What Are The Best International Schools in Pune?

International schools in Pune have left an impressionable footprint on the global fraternity of education. Several of these schools are regularly cooperating with initiatives taken by reputable organizations, such as UNESCO, UNICEF, SaveTheChildren, etc., while others are actively promoting the critically-acclaimed Montessori Education System for the elementary grades.

Among the plethora of international schools in Pune that commit to a 360-degree growth of your child’s persona, which one should you trust? Based on these schools’ curricula and facilities, this blog will help you decide whom to settle with and why.

Following that, it will shed light on how these schools can help your child.

Here is a list of the top 3 international schools in Pune, ranked as per their facilities, curricula, and ratings -

1. Global Indian International School (GIIS), Pune

GIIS, Pune tops our list with its state-of-the-art infrastructure, illustrative teaching practices, and a strong emphasis on extracurricular & after-school activities. The school is an active member of Global Schools Cooperation and offers CBSE & Global Montessori Plus (GMP) curricula.

It is also the best CBSE school in the city as it has been ranked best in teaching excellence in Times School Online Education Survey, 2020. Apart from the same, the group claims to have won 150+ national and international accolades in the last 18 years of operating history.

The core competency areas of children have been divided further for skills enhancement and nourishing their talents. these areas are -

  • Sports Excellence.

  • Academic Excellence

  • Visual & Performing Arts

  • Personality Development

  • Innovation & Creativity

  • Entrepreneurship & Leadership

  • Universal Values & Ethics

  • Community & Care

  • Personalized Skills Development

2. Mahindra International School, Pune

Formerly, Mercedes-Benz-International School, Mahindra International School, Pune has set up a precedent by adapting to the International Baccalaureate (IB) system of education, the torchbearer in internationally-recognized school programs.

With a little over 20 years in the education field, the school has topped several charts over the years, including becoming the 4th best international school in India in a survey conducted by Education World in 2014.

3. Symbiosis International School, Pune

The Symbiosis International School in Pune offers two systems for imparting education, International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE). Both of them are premier in the world of education.

With the mantra of ‘promoting international understanding through quality education,’ the Symbiosis brand of education is well-known, with several colleges under their ambit in their heritage of 47 years, offering a world-class education at the school level too.

Advantages of an International School

We hope that now you’ve got a fair bit of understanding of what to look for in an international school. Now, let’s talk about the advantages an international school in Pune can offer to your child -

1. Better Education and a Myriad of Curriculum Options to Choose from

International schools in Pune feature an ensemble cast of teachers who follow a creative approach towards problem-solving and offer a nourishing environment for children to prosper against the traditional hovering around the grades in other schools.

To become a part of the giant ecosystem that the world is, your child needs to have a real-world outlook instead of being just a book-worm as we all know that there is no limit to learning, and most of it comes from experiences instead of books, which is the primary focus of the curricula in these schools.

2. Opening up a World of Excellence

Plenty of internationally acclaimed institutions will give preferential treatment to your wards in terms of scholarship and enrollment if they happen to come from an international school.

3. Personalized and Holistic Development

Most of the international schools in Pune have specialized programs for children to discover their unique ability, which later helps them make their mark in the world. The most significant part is that all of their offerings get included in one package, which has come down drastically due to competition and awareness.


Their world-class sports, arts, and science apparatus brings your child closer to realizing his or her calling. It also plants the seeds of competition at an early age in a healthy fashion. Imagine if your hobby or passion got professional attention from the start, where it would have taken you?

International schools offer opportunities that help children grow up to become inquisitive, confident and happy individuals.