What is a Three Point Thesis Statement?

In most academic writings a form of persuasion is taken. Persuasion is the art of convincing people. In academic writingsacademic writings, a persuasive approach is used to convince people about the writer’s point of view.

In any academic writing or other writings in general, the reader needs to know your point of view and a brief detail about your topic in a sentence through which he/she decides if they want to continue reading or what your take on the topic is. This sentence is referred to as a thesis statement and it summarizes the argument you’ll make in your essay, etc.

What is a Thesis Statement?

The thesis statement is a short statement mainly comprising of one sentence. It summarizes the writer’s main point or claims the topic of an essay. A thesis statement is further supported or developed later in the text with the help of evidence and examples.

The thesis statement is a specific or arguable point about the main topic. The thesis statement is not a fact but it’s an argument that the writer is making. Thesis statements are usually made for argumentative essays.

Thesis statements are usually made at the end of the introductory paragraph as it leads the reader through the essay.

What is a 3-Point Thesis Statement?

As we know a thesis statement is a claim made by a writer, but when we are claiming something we have to point out the reasons for our claim or belief. Making three points or giving three reasons to support a thesis statement is what ‘a three-point thesis statement’ is.

For example:

I like watching movies because they are a source of entertainment, they are good for passing the time and they are a great activity to do with the family.

“I like watching movies” is the thesis. The reasons are given after the thesis are the three points supporting my thesis.

A three-point thesis statement is basically the “because” part of a thesis statement. The word because is used after the claim and before the three reasons we gave to support our claim.

Let’s look at a few more examples to clear the picture even more.

  1. Technology is bad for kids because it isolates them from their daily activities, they begin to lack the ability to communicate and interact, and they are at a disposal of content which can be harmful to them.

  2. Uniforms should be made compulsory in schools because they are a way of representing the school, no issues for dress code will arise and they are a form of equality among students of all social classes.

  3. My decision to buy a car was the right one because it saves me a lot of time each day, I am not tired at the end of the day as I don’t have to change buses to reach home and the whole family can easily travel together.

All of the above thesis statements have three reasons that support the claim. More examples are available on the internet by professional thesis writers in Islamabad.

How to Write a Three-Point Thesis Statement?

  • Narrow down the topic you are writing about as much as possible. For example, if you are talking about food, you should narrow it down to the cuisine.

  • Make a particular claim about your topic. Your claim is your opinion or point of view about the topic. Make a debatable claim rather than a factual one.

  • Give the reasons that support the claim you made. Your reasons should be valid and you should be able to explain them accurately later in the text.