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What is the zip on a debit card?

On your debit card you see a code that is used as card verification value is called zip on debit card. This code is used to pay online bills and to do any type of payment online. It refers to the address that you provide to bank and organization for your account. It is mot printed on your card.

Zip is abbreviated as “zone improvement plan”. They shows that your mail travels more quickly and efficiently when you use these code in the postal address.

Zip code on debit card:

Zip code is present on your debit card. Whenever you purchase anything online firstly you have to enter zip code to do transaction. If you entered wrong zip code then they will rejected your transaction. Zip code makes it easy for delivery man to deliver your post and package by quickly tracking your zip code. We can track people just by entering their name and zip code. It is not foolproof but it might be possible sometimes.

Postal code and zip code:

Both codes are used for same purpose. But the difference is that zip code is used in USA while postal code is used in other countries.


Zip codes are not only used to track mails but also used to gather geographical statistics in united states. The united states bureau collects approximate boundaries of zip codes and this can be known as zip code tabulations areas(ZCTAs). Then for these specific areas statistical data is provided. They provide data but they are not up to date.

Zip codes are point based data as they only know about the delivery address. It does not know anything between the delivery points. So never confused zip code with ZCTAs, as they are not up to date like zip code. But for many purpose they will be used along with zip codes.


CVV is abbreviated as “card verification value”. It is used as an another security feature. It is usually known as card security code. It is present on both debit card and credit card. You can use this code to buy things when you are making card not present purchases. It would be a 3 or 4 digits code usually present on back or front side of card.

Credit card security:

Zip codes are also used for the security reasons. When we want to make credit card the AVS system that verify our card wants zip code to verify it. Sometimes oy zip code is necessary for verification when other information and collecting a signature is infeasible. For example, while vending machines or payment at pump.

Zip codes of some countries are:

Zip codes of some countries are:

Zip code City Country
01262 Stockbridge Berkshire
02881 Kingston Washington
03470 Winchester Cheshire
14477 Kent Orleans
28652 Minneapolis Avery
98101 Seattle King


Why zip code is present on debit cord?

AVS is abbreviated as “Address verification service” . Whenever you make a purchase your zip code transaction information is necessary at a same time. Whenever you do transaction from machine it can request you to enter your zip then the procedure proceeds. So they will gave you protection from any type of fraud. And this service is known as AVS.

Can we use debit card without zip code?

No, we cannot use debit card without zip code. It is necessary for all types of transaction. If you do not entered your code your transaction will ne rejected.

Health providers used zip code??

Firstly use of zip code is start from them. They will be used by health providers to keep your information safe and secure.

What is Zip in Payment method?

Zip is also used in payment method. If we pay through that code the credit allowance is increased with the increase usage. For example, if a card firstly allows a transaction of 5000 only with the passage of time when we used it for long time their credit limit also increases up to 30000 or more. It will totally depends upon our usage rate.

What is History of zip code?

Earlier it will be established as zone number. The USPOD implement postal codes only for large countries in 1943. Then in the 1960 a five digit code is invented. And this code is implemented in 1963 which we know as zip code. Robert moon is the father of the zip code as he submitted his proposal in 1944. Then the post office issues 3 digits codes and gave it to moon. SCF is the mail processing facility with these three codes. But it is not enough, so fourth and fifth letter will be introduced by Henry Bentley Hahn, sr.

What are types and uses of zip code?

There are four types of zip codes and these are:

1: Unique: As the name shows it is unique and only assigned to a single high volume address. It includes governmental agencies, universities, and businesses

2: Post office box only: this type is only use for post offices at a given facility. It can not be used in any other type of delivery.

3: Military: This type us used for mails that are delivered to U.S military.

4: Standards: this type is used for remaining all other types of zip codes.

Is zip codes are used in on internet?

Yes, zip codes are used on internet to provide exact location when proper address is not required but exact location is required.
Some websites in U.S uses zip codes for business purposes. So these sites will not register any person outside of the U.S. But some sites purchases postal code and then register people’s from other countries.

Is it used in marketing?

This code is also used in direct mail marketing campaign and is called zip code marketing. During marketing company wants users address and data, so they asks customer to provide their zip code. So nowadays rather than determining the location of new members, company cab easily figure out their address and phone number with the help of zip code. Zip code data can also be used by insurance companies.

What is zip+4 system?

In 1983, U.S Postal service introduces a system called Zip+4 system. It is the expanded form of zip code. It is also known as plus four codes, add on codes, and adds on. It contains five digits code and four additional digits to identify geographic areas like apartment, city block, and mail office. Initially it is used and met with public resistance but nowadays plus four code is not required and is not usable.

Is there any difference between zip code and area code?

Zip code also known as postal code. It used to process mails. Zip+4 can add coding in it that is used to identify the route within the zip code

Area code is a segment of telephone numbers. It can be associated with the geographical location of person. At a time one code is for one person. It will depend upon the current location of the user’s at a time where service is established.


As we know zip codes are Only used in U.S. while postal codes are used in other countries. Zip code make it easier to track anybody just by entering their code. If we know about our code then there is no need to carry out debit card all the time. Just enter zip code and do shopping. Zip codes are also used in marketing, on internet, and even healthy providers used them. Depending upon the area it is of different types. They provide security to debit card. CVV and zip code are not same, but the purpose of both are same to give security.

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