What are List of Safety Guidelines For Passengers at Airport?

Domestic Flights New Guidelines:

The government has said vulnerable persons, senior citizens, pregnant ladies, kids, disabled persons and passengers with health problems must elude air travel.

New Rules Announced by the Civil Aviation Ministry:

  • Face mask is very important
  • Only web based check-in is permitted, get luggage label online as well.
  • One check-in bag for every traveller; baggage tag to be printed on the web and joined to luggage
  • No travellers from regulation zones permitted
  • The passengers should show the status of Arogya Satu to staff. If they don’t have Arogya Satu, they need to download it right there. Children under 14 years old do not require the App.
  • Travelers to utilize Arogya Satu application or self-presentation form with required contact details.

Flight Safety Tips for passengers:

  • Keep up social distancing guidelines at all spots, follow markers and signs.
  • Passenger should ensure thermal screening at departure point
  • Luggage receipt issued at the counter will be validated through a message to the traveler’s telephone.
  • Luggage must be dropped off at least one hour before departure.
  • Safety crew to have least physical contact with travelers.
  • Circles, squares to make sure social separation.
  • Seats stamped ‘Not For Use’ should not be engaged
  • Travelers gather a safety pack, mask, face shield, sanitizer close to the boarding gate.
  • Traveler to check in ticket close to entryway, show ID card to staff
  • Traveler counseled to limit use restroom
  • Do not form a queue for restrooms, just one buddy with kids and older people.
  • No food to be served, travelers can bring their own meals. Water bottles kept on each seat
  • No papers/magazines permitted on aircraft
  • Travelers to wait with social practicing for luggage to reach

Safe Airport Assistance by JODOGO:

JODOGO is accountable to offer safest transfer throughout the airports to ensure safe airport assistance. We are caring for you from check-in to arrival & taking extreme care to keep passengers safe. The safety of our clients and passengers consistently will be our main concern.

Final Thoughts

Planning to travel during the COVID-19 pandemic? Ensure yourself as well as other people with these safety measures. Stay safe when you travel with airport meet and greet services Maintain 6 feet or 2 meters between you & others as much possible. If you are feeling unwell before your arranged travel, stay in house to take medical care.

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