What is G Suite?

Today Google Workplace is one of the most known offering from Google and is formally known as G Suite, it has a huge collection of Google’s cloud computing and other productive tools which are useful to a lot of people in today’s changing environment of working styles, also there are other products and software’s designed, developed and marketed by Google for its customers.

Google first launched G Workplace in 2006 under the alias of Google Apps for Your Domain and with time, as it quickly gained popularity it was then rebranded as G Suite in 2016, and during this 10-year time period it was a lot developed and updated as well.

Google G Suite offers a wide variety of services which covers all your needs.

It consist Google tools like Calendar, Gmail, Contacts, Meet and Chat for communication and Google Currents for employee engagement as well as Drive for storage and the Google Docs suite for content creation related stuff. And on top of all this an Admin Panel is provided for managing users and services. Google G Suite also offers the digital interactive whiteboard which is called Jam board and you also have an option to purchase such add-ons

Generally most of the above listed services are separately available totally free to general consumers who use their free Google (Gmail) accounts.

Google G Suite as a professional platform also gives enterprises an options such as a customize professional email addresses on a particular domain(for example@abcorganisation.in), There is an additional option for unlimited Google Drive storage, some other useful and effective administrative tools and advanced settings.

Google has very large data centers and your services being based in Google, data and information are saved directly from your device to google data centers and then synchronized to other data centers for backup purposes and you can retrieve that data anytime whenever required. But being a premium user pays off as unlike the free, consumer-facing services oriented for free consumers, Google G Suite premium users do not see advertisements while using the services, and information and data stored by the user in Google G Suite accounts is not used by Google for advertisement purposes. Above all you also get the administrator privilege as Google G Suite administrators can fine-tune security and privacy settings anytime they want.

Products Offered by G Suite

Google G Suite is an all in one solution which comprises of a vast variety of tools including Sheets, Meet, Calendar, Slides, Docs, Chat, Drive for storage, Gmail, Forms, and Sites for collaboration as well as an Admin panel and also a Vault for managing user’s credential data.

Why to Use G Suit?

Google G Suite allows teams to easily collaborate on project documents from any device and from any location. It’s phenomenally user and administrator friendly. Collaborative documents help a whole team working on the same project work in perfect sync. And also the File storage & management system provided helps people to organize and store their files effectively and efficiently. Emails such as custom email services are what make Google G Suite the go to choice for every business enterprise. Easy video conferencing through Google Meet is a useful thing and very user friendly and can’t be denied of its usefulness. Overall G Suite is convenient and easy to use and understand service which can be used by almost anyone with basic knowledge.

Is G Suite suitable for My Business?

G Suite is the perfect choice for all kinds of business enterprise whether small medium or large G Suite is made for all sizes of business. It’s made for the businesses which work on the go and are totally dependent on mobile communication. It is perfect when the owner wants to acquire a professional email or wanted to collaborate internally with employees and externally with its clients.

G Suite is the best choice for the users who wanted to spend less and acquire more services just like cloud storage.

G Suite is a helpful product for Entrepreneurs or Freelancers who prefer affordable solution for email and other productive tools to share work among its employees, clients and partners. It can be also used by Schools and educational institutions to collaborate with teachers and students. Non-Profit Organizations can also take advantage of its free version.

What are some Pros and Cons of G Suite?

Google Meet is handy but sometimes it doesn’t perform at the level of some other competitors which is a bit disappointing. More features are needed in Sheets to get full team adoption but that is not very concerning as G Suite get regular updates for its improvements.

Basically Google G Suite is incredibly useful for user management at a company level. It does a lot of tasks automatically such as assigning licenses or restrictions by organization is particularly great and useful for speeding up the work flow.

Google G Suite Support is actually pretty good and also very reliable. Calling ISP or domain registrar is always a pain as compared to Google G Suite, as usually their support team doesn’t know much about their own products. Google Support is generally competent with helping people with Google G Suite.

Is G Suite Really Affordable?

Yes, G Suite is really very Affordable as it Google provides you a trial of 14 Days there every plan includes Gmail, Drive, Meet, Calendar, Chat, Docs, Sheet, Slides, Keep, Sites, Form, Currents.

Google Workplace plans starts as low as Rs. 125 per month known as Business Starter pack which includes custom and secures business emails, 100 participants video meeting, 30 GB Cloud Storage per user security and support services.

Business Standard Plan is one of the most popular plans offered by Google which provides Custom and secures business emails, unlike Business Starter Plan of 100 participant’s video making and 30 GB Cloud Storage Business Standard Plan offers 150 participants video meeting + recording with 2 TB cloud storage, security and management control that too with enhanced support in just Rs. 675 per month.

Next comes in Business Plus plan which cost around Rs. 1260 where you get Customize email plus eDiscovery, retension.250 participants in a video meeting with additional feature of recording and attendance tracking. No worries for storage as you get 5 TB of Cloud Storage per user.

This plan also includes Vault and advanced endpoint management

Then there comes in G Suite Enterprise which is dynamic varying on Business level for which the user needs to contact the G Suite Sales.

In this plan you will get an addition of S/MIME encryption, noise cancellation and in-domain live streaming in video meeting of 250 participants. This plan offers you unlimited storage with advanced security, management, and compliance controls, including Vault, DLP, data regions, and enterprise endpoint management.


Google G Suite is bundle of services offered by Google which is very helpful for a lot of businesses for increasing their productivity and working speed with collaborative work flow in mind. It provides all useful services a company would ensure proper harmony among its employee. G Suite is the best when it comes to stability and reliability. Google G Suite is very useful for user management at an organizational level. It does a lot of tasks on its own once programmed to do so, such as assigning licenses or restrictions by organization is particularly great and useful for speeding up the work flow.

There are cons to everything in world so does G Suite have some as well but no major once and that’s a huge relief and G Suite gets regular updates so that you get all the glitches and other minor problems regularly. And regularly getting new features which means you will be updated with the world as well in terms of features and work flow options. It is the most cheap and realistic.