What is Capital Smart City?

Capital Smart City brings a one stop solution for your modern demands.

All of us fancy living our live in most sophisticated and modern environment. Living a luxury life is a dream of everybody. But in Pakistan, we couldn’t find too many options. The real estate developments more or less are following the same traditional pattern of building old-idea housing schemes instead of modern communities.

In such a bland environment, Capita Smart City Islamabad has invoked a new standard of lifestyle. It is not another ordinary housing scheme but offers a complete lifestyle. In fact, it envisions to become a first Smart City of Pakistan while twenty first digitally intelligent city of the world.

In this blog, we will discuss that how Capital Smart City is the best option to live your life in sheer elegance and brilliance.

1. A pristine Harradine Golf Course

Have you ever imagined living a lavish standard lifestyle with a vast views of lush golf course?

Well, your imagination is now turned into a living reality. An international firm NAMELY Harradine Golf Course is appointed to build an outclass 18-hole golf course in Capital Smart City. It is located at the bank of river. The architects of this golf course said that it is one of the best site in the world to build a course for this game. It will have excellent training academy as well.

2. Carnival Theme Park by Freij Entertainment

What if every day is like a carnival?

Capital Smart City is bringing you an opportunity to celebrate every single day as a carnival. It has inked an agreement with Freij Entertainment that is a big name on global level. It has privileged to arranged carnivals in a developed countries like Oman, Dubai, USA, UK, Africa, etc.

It is now bringing the carnival theme park in Capital Smart City. To the least, it will sprawled to minimum of 200 Kanal lands. This park will feature high adrenaline rides, food stalls, fancy hotels, side-by shops and several other amenities.

These are just a glance of the extravagant living experience in Capital Smart City. If we are to list down the other amenities, it includes the following

Mega zoo with bird’s aviary

  • Terrace lobbies
  • Sky walks
  • Fancy hotel
  • Restaurants and cafes

There are plenty of such other entertainment opportunities for you. So, do not miss this opportunity to have a high standard of lifestyle here.