What are the names of all of the 7 dwarfs?

What are the names of all of the 7 dwarfs?

Bashful- the shy one

Doc- leader of the group, not too good at speaking

Grumpy- always annoyed and irritated, doesn’t like snow white

Happy- fat, jolly, friendly, spreading joy to everyone

Sneezy- likes to have fun, has never ending case of hay fever that makes him sneeze

Sleepy- always tired, most observant

■■■■■- annoying, silly, the comic relief

21-■■■ Salute,

What is The Meaning of 21-■■■ Salute?

21-■■■ Salute means, Traditional honors are bestowed on kings and heads of state from an ancient symbol of peaceful intent when multiple shots are an obstacle to the ability to make immediate threats due to recharge time.

Literal Meanings of 21-■■■ Salute


Meanings of ■■■:
  1. Running (one engine)

  2. A weapon with a metal tube that fires bullets, projectiles or other missiles with an explosive force that usually produces a characteristic louder, faster sound.

  3. The lean muscles of the biceps are well developed.

Sentences of ■■■
  1. Most of the artillery projects were highly explosive projects that could light up trenches from a great distance.

Synonyms of ■■■

weapon, firearm


Meanings of Salute:
  1. Regular greetings to you.

  2. A sign of respect, esteem or respect, or a sign of humble thanks, especially a gesture made by someone at the time of arrival or departure.

Sentences of Salute
  1. Don't you usually greet your supervisor?

  2. Raise your hand in triumphant salutation

Synonyms of Salute

greeting, address, salutation, gesture of respect, hail, tribute, welcome, wave

21 De Junio Signo

I was born on June 21, what sign am I? ^

You need to include the year of your birth and a different city, for example people born on June 21 this year have cancer, from last year (2007) to 21 Mexico, DF, in your generation. For people born.

I was born on June 21, 1988, in Guayaquil, Ecuador, at 8:30 AM. What am i ???

June 21 is the day when the sign of Ge becomes cancer. It depends on which of you is born.

If you know, log in to count your emails and ask questions.

Are you twins

Your G-minute is over, so you should be under the influence of cancer. Greetings from Simple Balmain Baby Cancer.

You're just a Gemini, by the way, great sign !!

Let's have a good e-book.

Your twins!

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d if you xid @ ..

21 De Junio Signo

21 De Junio Signo

21 De Junio Signo

If you are tired of saying it is cancer or it is not a penalty, don't look for it, I was born on June 17 to June 21 ...

That, as I understand it, must be a sign of cancer. He further added that Jimenez had also resigned on June 21.

You need to test it. Which of your ancient characteristics is a character?

Cancer and Gemini XD

21 De Junio Signo