What Does No Location Found Mean?

What Does No Location Found Mean? Sometimes when checking someone’s location, it says No Location Found, and there are several reasons for this. iPhone users occasionally receive an error message saying “no location found.”

What Does No Location Found Mean?

What Is Meant By “No Location Found”?

The trait of location may be used to assist in determining where you are. It also allows you to catch up with folks who are near you. Users of the iPhone, on the other hand, may occasionally get an error message that reads “no location detected.”

A sluggish network may be at blame in this situation. You may try resetting your smartphone to see if it makes a change. In addition to that, check to see that all of your devices are operating with the most recent version of the software. The problem may be caused by a major bug in the program.


In addition, you may try restarting the application by sliding up from the bottom of the screen, swiping up to shut the message tab, reopening the application, and relocating the location again.

Is Sharing Stopped If There Is No Location Found?

The absence of a location does not imply that the people you’ve been in touch with have ceased providing you with their whereabouts.

  • When using iMessage or Find my phone’s location service to send and receive messages, all of the phone’s features must be operational.

  • The app will not be able to locate your friends or family members if any of these crucial components are not working.

  • If you get the ‘No location discovered’ notice, it’s because your GPS or the Find My Friends or iMessage app isn’t working properly, not because your friends have stopped sharing their location with you.

  • Your Stopped Sharing Location will appear in iMessage if someone has stopped sharing their location with you.

  • You can simply find out whether someone has switched their location off if you’re looking for alternative methods.

“No Location Found” Error Factors

If you have the Detect My Friends app installed on your iPhone and you receive the notice that says “No Position Found,” it indicates that the program is unable to find your current location. There are multiple possible explanations for why this is taking place:

1. Date and Time Must Be Corrected

To use the location sharing feature, your friend’s time and date must be pre-set on their phone. If they don’t have the right data and time set up on their phone, they won’t be able to tell you where they are.

2. Find My Friends Lacks GPS

For the application to successfully pinpoint your position, you will need to ensure that the location services on your device are turned on.

3. The App Can’t Pinpoint Your Location

The app may have trouble locating your precise position at times. There are several reasons why this can occur, including a lack of GPS signals or an obstruction of GPS signals in a structure.

4. Find My Friends App Has Issues

If you’ve tried all of these things and are still getting the “No Location Found” message, the Find My Friends app may be broken. In this case, you should delete the app and download it again from the App Store.

5. Your iPhone Isn’t Online

You must be connected to the internet to access someone else’s location. Connecting to the iMessage server is required if someone has shared their location with you. A “no location detected” message might appear if you’re not connected.

6. They Stopped Revealing Their Location

At any point, your loved ones can choose to cease sharing your location with you. You will get “no location discovered” if you check their location and they have opted to cease sharing their location with you.

7. My Friends Aren’t Signed in

To provide you with a friend’s or family member’s location, “Find my” has turned into an app that has to be downloaded and logged into. For example, if they aren’t logged in to the Find my app, you won’t be able to view their location on the app.

8. They Have No Signal

To communicate location data, you must have a signal on your phone. Even if your loved ones have location sharing enabled, they will not be able to tell you where they are if they are in an area where they do not have a signal.

9. Their Phone Is Off

This message may appear if someone has shared their location with you and then turns off their phone. Using iMessage or the Find my phone app, you can see a person’s current position in real-time.

10. They Ran Out of Battery

To effectively share a location, at least one phone must be turned on. You’ll get the “no location found” notice if their phone runs out of battery and shuts down. The Find My Phone app will not be able to access the device, therefore the individual will be unable to communicate with the iMessage servers.


You can test whether moving to another room or walking outside helps the app locate your position if this is the case for you. Automatic date and time changes are an option for those who don’t want to fiddle with the settings.

How to Fix a Friend’s Location Error?

The notification “no location discovered on locating my friends” will display in the app if the user is not connected to the network. Perhaps he or she had GPS turned off, or the phone’s battery was low. Regardless of the issue, here are some possible answers. To make sure your app runs well, be sure to follow the procedures listed below.

1. Fix Your Internet Connection

In this case, all you have to do is turn on your iPhone’s wi-fi. Wi-fi may be turned on most quickly and conveniently using the Control Center. Once you’ve confirmed that you can access the internet, see whether the problem is with your modem. Restart your internet connection by turning airplane mode on and off. A map of where they are ought to pop up at that point.

2. Watch Their iPhone Screen

If you receive the “no location detected” error when attempting to locate someone, all you can do is wait for them to switch on their phone till the problem is resolved itself. By connecting to the servers with their phone switched on, you should be able to see where they are.

3. Wait Till They Have Signal

A lack of signal might be the cause of your inability to locate someone. Elevators, basements, and areas with few cell towers tend to have poor reception. You will need to wait for them to arrive at a spot where they have a signal before you can see their location.

4. Tell My Friends If They’ve Left

The Apple App Store offers a free download of Find My Friends on the iPhone. It takes advantage of your smartphone’s numerous location-sharing features to keep track of your current position and the whereabouts of your friends and family members.

It works best with a wi-fi connection and the GPS on your phone switched on, although a mobile signal can also be used. “Find my buddies” requires login. Ask your buddy to sign in so you can see their location. To sign in:

  • Take a peek at the Settings app.

  • By touching your name, choose “Find Me.”

  • “Share My Location” can be enabled.

  • To turn it on, press the “Find My” button, then hit the button again to turn it off.

5. Tell iPhone Users to Sign in

If your buddy had checked out of iCloud, you’ll need to tell them to sign back in to remedy “No Location Found.” You can’t view their location if they don’t sign in to iCloud.

To sign in:

  • On your Apple iOS smartphone, open the Settings application (iPhone or iPad).

  • Sign in to your iPhone by clicking the “Sign in” button.

  • Using your Apple ID and password, log in to your account.

  • A blank screen with the wording “Signing in to iCloud.” will be shown to you.

  • Please take your time. The procedure may take a few minutes.

  • Your iPhone’s four-digit passcode should be entered whenever requested.

  • Your name will show at the top of the Settings application after you’ve logged in. It needs to be tapped into.

  • Your “Apple ID” screen is the next step after you finish the process. Drop-down menu: choose iCloud.

6. Turn On Location Services

The location services of your friends must be activated for you to share their whereabouts with others. To share their location with another contact, users must enable location services on their devices.

To turn on-location services:

  • To enable location services on your iPhone, open the Settings app and choose Location Services from the menu.

  • To access the “Privacy” menu, go to the “Settings” menu and select “Privacy.”

  • You may access location services by clicking the “Privacy” tab and clicking the “Location Services” header.

  • Choose “Automatic Updates” from the list of available options in the drop-down menu.

strong text7. Restart Your iPhone

The correct operation of a gadget can be restored by restarting it. Performing a soft reset on your iPhone is quick and simple. All your friend has to do is turn off and then turn back on their smartphone.

strong text8. Update Your iPhone

You can ensure that your mobile device maintains its full level of functioning by installing software updates as soon as they become available for your handset.

To do this:

  • Open up the Settings app and have a look around.

  • Make sure you’ve selected “General” in the drop-down option.

  • To begin, select “Software Update” from the drop-down list.

  • Choose “Automatic Updates” from the list of available options in the drop-down menu.

  • To activate automatic updates, simply swipe to the right of the button.


In addition to new features, upgrades usually include bug fixes and/or critical security patches. As a convenience, you may set your iPhone to automatically download new software.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Some related questions are given below:

1 - What does it mean when iMessage says “location not available”?

When users share their location via iMessage, the map displays “Location Not Available.” Sometimes it’s a simple matter of missing permissions.

2 - What’s the difference between not found and not available?

You may stop sharing your location in Find My Friends via the iOS app or iCloud. You can see your friends’ whereabouts, but they can’t find you.

3 - Is it possible to disguise your location when in airplane mode?

When trying to conceal your location, Airplane Mode accomplishes nothing. The iPhone or any other device may use GPS since it is a distinct system that communicates with the satellite and gets signals directly from it.

4 - Why does everyone have no location?

If a person is out of network coverage, the app will say “no location discovered on finding my friends.” Or he/she turned off GPS or the phone died.

5 - Why can’t I see someone find my iPhone location?

Your friend’s phone is off or not on cellular or wi-fi. Finding my friends to hide my location is enabled. Location services were switched off. Your friend’s device isn’t signed into finding my friends.

6 - How do you advertise not found?

Open Control Center and touch the Airplane logo to quickly hide your location. This disables cellular and WiFi to hide your location.

7 - Does no location found mean they stopped sharing?

You may stop sharing your location in Find My Friends via the iOS app or iCloud. You can see your friends’ whereabouts, but they can’t find you.

8 - What to do when a location is unavailable?

Tap ‘Location Services’ under privacy settings. Turn on Location Services. Make sure ‘Find My’ and ‘Messages’ can access your location.

9 - Can someone track you without a phone?

Yes, iOS and Android phones can be monitored offline. Map applications can track your phone’s position even without the Internet.

10 - What are the reasons for no location found?

If a person is out of network coverage, the app will say “no location discovered on finding my friends.” Or he/she turned off GPS or the phone died.

11 - Why doesn’t the location update?

The older version’s missing functionality causes performance problems. Update your Google Maps app. Open the Google Play Store, search for Google Maps, then hit the update option.

12 - How can I hide my location?

Turn on the Airplane Mode. Turning on airplane mode is a simple technique to hide your whereabouts from others for a short period. For the most part, it’s a standard function on all kinds of cell phones. Using airplane mode will also prohibit any notifications or usage of cellular networks, phone calls, and texts.

13 - How do I fix a location not found on Find My?

iPhone Apps will help you. Messages or Find My may crash and display “Location Not Available” Force-quit and reopen the app to fix it. Then restart your iPhone.

14 - How can you disable GPS without turning it off?

Making your device’s location inaccessible is simple enough. One option is to disable your phone’s location services. Another option is to turn off your phone’s GPS.

15 - Can off-phone whereabouts be tracked?

Even if your phone is set to “airplane mode,” it may still be traced. The GPS is not deactivated by using airplane mode, which disables Wi-Fi and cellular connections (a different technology that sends and receives signals from GPS satellites).


There should be place matters or a local connection. My iPhones may display “no location” problems. No location doesn’t mean contacts stopped telling you. iMessage and Find my phone require full phone functionality. The app can’t find friends and relatives without these components.

“No Position Found” indicates DMF can’t find you. For location sharing, your friend’s phone must be set. You can’t find them till they upgrade their phone. Automatic date/time changes are available. You should connect to the Wi-Fi. After verifying the internet, check your modem. Use airplane mode to restart the internet. Map emerges.

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