What does The Law of 4 Who is 67 in Shutter Island mean?

What does the Law of 4 Who is 67 in Shutter Island mean? The Law of 4 is an algebraic expression that shows the four names of the anagrams. Edward Daniels is an anagram of Andrew Laeddis, while the name Rachel Solando is an anagram of Dolores Chanal, the spouse of Andrew Laeddis. While Who is 67? is a hint to reveal Andrew’s real identity. Andrew is the 67th patient living in ward C of the mental asylum. As a result, the Law of 4 Who is 67 is considered the catalyst for revealing Andrew’s horrible conduct.

Plot of Shutter Island:

The story moves around Edward “Teddy” Daniels, a World War II military personnel and U.S. Marshal, who has been dispatched to Shutter Island to investigate the murderous woman’s alleged escape. The murderess appears to have disappeared from a locked room of Ashecliffe Hospital at Shutter Island. As the inspection deepened, Teddy was triggered to admit his dark deeds.

Who was assisting Edward Daniel in investigating the case of Rachel Solando?

Chuck Aule was his new partner in the case investigation.

Statement of a lady living in the cave in Shutter Island:

Rachel Solando, the person Edward was looking for, made her introduction. She told Edward that:

  1. She is a psychiatrist at Ashecliffe Hospital.

  2. She was kept in jail as a patient after learning about performing illegal experiments on people.


The lady states that she is a psychiatrist, and when she came to know about illegal experiments in the hospital, Shutter Island housed her as a patient.

Number of patients in Shutter Island:

According to Dr.Cawley:

  • There are 66 patients in Shutter Island.
  • 24 patients are in Ward C.
  • 42 are in Ward A and B.

Reason for admittance of Edward Daniel at Shutter Island:

Edward was admitted to Shutter Island because he killed his wife, Dolores Chanal, who had killed their four children brutally by drowning them in the backyard pond.


Shutter Island admitted Edward Daniel after he killed his wife Dolores Chanal.

What mental illness does Andrew Laeddis have?

Andrew has acute schizophrenia symptoms.Due to this disease, he created a completely new identity for himself named Edward Daniels, who was investigating the disappearance of a female patient, number 67.

Ending of Shutter Island:

The ending of Shutter island discloses that Edward Daniel is Andrew Laeddis, the 67th patient at Ashecliffe Hospital who has been receiving medical treatment for two years.

Ending of Shutter Island

What was the purpose of Teddy’s last dialogue?

Teddy’s last dialogue was To live as a monster or to die as a good man?. He was trying to mislead Chuck that he was still living in his hallucination to proceed with the lobotomy operation that he planned to go through.

Why did Dr. Sheehan do nothing following Andrews’ final line?

Because he is dealing with a dangerous mental patient who may say anything to manipulate the situation, he is not entirely sure that Andrew hasn’t changed back into Teddy Daniels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequent questions folks ask related to What does the Law of 4 Who is 67 in Shutter Island mean?

1. Is Shutter Island based on a novel?

In 2003, Dennis Lehane’s novel Shutter Island served as the inspiration for the film.

2. Were Mrs.Kearns and Peter Breene actual patients?

These two patients were only a plant to make Andrew realize his bad deeds.

3. Why was Edward Daniels considered the most dangerous patient on Shutter Island?

Edward was regarded as the most hazardous patient since he was an ex-marshal trained to deal with any situation. He also attacked many of the staff members and patients.

4. What did Teddy think was going on the Shutter Island?

Teddy doubted that the doctors were experimenting on human brains.

5. What exactly was Dr. Cawley doing?

Dr.Cawley said he was pursuing a radical strategy in which he listened to his patients’ concerns and tried to solve them.

6. How did Andrew Laeddis kill his wife, Rachel?

Andrew started the fire to kill his wife, Rachel.

7. Did Teddy remember the whole incident at the end of the movie?

Teddy remembered that he burnt his apartment to kill his wife as she drowned their three children.

8. Why did Mrs.Kearns write run on Teddy’s diary during the investigation?

She wrote run in the diary because she sensed he had a golden opportunity to run away
during the role play.

9. Whose body did Teddy notice lying on the bottom of the cliff?

Teddy considers he sees Chuck’s corpse lying on the bottom of the cliff.

10. Has Teddy received the files of the real patients?

The files Teddy received were not the actual patients’ files. These files, which Dr. Cawley himself gave, were merely mental sketches.

11. What were the names of Andrew’s children?

Dr.Cawley showed the pictures of the children to Andrew and named them:

  • Rachel.
  • Henry.
  • Simon.

    12. Who produced Shutter Island?

    Martin Scorsese produced Shutter Island.

    13. What does the lighthouse represent in Shutter Island?

    Lighthouse is a symbol of enlightenment and disclosure and is where Teddy finds that he is Andrew Laeddis, the 67th patient at Shutter Island.

    14. Did Teddy run into the real Rachel Solando in the cave?

    No, it was just part of Teddy’s imagination.

    15. Who is George Noyce on Shutter Island?

    George Noyce was a paranoid schizophrenic housed in Ward C.

    16. For what reason is George Noyce in Ward C?

    George Noyce was in Ward C because of some horrible quarrel with Andrew.

    17. Why does Laeddis undergo a lobotomy?

    It’s assumed in this reading that he has a lobotomy to end his misery because he knows the doctors won’t let him live his entire life in this deluded state and is unable to handle the pain of killing his wife.


    The law of 4 refers to the reality that four names are anagrams. Dolores Chanal is an anagram for Rachel Solando, and Andrew Laeddis is an anagram for Edward Daniels. While Who is 67 means Andrew Laeddis is the 67th patient at Shutter Island.

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  • The Law of 4 Who is 67

    The Law of 4 Who is 67:In this phrase,the law of 4 refers to two anagrams named Rachel Solando and Edward Daniels, who are nothing more than just fictional characters in Shutter Island. In contrast, the other part of the phrase, Who is 67 is just an indication to reveal Andrew’s real identity.

    Does Shutter Island depict a real-life event?

    No, shutter island does not depict a real-life event.

    Shutter Island Clues

    Various clues in Shutter Island indicate that all is not okay:

    • Teddy’s hesitation towards the water.
    • Teddy’s refusal to light up his cigarette.
    • Chuck has no background in handling weapons.
    • Guards standing behind Teddy throughout the whole investigation.
    • Chuck’s signaling to staff when Teddy snatches Peter Breene.


    The law of 4 is a reference to anagrams, and who is 67 is a clue to uncovering Andrew’s evil acts.