What is The American Fair Credit Council?

What is The American Fair Credit Council?


The American Fair Credit Council, or the AFCC, is a national association bringing together debt settlement companies in the US. The members of the association work on behalf of those overwhelmed with debt burdens, particularly unsecured debts. They help their customers settle their debts by paying less than what they owe. To best answer the question, “what is the American Fair Credit Council”, you need to first know its history.

History of AFCC

The American Fair Credit Council was founded in 2011 with the aim of making players in the debt settlement industry comply with the Federal Trade Commission regulations protecting consumer interests.

The founders of AFCC noted that another association that existed before, TASC (The Association of Settlement Companies) did not manage to cope with the changes that swept the debt settlement industry.

They realized that many Americans were looking for a more forward-looking and clearer approach to dealing with credit advocacy in a way that safeguards consumers’ interests. TASC doesn’t exist anymore and has been replaced with AFCC. AFCC has a new mission and vision that focuses on the customers they serve.

What Makes AFCC Stand Out?

american fair credit council

AFCC isn’t just another credit council for companies like Credit Associates, it strongly advocates for the rights of the consumers who face financial difficulties in the US. The AFCC stand on a few enduring, simple, and strong pillars, including:

They strongly advocate for consumer rights. The council helps consumers who are burdened by debts and have genuine reasons not to continue making payments.

AFCC enforces industry best practices. By best industry practices, it means the AFCC strives to ensure consumers get the best and the industry is sustainable. AFCC wants all dealings to be transparent so consumers get to know what they are getting into before they sign up. The AFCC also ensures high standards are maintained in the industry.

AFCC advocates for a customer-centered approach and policies. Debt settlement is about helping consumers get out of debts. The AFCC tries to make this process as easy as possible for the consumers. They understand that the consumers are already faced with financial difficulties because of various issues, so they don’t want to add to their stress. That’s why they advocate for a watertight regulatory and legislative environment that works in favor of the customers. They want consumers to access effective and quality debt settlement services.

AFCC Sets the Standard

The AFCC has [partnered with BSI](https://www.bsigroup.com/) to ensure debt settlement companies comply with industry regulations and also meet the highest level of consumer protection. The members of AFCC work on behalf of customers and will confront their creditors on their behalf. While doing this, they strive to ensure the consumers get the best services and get relief from their debt burdens so they can lead a debt-free life. Their members will partner with you to help reduce your debt burden, negotiate with your creditors, and design for you a flexible payment plan.

AFCC member companies have agreed to adhere to a stringent code of conduct and to abide by strict regulatory guidelines in all their operations. Additionally, all AFCC credit associates have agreed to use the “No Advance Fee Model”, meaning they don’t charge any fee upfront but wait until the debt is settled to take their share. This ensures they do their best during the negotiation process for the deal not to fail, and explains why they have [high success](https://howtodiscuss.com/t/how-organizations-can-support-employees-with-chronic-health-conditions/38274) rates.


AFCC strives to ensure consumers are treated well by their lenders. They want debt settlement services to be easily available to consumers and at reasonable rates. Members of AFCC only accept fees after debt settlement and the consumer is made aware of what to expect before the process begins.


AFCC ensures debt settlement services are not only available but also affordable to consumers. You can trust the debt settlement companies that are members of AFCC. This is because you’ll know they have been approved by AFCC and are compliant with all the necessary regulations.


AFCC strives to ensure all transactions are transparent and that consumers are provided with the correct information to make informed decisions. They want to eliminate any surprises in this industry. 

AFCC is the best thing that has ever happened in the debt settlement industry.