What are 7 Valuable tips for the Maldives tour You ?must know

Holidays in the Maldives are undoubtedly romantic dreams of any couple, sun-kiss beaches, luxury hotels and crystal-clear water, colorful reefs and fishes.

But several people also made mistakes during the travel scheme that triggered budget expenditure and left a scar in all experience.

However, you should not be held to blame because the Maldives is exceptional in comparison with other nations. We’ll illustrate some of this article for you.

1. Do not stay in the Maldives for too many days.

If you’re not interested in those activities involving time like diving and deep-sea fishing, Maldives is great for a short rather than a long stay. Anything for a week is going to be too much for us.

It normally takes 4 to 5 days to stay at one hotel and maybe 7 days to stay at 2 hotels. Choose quality holidays in the Maldives instead of volume.

2. Rush into a relaxing holiday

The Maldives are listed, and people associate themselves with a romantic and luxurious trip. Though you can travel the budget we had for RM1950 per pax in the Maldives, it seems like we didn’t visit the Eiffel Tower when we were in Paris.

The response was something like “We will be back for a luxurious stay and not a budget” to ask everyone in our community about their feedback.

3. Airport transfers could be much cheaper than your Maldives flight ticket

These are very relevant requirements that people frequently forget when they schedule their vacation in the Maldives. In Male the capital of Maldives, most tourists will arrive.

Transfers to airports in the Maldives are very expensive. You, therefore, DO CHECK how much the transfer cost to your hotel, as transfers which can be very costly, are not included in most hotel rates.

You can enter the hotel in 2 different ways:

Speedboat or seaplane.

Seaplane transfers are required for hotels far from Male. For a return trip per person, Seaplane transport costs USD350 easily to USD450.

You will also have to check the transfers, as we have a friend who pays 70 USD a night and finds out that the hotel is available only by seaplanes and is thus forcing an additional 350 USD. The hotel is only accessible by seaplane.

4. You will definitely stay in your hotel on an island

It is also the only hotel on the island, most hotels are on their own private Island. We suggest a shorter stay because, after 4 or 5 days, you can bore quickly.

5. Food is pricey, you can eat your 3 meals in your hotel.

Limited choice. Since there is only one hotel on the island that you live in, you will eat all your food every day at the same hotel. Dining can be costly if the option is small. Spend $50 per meal per pax at all times.

When booked, there is at least less pain than ordering expensive meals during your stay for the complete board price which includes meals & drinks

6. Extra activity budget.

MaldivesThere isn’t a lagoon close to all hotels, but you can spend some money on snorkeling or hopping near the island.

7. Know the specifics of your operations always in particular how long the switch takes.

Some events, including watching whale sharks, are held in a particular area, but your hotel can offer this excursion, you can find out how long it will take. Locals are used to transporting by sea, but we as foreigners may be unable to travel for five hours by boat, particularly those prone to seasickness.


I hope you will be more able to enjoy Maldives after reading this post!