What is a Frappuccino?

What is a Frappuccino? A frappuccino is defined as an iced coffee beverage with an added flavoring and sweetener. The original frappuccino was developed by Starbucks and it quickly became one of their most popular products on the menu. Over the years, the flavors have evolved and new additions to the family have been added to meet the changing tastes of customers across the country. In this article, you’ll learn what a frappuccino is, how it’s made, and how to choose from all of the different flavors available at Starbucks locations today.

What is a Frappuccino

The History of The Word Frappuccino

Introduced by Starbucks in 1999, The Frappuccino was conceived as an alternative to traditional coffee drinks.

It was imagined as an indulgent and creamy beverage that could be enjoyed throughout the day.

StarbFirst ucks created 7 different flavors of Frappuccinos:

  1. Caramel, Mocha, Java Chip, Cinnamon Dolce, Vanilla, Berry, and Valencia Orange.

  2. Since then, many other flavors have been added to their permanent line up including Pralines & Cream and Peanut Butter Cup.

  3. Now, The Frappuccino can be enjoyed in over 50 different countries. Starbucks has been promoting its version of the Frappuccino at many summer and winter Olympics by offering customers discounts on blended beverages during certain times of the day.

  4. There are also specialty drinks offered only seasonally such as Pumpkin Spice and Peppermint Mocha.

  5. Recently, Starbucks has expanded into blended drinks other than The Frappuccino. In January 2014, they added what they called blended cold coffee which is their very own version of a smoothie.

  6. They currently offer three flavors; Mango Black Tea with Soy Milk, Strawberry Smoothie, and Strawberry Banana Smoothie.

  7. Another new addition to their menu is what they call infused waters. These are cold, zero-calorie drinks that contain natural fruit flavors and can be ordered unsweetened or with vanilla, coconut, or peppermint syrup.

  8. Customers have many options for choice of drink temperature including over ice, chilled, or frozen (with or without dairy). The Frappuccinos made with no dairy are called Frappuccino Blended Beverages.

The Ingredients In A Frappuccino

Like most coffee shop beverages, your favorite Starbucks drink starts with coffee. From there, things get complicated.

  1. Flavored syrup and sweetened condensed milk provide some sweetness while whipped cream gives it a foamy topping.

  2. This coffee-milk mixture gets topped off with whole or nonfat milk (your choice) before getting poured into a cup or layered into a blender to make one of Starbucks’ Frappuccinos. Don’t forget about ice!

  3. A blended Frappuccino can be made with any of Starbucks’ available flavors. The light, handcrafted selection features flavors like vanilla bean, caramel brulée, and strawberry & cream.

If you want to go bigger, choose from larger sizes such as Tall (12 oz.), Grande (16 oz.), or Venti (20 oz.). These drinks come with extra whipped cream!

  • The dark, handcrafted collection has more intense flavors like salted caramel mocha and java chip.

  • These Frappuccinos are made with whole milk, so they’re creamier than your standard Starbucks drink! Dark Roast versions of these come in Grande (16 oz.) and Venti (20 oz.) sizes.

  • If you’re feeling extra adventurous, try ordering one of these fancy Frapps in an Extra-Strength cup!

  • This allows for even more espresso to be added to any size of coffee. Remember that each cup size comes with its own unique set of ingredients—so when it comes time to order, keep all that in mind!

Most Popular Frappuccinos Flavors

If you’re not sure which flavor to order, don’t sweat it.

Here are our picks for the top 5 favorite Frappuccinos: Caramel Frappuccino– This creamy concoction blends caramel sauce with vanilla-flavored Syrup and milk.

  1. The drink has 200 calories and 16 grams of sugar per serving. It also has 9 grams of fat (4 saturated) and 290 milligrams of sodium.

  2. Strawberries &Crème Frappuccino– This drink combines both strawberry and vanilla-flavored syrup with milk and crushed ice. The drink has 170 calories and 15 grams of sugar per serving.

  3. White Mocha Frappuccino – This one has coffee as its base, but it blends in chocolate-flavored syrup and whipped cream for good measure.

  4. The drink has 250 calories and 16 grams of sugar per serving. It also has 10 grams of fat (5 saturated) and 120 milligrams of sodium.

  5. Triple Mocha Frappuccino– This drink combines coffee, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream. It also includes vanilla-flavored syrup, so it’s basically like drinking liquid candy.

  6. The drink has 340 calories and 18 grams of sugar per serving. It also has 12 grams of fat (7 saturated) and 190 milligrams of sodium.

  7. Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frappuccino– This drink blends coffee, chocolate syrup, and whipped cream with caramel syrup for something that’s part dessert, part caffeinated beverage.

  8. The drink has 330 calories and 20 grams of sugar per serving. It also has 14 grams of fat (8 saturated) and 210 milligrams of sodium.

What Is A Frappuccino?

  1. Frappuccinos have taken over our Starbucks and it seems that everybody loves them. Everyone enjoys an icy cold drink on a hot day, but how many people know how these delicious treats are made?

  2. If you’re curious about what goes into your favorite drink (or if you want to avoid it altogether), keep reading for some important facts about Frappuccinos.

Main Ingredient in Frappuccinos

The main ingredient in Frappuccinos is coffee. Starbucks uses specially blended Arabica beans for their drinks and then roasts them to perfection.

  1. Two different blends are used, one of which has a higher percentage of Robusto beans to create dark drinks like Lattes and Espressos while lighter roasted beans are used for drinks like Frappuccinos.

  2. Frappuccinos are also loaded with sugar. A venti size Caramel Frappuccino can have up to 52 grams of sugar! Sugar may be disguised as mixed berry puree but that doesn’t mean it has any less of an impact on your body.

  3. An alarming number of American adults are already suffering from diabetes and you could put yourself at risk by drinking just one glass of Frappuccino a day.

  4. The caramel in Frappuccinos isn’t all-natural. Starbucks’ new version of caramel sauce, which can be used for both hot and cold drinks, contains natural flavorings instead of actual caramelized sugar.

  5. What exactly these natural flavorings are isn’t clear but chances are they aren’t doing your body any favors. Don’t ruin your favorite drink by adding extra chemicals!

Frappuccino At Starbucks

Coffee Frappuccinos have been part of Starbucks’ menu since 1997.

Since then, there have been plenty of variations in flavors and sizes, but one thing has remained consistent:

  1. The base drink still consists of coffee.

  2. This recipe will help you put together your very own at home so that you can feel like you’re sipping on your favorite drink while lazing around and reading on your couch all day long.

  3. Three basic ingredients make up every Frappuccino. The recipe begins with Starbucks Ice Coffee. The second ingredient that gets added to make a Frappuccino, however, varies from flavor to flavor.

  4. This variation comes in the form of sweeteners such as honey or pure cane sugar and creamers like nonfat milk or soy milk.

  5. To make your very own Frappuccino, you’ll need to grab three basic ingredients: 6 ounces of Starbucks Ice Coffee, 2 tablespoons of sweetener, and 3 ounces of your choice of milk. Grab your blender and make yourself a personalized Frappuccino today!

  6. Ready to try making your Frappuccino? Get started with these three basic ingredients and create a masterpiece that satisfies your craving for coffee, sweetness, and creamy goodness!

Frappuccino Without Coffee

Frappuccinos are Starbucks’ most popular blended drinks, even beating out their coffee-based beverages.

This raises an important question: If you don’t drink coffee and you walk into Starbucks and order a VentiCremeBrulee Frappuccino with extra whipped cream, will they know what to do?

  1. Turns out that in some places, they might! In California, at least, baristas won’t make your non-coffee frappe unless you specifically request it as such.

  2. If you’re like most people, though, and do enjoy coffee, then it’s pretty easy to order. Just say whip (or no whip) in a cup and choose your size: Tall, Grande, Venti, or Trente.

  3. Then choose your flavor. You can get pretty much any combination you want, but there are some signature options.

  4. If you’re looking for something chocolatey, go with a Mocha. A fan of vanilla? Try Vanilla Bean Frappuccino® blended coffee drink—it’s just like eating ice cream!

  5. The drink is topped with whipped cream and finished off with chocolate syrup, but that’s just how it looks. It won’t taste like you dumped three pounds of sugar into your frozen coffee drink!

  6. These things are sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. If you want an extra-sweet treat, try adding one of these syrups to your order: Toffee Nut, Caramel, or Cinnamon Dolce Syrup.

Make A Frappuccino

A frozen Frappuccino is a delicious treat. You can customize one by adding flavorings, such as caramel or hazelnut, and you can also choose your favorite type of coffee (decaf or regular).

However, don’t be fooled; there’s more to these blended beverages than meets the eye. And while they might appear safe and refreshing, some Frappuccinos can have hundreds of calories without giving you much else in return.

Frappuccinos are popular drinks that you can find at Starbucks. They come in many different flavors and sizes, from small to large.

You can order an iced Frappuccino when you’re feeling like something cold and refreshing, or hot when you want some warmth on a cold day.

Some Frappuccinos combine coffee with other beverages, such as lemonade or tea. Some people even drink them for breakfast!

While Frappuccinos are convenient, they can be high in calories. A grande (medium) Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino has 370 calories, 19 grams of fat, and 67 grams of sugar—that’s more than half an adult woman’s recommended daily intake of sugar.

It also provides you with only 2% of your daily vitamin A and calcium needs, and it lacks fiber.


A large Vanilla Bean Crème Frappuccino has 410 calories, 22 grams of fat, and 72 grams of sugar. That’s more than 60% of your daily intake of sugar! For comparison, a slice of chocolate cake made with white cake and frosting—which you might find at your child’s birthday party—has 400 calories. That Frappuccino also has only 7% of your daily calcium needs and no fiber to speak of.

Mocha Frappuccino

A coffee beverage with a sweet taste of coffee and chocolate. It’s made with espresso, milk, flavored syrup, and ice blended. It can also be topped with whipped cream and chocolate powder.

This Starbucks drink has 390 calories per cup and offers 5g of fat (3.5 saturated fat), 65mg of cholesterol, 590mg of sodium, 90g of carbohydrates (46g sugar), 4g fiber, 12g protein

The Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino was released in 1996 and was one of Starbucks’ most popular drinks. The drink has now become so popular that it’s available at all hours of day or night, even though it has slightly more calories than coffee or black tea.

The Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino comes in 8 flavors (Mocha, Caramel, Mocha Coconut, White Chocolate Mocha, Vanilla Bean Frappuccino Blended Beverage (no coffee), Cinnamon Dolce Creme, Strawberries &Creme, Pumpkin Spice).

It can be blended with whole milk or soy milk. It also has many possible combinations: made with ice (blended), extra espresso shot added to it or you can even add protein powder.

The Starbucks Mocha Frappuccino has changed over time to meet customer demand. It was originally only available in fall, winter, and spring of 1996 until 1997.

In 1999 it became available year-round. Around 2002, almond syrup was added to it along with soy milk options becoming available. Also beginning in 2003, holiday flavors (cinnamon, peppermint) was released.

Caramel Frappuccino

Starbucks’ signature iced coffee beverage has become so popular that it now also comes in frozen, blended form.

  • The Caramel Frappuccino debuted in April 2009 and now comes in Caramel, Mocha, and Strawberries &Crème varieties.

  • Each drink contains whole milk and real caramel syrup from Starbucks-owned Seattle’s Best Coffee, along with vanilla ice cream.

  • Artificial sweeteners make up part of what keeps these drinks under 200 calories—even though they come with whipped cream on top.

  • Although these drinks are delicious, they are not without their drawbacks. Both artificial sweeteners and preservatives can have adverse effects on health, especially when consumed regularly.

  • Consuming too much sugar—even if it doesn’t taste sugary—can raise your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and obesity.

  • Even natural sugar substitutes like aspartame can lead to serious health consequences like headaches and dizziness if consumed in large quantities.

  • The same goes for preservatives, which may contain carcinogenic chemicals that could potentially cause long-term damage to your body.

  • If you want to enjoy these frozen treats from time to time but don’t want them to negatively impact your health, try making them at home with whole ingredients instead of relying on processed powders and syrups sold by Starbucks.

  • You might even save some money in the process. While some of these beverages may not be healthy, Starbucks’ menu contains plenty of choices that are.

  • Check out a few other options you can order instead to keep yourself on track with your health goals

Caramel Frappuccino Starbucks

Like all Starbucks secret menu drinks, you can make these customized beverages at home, if you’re willing to put in some extra work and have some Starbucks-ready ingredients on hand.

We’ve rounded up a list of 12 secret frappuccinos and how to order them here. Be sure to tell your barista that you want a venti caramel iced coffee with cinnamon dolce syrup and soy milk extra caramel drizzle, please!

One of our favorite concoctions is the Cinnamon Dolce Frappuccino. The natural nuttiness of caramel pairs perfectly with warm cinnamon and sweet dolce syrup to create a full-bodied drink that’s both decadent and creamy.

To make your own, follow these simple steps:

  1. Start with an iced venti caramel coffee (remember to say extra caramel drizzle). Then, ask for more dolce syrup than usual at least 4 pumps.

  2. After that, it’s just topping it off with soy milk. Feel free to use almond or coconut milk instead. While we love these ingredients together, feel free to experiment with your combinations.

  3. The best thing about customizing drinks at Starbucks? You can make them as sweet or savory as you like! So don’t be afraid to ask for something outside of our suggestions you might even get lucky and have one created just for you.


Although people know that Starbucks’s most popular drinks are brewed with coffee, many of its other favorites don’t contain coffee at all. That’s right although you can find espresso-based drinks and cold-brewed coffee beverages on Starbucks menus around the globe, not every beverage offered in stores is made from coffee beans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I describe some important questions such as:

1. Does a Frappuccino have coffee in it?

The Starbucks Frappuccino is a line of iced, blended espresso drinks normally crowned with whipped cream and flavored syrup. It is a coffee milkshake (but not all include coffee). Just like milkshakes, the Frappuccino flavor opportunities are limitless. You can blend and fit nearly every item in the store!

2. What is the difference between a frappe and a Frappuccino?

Moreover, a Frappe is a blended iced drink that is frequently served with whipped cream and other toppings and is fabricated from espresso. A Frappuccino, alternatively, is an iced cappuccino mixed with milkshakes and other styles of flavors. The desk beneath will look added to their differences.

3. Does a Frappuccino flavor like espresso?

Does a frappuccino flavor like espresso? Frappuccinos have a mild kick of coffee in them, however, they’re very candy and taste greater like the flavor it is delivered into them. A mocha Frappuccino tastes like chocolate, and a caramel Frappuccino tastes like caramel sauce!

4. Is Frappuccino only a Starbucks component?

Most humans can’t believe that a Frappuccino can be anything but a groovy, sweet beverage topped with whipped cream, a dome lid, and green straw. But the now-iconic drink wasn’t invented with the aid of Starbucks.

5. What is a hot Frappuccino called?

A cappuccino is a warm espresso drink, a frappuccino is an iced drink. Normally a cappuccino is meant to be hot, steaming hot definitely. This is as it’s made with a shot of fresh coffee, and this is a hot drink.

6. What is the maximum famous Frappuccino at Starbucks?

Caramel Frappuccino, The most popular Frappuccino at Starbucks! Ice, entire milk, espresso, caramel syrup, and coffee Frappuccino syrup are blended and crowned with caramel sauce. A lot of humans get this with caramel walls (caramel drizzle on the sides of the cup).

7. What is inside the Unicorn frappuccino?

The Unicorn Frappuccino become a viral drink created with the aid of Starbucks, introduced in April 2017. It is made with ice, milk, pink powder, sour blue powder, crème Frappuccino syrup, mango syrup, and blue drizzle. In the 24-oz. Size, it carries 500 calories, 18 grams of fats, seventy-six grams of sugar, and 55 milligrams of cholesterol.

8. What is the difference between a mocha and a Frappuccino?

Mocha is made from chocolate and espresso, while Frappuccino (frappe) is an iced beverage blended or crushed to produce a foamy drink.

9. Which is better frappe or Frappuccino?

Frappuccinos Were Made With Espresso. But now Starbucks uses a Frappe-Roast that’s a type of more potent immediately espresso they use especially of their Frappuccinos because it’s inexpensive and the feeling stays more steady.

10. Can a Frappuccino be warm?

You ask for a “hot Frappuccino” inside the wintry weather. Nope, it’s no longer an aspect, although baristas said it is a commonplace false impression they should resolve—over and over once more each December through February. Try a hot Chai tea, caramel macchiato, or mocha latte as a substitute (or simply simple hot chocolate).


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