from NBC’s Community, as well as for playing the lead in ABC’s Dr. Ken. Thus, he finished medical school at the University of North Carolina five years later.

Q9: Where did Ken Jeong complete his residency?

He showed up. Korean parents gave birth to Ken in Detroit. While honing his stand-up comedy at the Ochsner Medical Center in New Orleans, he finished his internal medicine residency. He holds a California medical license.

Q10: Was Ken Jeong present in the final scene?

There are two more Community cameos in Endgame: The series’ Senior Chang, Ken Jeong, makes an appearance as a security guard at a storage facility. He is shocked to see Ant-Man emerge from a van enclosed in a cage.


Ken is such an interesting performer because of how much his experience in medicine informs his comedy. In an interview with Vulture, he explained that he likes to make people laugh at their own cost, which accounts for his stand-up performances’ dark and dry humor. However, this is also where his comedic image (Dr. Ken) comes from; being a doctor himself, it makes sense that he would crack jokes about the issues doctors face regularly.

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Ken Jeong Wife

What Kind Of Doctor Is Ken Jeong? No doubt, Jeong is passionate to do acting but Ken Jeong is a doctor of Internal Medicine or also known as Internist. According to Ken Jeong, Internal medicine was my specialty mainly general practice with an emphasis on youngsters medicines.

Overview of Ken Jeong

Kang-Joh Jeong is an American professional comic, entertainer, maker, essayist, TV character, and authorized doctor.
He rose to noticeable quality for playing Leslie Chow in The Headache film series and Ben Chang in the NBC series Local area. He additionally had an energy for acting and took theater classes at UCLA before he entered clinical school.

In the wake of finishing his residency, Jeong started functioning as a doctor of interior medication while likewise performing at The Comedy and parody clubs.

Is Ken Jeong a real doctor?

However Ken Jeong no longer practices medication, it just so happens, his practitioner training has demonstrated extremely valuable, even in his Hollywood profession.

As well as being given a role as a specialist in his first breakout job in Thumped Up, Jeong additionally involved his genuine clinical experience as motivation for his ABC sitcom.

Ken Jeong Detailed Explanation

Here is all that you really want to be familiar with the doctor turned entertainer jokester.
Ken Jeong is an American comic, entertainer and famous television character most popular for his presentation in The Headache series.
Other than his on-screen openness, he is additionally an expertly authorized doctor.
Evidently, he began doing stand up comedies and theater when he was a clinical understudy and in the end improved with every exhibition.

Presently, Jeong is grounded and is perhaps the most cherished joke artists and television. However, in the midst of the openness, his fans have consistently pondered his real calling as a doctor.


ken Jeong has doctorate degree but he was a passionate and enthusiastic actor. He really marrying to a doctor that was a family doctor. He began doing stand up comedies and theater when he was a clinical understudy and in the end improved with every exhibition.

Ken Jeong Net Worth in 2021

Jeong’s land speculations have additionally added to his fortune, per Big name Total assets. In 2010 he purchased property in Calabasas, California, paying $1.6 million at that point.

After seven years he sold it for $2.4 million, netting an almost $1 million benefit. Starting around 2016, Jeong and his family have dwelled in a Tudor-style home in Calabasas, which he bought for $3.95 million.
The American entertainer joke artist Ken Jeong has a total assets of $14 million according to VIP Total assets.Other than that, it likewise specifies his initial life and profession features, uncovering his excursion to the highest point of media outlets.
Discussing his abundance, the significant wellspring of his profit is believed to be his acting profession since he didn’t work on being a doctor for that lengthy timespan.
It is not clear that the amount Jeong is paid per episode of The Covered Artist, yet since he’s procured such significant compensations for past undertakings.
It’s almost certainly the case he’s getting back a robust check for both The Masked Vocalist and I Can See Your Voice.

Ken Jeon Wife Biography

The spouse of Ken Jeong, Tran Jeong is a family doctor. Ken and his significant other Tran got hitched back in 2004 are as yet living respectively joyfully. She is an overcomer of boso disease as she effectively beat it after she was determined to have the forceful type of malignant growth in 2008.
Indeed, her possibilities of endurance were reduced to 23 percent, yet the woman battled it courageously and is presently disease free.
Ken Jeong is a notable American entertainer who isn’t just a skilled craftsman yet in addition a family man. His significant other, Tran Jeong, is a delightful and motivating lady who impacts her better half’s life in a positive manner. What else could there be to be familiar with Ken Jeong spouse?
Tran Jeong life story Tran Ho was brought into the world on February 24, 1972, in the US. She came from a Vietnamese-American foundation. Tran Jeong age is presently 49 years starting at 2021.
Since early on, she needed to interface her existence with the clinical vocation. This provoked her to move on from David Geffen Institute of Medication at UCLA.
After her graduation, she got a permit to rehearse medication. She has been functioning as a family doctor for right around twenty years. California is her place of home and work.

Tran Jeong Biography Net Worth

American clinical man Tran Keong partner degreed her better half region unit an illustration of an ideal couple, living by the marriage promise they shared of ne’er exploit one more on schedule of would like.
Being determined to have disease was a horrendous advance Tran’s life, be that as it may, floated her significant other’s consistent presence behind her, Drove her to beat America’s greatest executner.
Tran might be a family doc by calling. anyway she is by and large recognized as a result of the wedded individual of Specialist Ken Jeong-known for his job of mountain stream inside the 2009 television series, Local area.
Ken committed his lady on full show in 2009, whenever he was offered partner acting job inside the as of now observed Headache series. along with his significant other’s treatment on a going full speed ahead, Ken declined a task in, The Headache to be along with his lady.

  • One out of each 1 lady has boso malignant growth and one out of each 1 lady experiences demise. Boso malignant growth is one of the main sources of disease passings in our country.
  • Each 1 moment a lady gets contaminated and each 1 moment a lady with boso malignant growth passes on.

Ken Jeong Wife And Tran Jeon Story

Ken Jeong and spouse: their story Tran Ho and Ken Jeong met when they were both working at Kaiser Permanente in West California. It was 2002 when they initially began dating.
Aside from being an entertainer, Ken is additionally a certified specialist who got renowned further down the road and chosen to abandon his clinical profession to seek after acting.
Ken Jeong and Tran Ho were together for a very long time before they got ready for marriage. In September 2004, they traded their marital promises at a wonderful service.

At the point when she was determined to have malignant growth, Tran was as yet a youthful mother, and it was trying for her to be battling with this illness when she had her young ladies to deal with.

On occasion, negative contemplations would sneak in and thump her certainty. In any case, she felt like she planned to make due, and regardless, she realized she previously had a phenomenal life and family.

Is Ken Jeong a real DR?

Jeong is as yet an authorized doctor in California however has since quit rehearsing for his acting vocation.
He right now shows up as a specialist on the American variant of the singing rivalry show The Veiled Artist and showed up on the main series of the English adaptation.

What does Jeong Wife do for a living?

Tran is a family doctor by calling. Ken Jeong and Tran initially met while working at the Kaiser Permanente in W California in 2002.

The couple favours twin girls. She has a place with the Vietnamese identity and holds an American ethnicity.

Specific kind of a doctor is Ken Jeong

Appropriately, Jeong accepted his physician certification in 1995 from the College of North Carolina at House of prayer Slope, however he before long started working two jobs as a comic.
Ken Jeong quit rehearsing medication the day after he wrapped his part on 2007 film Thumped Up.
The entertainer fostered his stand-up satire routine while finishing his clinical residency and at first filled in as a doctor for a very long time at a Kaiser Permanente medical clinic in Los Angeles.

He additionally featured in the NBC sitcom “Local area.” He utilized his clinical involvement with a short exhibition in the film “Thumped Up” and in his own sitcom "Dr. One may likewise ask, what ethnicity is Ken Jeong? American, Individuals additionally ask, what sort of specialist is Ken Jeong spouse?

Tran Jeong is a Vietnamese-American family doctor who is hitched to Ken Jeong. Look at this memoir to be familiar with her birthday, adolescence, everyday life, accomplishments and fun realities about her.

Does Ken Jeong keep up his clinical Licence?

From here on out he had the option to progress from medication into a full-time profession in media outlets. Jeong surrendered the training in 2006 for his acting profession, be that as it may, he actually keeps on keeping up with his clinical permit.

For what reason did Dr Ken get Dropped?

ABC has picked to drop Dr. Ken after two seasons, EW has learned. The multi-camera parody highlighted Local area alum Ken Jeong as a specialist offsetting existence with his family and his HMO.

In season 2, the show has found the middle value of 5.1 million watchers for every episode, with a 1.1 in the 18-to-49 demo, which was down from its first season.

Why did Ken Jeong quit being a doctor?

Ken Jeong quit rehearsing medication the day after he wrapped his part on 2007 film Thumped Up.

The entertainer fostered his stand-up parody routine while finishing his clinical residency and at first functioned as a doctor for quite some time at a Kaiser Permanente clinic in Los Angeles.


Kang-Joh Jeong is an American professional comic, entertainer, maker, essayist, TV character, and authorized doctor. Jeong accepted his physician certification in 1995 from the College of North Carolina at House of prayer Slope, however he before long started working two jobs as a comic.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of doctor is Ken Jeong in real life?

Ken Jeong is a specialist of Inside Medication or otherwise called Internist. Internists are the experts master in managing the analysis, anticipation and treatment of inside illnesses, as per the Wikipedia definition.

Is Ken Jeong still a practicing doctor?

Jeong is as yet an authorized doctor in California however has since quit rehearsing for his acting vocation.

How did Ken Jeong meet his wife?

Ken met his better half while they were both rehearsing medication at a similar clinic in Los Angeles. Ken had consistently done parody as an afterthought. He even performed 12 PM comedy while he was working as long as 100 hours every week during his clinical residency.

Does Ken Jeong have a daughter?

Yes, he has two daughters. No doubt, really love bith of them. As their name, zooey and Alexa.

What did Ken Jeong study at Duke University?

In the wake of moving on from Duke, Jeong concentrated on medication at the College of North Carolina and was a rehearsing internist in Los Angeles for a very long time before he quit medication to seek after a full-time acting profession. His previous sitcom “Dr. Ken” depended on his time in medication, The Winston-Salem Diary reports.

Is Ken Jeong married to a doctor?

Yes, he married to a doctor that was Tan Jeong.


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