What County Is Lake Mary Florida?

What County Is Lake Mary Florida? Lake Mary is a part of the Greater Orlando metropolitan region in Seminole County. Lake Mary is centrally located in the U.S. state of Florida. Its county seat and largest city are Sanford.

What County Is Lake Mary Florida?

What Exactly Is Lake Mary?

The designated census tract is known as Lake Mary. It’s a sizable body of water that drains into Lake Hart, along with Lake Whippoorwill and Lake Nona. The lake is surrounded by three major parks and environmental areas.

The southeast corner is home to a natural preserve known as the Isle of Pine, while the western and southwestern corners are occupied by Moss Park and Split Oak Forest, respectively. All of these lakes are connected via a system of canals.

The American alligator, the Florida softshell turtle, the Florida sandhill crane, and the Florida scrub jay are uncommon and unusual animals found in this area. This region’s distinctive flora and animals include the Florida softshell turtle, Florida sandhill crane, and Florida scrub jay.

Facts About Lake Mary, Florida

  • As of July 1, 2021, there were 17,125 residents of Lake Mary.

  • Lake Mary, in Seminole County, Florida, may be located at (28.7589, -81.3178).

  • Lake Mary has 9.15 square miles of land and 0.77 square miles of water.

  • Seminole County is located in the Eastern time (GMT -5). The altitude is 62 feet.

  • Lake Mary, Florida has a Census Class Code of C1, which indicates a prospering non-county municipality.

  • “A” in the Functional Status Code indicates that the government is engaged and doing general-purpose tasks.

  • In 20 states, including Florida, Census County Divisions (CCDs) track county subdivisions.

  • Lake Mary is in Seminole County’s Sanford CCD.

Geography of Lake Mary

The entire land area of the county is calculated to be 309 square miles (800 square kilometers), while the total water area of the county is calculated to be 36 square miles (93 square kilometers).

The land area of this county in Florida is the lowest of any county in the state, making it the third-smallest county in terms of the total area in the state of Florida. The proximity to both Volusia and Orange counties has contributed to Seminole County’s rapid development.

Seminole, Osceola, Lake, and Orange counties make up the Greater Orlando Metropolitan District, which along with adjacent Volusia and Brevard counties creates a sustainable, progressive, and diversified environment for economic growth and residential expansion.

Regions on the Border

Directions Regions
East Brevard, Florida
North and East Volusia County, Florida
Southwestern and Southern Orange County, Florida
West Lake County, Florida

History of Lake Mary

Although Lake Mary’s beginning dates back to the 19th century, the City did not incorporate it until August 7, 1973. Lake Mary is a community that formerly comprised two small communities known as Bent’s Station and Belle Fontaine.

The community got its name from the wife of a pastor who had moved to the northern banks of the lake. They were situated along the railroad line that connected Sanford and Orlando in Florida.

In its early days, the city was predominantly an agricultural village focused on oranges. As the Disney construction rush moved farther north in the early 1970s, Lake Mary began its transition into a semi-rural bedroom neighborhood servicing Orlando.

Disney’s development caused this transformation. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the city’s residential development and economic development core grew rapidly. The city also gained companies at this time.

Note: In January 1923, the Lake Mary Chamber of Commerce was first created. Since the organization’s founding, it has maintained a steady level of activity, leading some to believe that it is the state’s oldest chamber that can make this claim.

Where Is Lake Mary In Florida?

There are more than a hundred distinct communities and enclaves in the Lake Mary area. Towards the northeastern edge of the Greater Orlando Metropolitan Area, in the central-east region of Central Florida.

Heathrow (officially a portion of Lake Mary) and eventually the Wekiva River Conservation Area are to the west of Lake Mary. To the north and east lies Sanford, to the south is Longwood, and to the west is the Wekiva River.

Other north-to-south roads in Lake Mary include Country Club Road, Longwood - Lake Mary Road, and Rinehart Road. Interstate 4 crosses Lake Mary’s western section, while Interstate 417 does the same towards the city’s east.

Location of Lake Mary Apartments

There is a large selection of homes for sale in and surrounding Lake Mary. There is a wide variety of flats, condos, and houses for rent that are within the price range of young professionals.

Subdivisions in our community are ideal for young families because of their peaceful atmosphere. It just takes a few minutes to reach Central Park in the heart of the city and Interstate 4 from affluent golf course neighborhoods and busy retirement homes.


You’ll have access to a wide variety of stores within a ten-minute drive of your home without having to worry about parking or traffic. Professional employment alternatives are nearby, so you may live and work in the same community.

Life In Lake Mary

Lake Mary, A Quality of Life City

The 17,633 individuals who name Lake Mary, Florida, their home do so for a variety of reasons, including the city’s tree-lined streets, excellent schools, spectacular trail system, and an atmosphere that is welcoming to families.

Lake Mary Communities

We want you and your workers to reside in our established communities. Lake Mary provides secure, peaceful areas and cheap stylish apartments, townhouses, and rentals. Lake Mary residents may relax. Our proactive, community-based Police Department helps keep our crime rate low.


Lake Mary’s education is excellent. Seminole County Public School District is one of the best in Florida and the nation. Seminole County Public Schools are placed in the top 4% by Newsweek, U.S. News, and The Washington Post. Lake Mary has several prestigious private schools.


Lake Mary’s natural beauty. It’s appealing whether you bike, run, stroll, or rollerblade. Lake Mary’s Rinehart Trail is part of the Cross Seminole. Our parks are well-kept and provide something for everyone. The perfect Florida weather will make you want to be outside.


Lake Mary, a family-friendly town, offers youth recreation possibilities. We provide programs for baseball, softball, soccer, golf, and tennis. At the Senior Center and via activities, we provide fellowship and enjoyment for 55-plus seniors. Bridge, stitching, chair aerobics, and line dancing are all fun.

Why Do People Choose Lake Mary?

We know you have a lot of options when deciding where to settle down, but we think you’ll agree that Lake Mary has a lot going for it.

Professional Grade Office Space

Class A office space is readily available in Lake Mary, a point of local pride. Quality, up-to-date construction to meet your specific requirements.

Motivators and Collaborative Efforts

Money-saving incentives are available because of Lake Mary’s excellent relationships with neighboring municipalities and economic development organizations.

Reduced Taxes

At just 3.5895 mills, Lake Mary has Seminole County’s lowest property tax rate. The state sales tax rate is 6%, and there is no state income tax in Florida.

Talent Pool

28.5% of Lake Mary inhabitants have a bachelor’s degree, and 14.9% have a graduate degree. Our experts are ready to help. Your personnel and family can also develop professionally and personally at regional colleges and institutions.

Obtainable Fiber Optic Connections

Seminole County is committed to ensuring that its residents have access to cutting-edge communication tools and has installed more than a thousand miles of fiber to facilitate this goal.

The Magazine For The Whole Family

Lake Mary, located in the state of Florida, was voted one of the top ten “Best Towns for Families” in the country of the United States of America.

Best Places To Live

According to CNN/Money, these are the top 100 best places to call home. Don’t just take our word for it that Lake Mary is a great place to live; CNN agrees with us.

Life satisfaction

You and your workers will find Lake Mary to be a welcoming and safe neighborhood with excellent educational, recreational, and entertainment options.

Our Public Schools Are A+

The schools in Lake Mary receive an “A” rating from the Florida Department of Education and are among the top 4% in the US according to Newsweek.

Perfect Setting

Lake Mary is conveniently located between two main thoroughfares, is only 20 minutes from Orlando, and is close to the coast.


The City’s lakes, scenic trails, tree-lined avenues, and world-class golf course all contribute to the ideal Florida way of life.


Lake Mary’s walkable downtown development zone is a major focus of the city’s rehabilitation efforts. Downtown has restaurants, sandwich shops, boutiques, offices, a park, the Events Center, and City Hall.

Frequently Asked Question - FAQs

Some related questions are given below:

1 - How about Lake Mary?

Lake Mary is a suburban city in Seminole County, Florida, United States, near Orlando. 2021 census: 17,865 people.

2 - Is Lake Mary, Florida an excellent place to live?

Seminole County’s Lake Mary is one of Florida’s nicest locations to live. Lake Mary is a small suburb where most people own their houses. Lake Mary’s young professionals are conservative. Lake Mary has high-quality public schools.

3 - What cities are considered Seminole County?

Altamonte Springs is one of Seminole County’s six cities.

  • Casselberry
  • Mary Lake
  • Longwood
  • Oviedo
  • Sanford
  • Springtime

4 - Orlando is in what county?

Orange County in central Florida. At 1,429,908 people, it’s Florida’s sixth most populated county. Orlando’s county seat. Orange County is in the Orlando-Kissimmee-Sanford MSA.

5 - Winter Park is in what county?

The 10-square-mile city is located three miles north of Orlando in Orange County. Winter Park is recognized for its Old World beauty, fine mansions, charming brick lanes, large tree canopy, shopping, restaurants, museums, and Rollins College.

6 - Winter Park is in what county?

Lake Mary is noted for its well-planned residential areas, good schools, important companies, and shopping. Our proactive, community-based Police Department keeps Lake Mary’s crime rate low.

7 - How far away is Lake Mary from the nearest beach in Florida?

I-95 N is 132 miles from Lake Mary to Atlantic Beach. Nonstop, Lake Mary to Atlantic Beach is 2 hours 9 minutes.

8 - What is the average cost of living in Lake Mary, Florida?

Lake Mary, Florida is 11% more expensive than the U.S. Any area’s cost of living might vary depending on your occupation, average wage, and real estate market.

9 - Is Lake Mary, Florida a risky place to live?

Lake Mary provides secure, peaceful areas and cheap stylish apartments, townhouses, and rentals. Lake Mary residents may relax. Our proactive, community-based Police Department helps keep our crime rate low.

10 - Lake Mary Prep has students on board?

Lake Mary Preparatory School (Lake Mary Prep) was formed in 1999. It’s co-ed and non-sectarian, serving PreK-3 through 12th grade.

11 - Do you go to a private high school?

Lake Mary High School opened in 1981. We offer ordinary, honors, pre-AP, gifted, and 29 AP classes, as well as the Advanced Manufacturing & Innovation Academy and Forensic Science and Legal Studies.

12 - How much does Windermere Prep 12 cost?

At Windermere Preparatory School, the Performing and Visual Arts are a vital element of our curriculum.

13 - Seminole County has how many HSs?

Seminole County Public Schools (SCPS) has 37 elementary schools, 12 middle schools, 9 high schools, 6 special centers, and a virtual school.

14 - How’s Windermere Prep coming along?

WPS has been selected as Orlando’s “Best Private School” five years running. Windermere Prep prepares your kid for tomorrow’s academic, emotional, and social difficulties.

15 - What is the tuition to attend Montverde Academy?

Montverde Academy has 1,000 day pupils. Grade-level tuition ranges from $8,850 to $18,350. The $52,000-a-year residential school is full with 300 international pupils.


Lake Mary is near Orlando. 2021, 17,865 people. Beautiful Lake Mary is situated in Seminole County. Lake Mary is a small, homeowner-heavy town. Lake Mary has affordable apartments, townhomes, and rentals in safe, tranquil areas. Relax, Lakers. Our community-based police minimize crime. The school has 3,000 students. Lakes, picturesque pathways, tree-lined roads, and a world-class golf course make for a perfect Florida lifestyle.

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