What Comes After 69

What Comes After 69

69 Don't understand the joke after mouthwash? 3

I do not understand that 2 people in my congregation say yes and after 69? Mouthwash! I don't understand without jokes.

The 6 is shown upside down, so the top is private, so the 9 heads up and the private is down, so if you go over the top, you'll have to do a mouthwash because it's too painful for me to hear. Is.

I will use mouthwash after using 69w as shown in one position.

69 is a position where one person gets angry with another when he has to lick or bite. Therefore, mouthwash is essential to get rid of the taste.

What Comes After 69

What Comes After 69

69 is a salable position, just look at it !!! For this reason, the process of washing the face continues.

Well, what is Google 69?

stands for

So after you do the mouthwash ...

69 is a position where the heads of two people are in the circle of number 69 and they are licking each other.

So yes, mouthwash will be fine.

69 is the position where both people receive.

What Comes After 69

It’s probably because of the “what comes after 69” meme

It works like this:j

There’s a class where the teacher askes:

“Ok class, what comes after 69”

The student: “MOUTHWASH!”

teacher: “get out of my class”

Now, I don’t know if you know what the joke is or not, but I’ll stick to be family friendly and not give an explanation.