What Are Functional Skills Level 2

Level 2 English and Maths – IIGCSE equivalent to University courses. Employers consider it to be the equivalent of grade C or level 4. Anyone who wants to access classes in further education requires a level two maths qualification and an English qualification recognized through its official regulation. At Pass Functional Skills, we only provide equal-regulated certificates to be recognized everywhere. We also offer no-cost maths and English Level 2 online classes for functional skills.

Level 2 functional skills courses are generally shorter than the whole two-year IGCSE course. Some students can finish their studies in only two days. You can also sit for the tests for functional skills all year long at home using online exam invigilation at any time, including weekends and evenings. This means that the level 2 tests are available to everyone regardless of where they live or their work commitments. With Pass Functional Skills, we make sure we provide level 2 exams that can meet the requirements of our students and make them affordable and straightforward to arrange.

Functional Skills Math And English Level 2


Functional skills are among the most valuable skills you can acquire to assist you in school, your life and at work, with this combination of the supplementary Level 2. English along with the Math course, you’ll be able to acquire all of the Level 2 knowledge in math and English all in one class.

Once you have enrolled and signed up, you’ll have access to all the course materials right from the start. In classes that cover writing, reading and communication essentials, basic decimals numbers, percentages, numbers and decimals, and forms, as well as measuring and data processing such as handling data. You’ll learn the necessary skills to pass the Functional Skills Level 2 exam in math, English or both.

A widely-accepted alternative instead of IIGCSE This Functional Skills online course will get you a grade C or better on level IGCSE or equivalent level.

These Functional Skills Maths and English Level 2 courses were created to combine our well-loved support course bundles. You will receive four hours of tutor support as well as 2 mock exams that provide feedback to help prepare you for your final test.

Interactive learning platforms give you a custom-designed study plan suited to your requirements. Support for tutors is provided via email. This will assist you in overcoming any obstacles and help you advance in your studies.

What’s Included:

Access to English and math Level 2 online tutorials, activity sheets, and Fact sheets over 12 months.

Email assistance with a tutor to help you when you’re stuck

Two-hour tutorials with a qualified tutor

A mock test that is marked with feedback on areas that you may need to revise (per the subject)

What is in the Functional Skills Level 2 Exams?

Functional Skills English Level 2

The functional abilities English certification consists of the following examinations:

Reading: This test usually lasts 1 hour long and will require you to read different kinds of texts and then answer a few questions about them. This test will demonstrate that you can analyze texts, understand their intention, and identify the language elements used.

Writing: This test usually lasts one hour and asks you to demonstrate your writing skills in an environment described in the exam. It could be some convincing text, a letter of complaint or a different type of writing.

Communication and speaking: This test will last about 1 and a half hours. It consists of creating a brief presentation to present to other students. The presenter will be asked to speak for about a minute, listen to other productions, and discuss. The judges will not judge you by the quality of your present material. Still, by the ability you use to deliver the material and how you react and engage with the other students.

Functional Skills Math Level 2

The math test for level 2 lasts for 2 hours. It includes a non-calculator and calculator sections, which are higher in marks. It is possible to view the entire functional math level 2 subject here. The topics are organized within three main areas covered in the practical mathematics level 2 on the online test. These include:

Making use of numbers: This section explains the fundamentals of decimals, whole numbers, negative numbers, fractions and percentages, as well as being able to convert between them as well as do calculations using them.

Understanding measurement, shape and space The section will cover the vast majority of subjects, from the most straightforward 3D and 2D shapes and a surface to the use of maps and understanding scale drawings. This section will test your ability to solve problems, using these subjects woven into everyday situations for you to deal with.

Handling data: This part examines information display, interpretation and presentation in different formats. The median, mean, mode and range concepts will be extensively tested, and some basic probability graphs will also be sampled.