What is a private blog network or PBN?

A private blog network or PBN (Private Blog Network) is a set of domains of which we have control (either directly or indirectly).

There are several ways to establish such a network. It is possible to have a private network of free blogs such as wordpress.com or tumbr.com, to give a few examples. However, usually, free blogs are not as strong as those to which we provide their own hosting.

For the matter of this article, we will start from the basis that it is about non-free blogs. In these cases, the blog network is linked to so-called β€œ expired domains ”. These domains were, in the case of those that interest us, linked to websites that were born with a specific purpose that ended, and for this reason, their owner did not decide to renew them. However, these domains continue to have a much more important residual value than the content of the websites: the backlinks from other authoritative websites.

Why private?

In the pre-Panda and pre-Penguin era, there used to be public blogging networks. These networks allowed anyone who wanted to buy links or guest posts. At the beginning of 2012, Google decided to start de-indexing links from some of these public networks. The de-indexing began to subtract any value from the referred websites. These networks were very easy for Google to identify because they were public and accessible to anyone.

Why should we create a private blog network?

You would be the one who controls the content and the back links. This means that you can create and alter the content that best fits your niche . And what is more important, vary the different anchor text that point to the web that we want to position . The advantages of having a private network pointing to our project is that they have more authority than a newly created domain, thus giving more strength.

Why do expired ones have more authority?

There are two main reasons why an expired domain transmits more strength. The first and least important is that Google places a certain value on the age of the domain. If we find a domain whose life dates back to, for example, 2008, this domain will generally have more authority than another one that was created in 2014. The second, and most important reason, is that an expired domain may have backlinks pointing to it.

How to find expired domains?

Finding expired domains is of high quality was, until today, a long and arduous process. It is not easy at all. There are websites in which we ourselves can search domains manually, but to the extent that there are several thousand domains that are not renewed daily and only a small fraction of these are really valuable, it could take us a long time to search, without any guarantee of success.

To this, we must add that there are also many domains with good authority, but that has previously been used by spammers or by pornographic websites. These domains have no value. In summary, finding a good expired domain would have the following difficulties:

You can find expired domain from here:

Expired Domain
PBN Hosting

Difficulty learning to check the quality of domains.

Long and time-consuming process. We can spend hours and not find any domain.

High chances of finding a domain that is apparently good but is useless.

Each domain shown has a minimum of DA 20.

The domains pass a previous health check. They will be free of spam and penalties.

Relevant domains for niches. The domains are a classified and network-blog-private-authority-positioning function of sectors or subjects so the links will be relevant and consistent with the content.

The service eliminates the need to check back links one by one.

Now you know what a private network is and what its benefits are. However, not to

The world must have its own private network. Sometimes it is the SEO professionals themselves

who build their own networks to accelerate the positioning of the projects they manage. The door is open for everyone, it just depends on which option best suits our needs.

If you want to know more on it then you can also find here: What is PBN

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