Walmart Grocery Pickup

Walmart’s grocery pickup service enables customers to buy goods online and have them placed into their vehicles at no additional cost. Walmart has you covered with its extremely easy alternatives, so there is no need to worry if you just do not have the time to go food shopping.

walmart grocery pickup

What is Walmart Pickup?

We’ll take a deeper look at Walmart’s services for groceries and other products in this piece. Ordering additional things (such as toys, electronics, and apparel) together with your grocery pickup order is possible at Walmart as well. Each Walmart location’s pickup and delivery service will be subject to change due to overwhelming demand. Make sure that your selected location is available before booking.

To save time and avoid lengthy checkout lines, Walmart offers curbside pickup as an alternative to in-store shopping. Both the Walmart App and the Walmart Website may be used to access Walmart Pickup. When checking out online, select the “Pickup” option and select a store near you to pick up your purchases.

Some Walmart locations and some goods aren’t available for pickup, so keep that in mind. Before completing your purchase, double-check your order and all of your selections.

Working on Walmart Pickup

The fundamentals of Walmart Pickup have been explained, so now let’s speak about your alternatives with Walmart.

Logging into your account gives you the option of checking out with in-store pickup. You may then choose a time and one of two pick-up choices from that point on. When it comes to Walmart Pickup, you have two choices: store pickup or curbside pickup.

Store Pickup Curbside Pickup
You may purchase online or via the app and have it delivered to your local shop. The Walmart Grocery app is most often used in combination with this device.
Your order is ready when you get a notice and you may proceed to the shop you picked. This gives you the ability to make an online purchase.
This is perfect for goods that aren’t necessarily food. Driving to a designated parking place is required after your order is complete.
If you order them online, they’ll usually have a “same-day delivery” sticker on them. in this case, a member of the team will bring your order to you and put it in your car.

How Do You Get Your Walmart Order?

It’s a breeze to pick up your order. At most locations, your pick-up times will fall between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

  • You want to be sure that the time window you desire is available before you buy.
    Pickup is available seven days a week at Walmart.
  • Walmart’s app or website may be used to place an order.
  • Make your choice of pickup method and time slot.
  • Keep an eye out for an email telling you when your purchase is available.
  • To acquire a parking number, use the store’s app or website to check-in.
  • Wait for your order once you’ve parked in the specified area.
  • Picking up an order at your local Walmart is that simple. Contactless delivery is also an option.

When purchasing age-restricted things, bring your ID with you so that you may display it to the staff through the window of your car.

How to Use Walmart Grocery Pickup?

Keep the following tips in mind while utilizing Walmart’s drive-up pick-up service to make putting your product into your vehicle as simple as possible.

Shop from the App

Using the Walmart app, you can order things and have them delivered to your doorstep. With the bonus of being mobile-friendly, the procedure is essentially equivalent to purchasing a desktop computer.

Don’t Expect Quick Pickup

It may take up to four hours for us to complete your purchase after you put it (but you may have to wait longer if pick-up slots are already full). Those who buy after 4 p.m. will have their purchases ready the next day. Look for items marked “Free pick-up today” if you’re pressed for time.

Mobile Check-In

Use the Walmart app to check in before you enter the shop to speed up curbside service. Checking in alerts the store’s pick-up staff of your upcoming arrival before you ever step foot inside. As soon as you arrive, your package will be ready and waiting for you.

Don’t Worry about Price Adjustments

The price may go up or down between now and when you pick up your order, so don’t be alarmed! The price you pay at the time of packing will be determined by the current market pricing. If a cheaper price is available, Walmart will honor it.

Check Walmart Pickup Substitutes

If the product you’re searching for isn’t in stock, Walmart will recommend substitutes for you to choose from. You may access them by clicking “Edit” from the “Substitutions” menu. You may cancel your order if you don’t like Walmart’s choices.

Find another Pick-Up Person

If you won’t be picking up the order, you may designate a different individual to do so. Picking up the order personally is an option.


Walmart Grocery is a top-rated grocery delivery service that also allows customers to pick up their orders. Customers in more than 1,600 places may buy online or through the app, then choose a delivery or pickup period. There are just a few time slots available right now, so be aware of the strong demand.

Walmart’s Free Grocery Pickup

This is how you do it:

Method Explanation
Shop Create a or app account. Set your preferred retailer and add enough to reach the $30 minimum. Shop for sun-dried tomatoes and paper towels.
Pickup Reserve a pickup time after checking your schedule.
Examine Use your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card online to receive 5% back.
Grab Walmart sends texts and emails when orders are ready. An employee will load your vehicle for you.

What Can You Get on Walmart Pickup?

Is it possible to order anything from Walmart using Walmart Pickup? When and what you may pick up may be restricted based on the order method you select.

As long as the item is in stock, you may pick it up in the shop for store pickup orders. To find out whether an item is in stock and when it can be picked up, use the website or the app.

Almost all Walmart stores in the United States provide curbside pickup for groceries. Some locations are now offering curbside pickup for more products as a result of recent changes.

What is the cost of Walmart Pickup?

One of the nicest things about Walmart Pickup is that it’s completely free to use. It’s completely free and there are no additional expenses, no membership requirements, and no need to tip the delivery workers.

To take advantage of the program, you’ll need to spend a minimum of $30 at almost all Walmart shops. After that point, there are no restrictions on how many products you may buy or how much they cost. The number of times you may utilize Walmart Pickup is likewise unrestricted.

What Are Your Options for Walmart Pickup?

Now that you know all there is to know about utilizing Walmart Pickup, let’s move on to some helpful hints and pointers. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind!

  • Make sure you know when the next open time slot is. Ordering the day before might help you get a pick-up time that fits into your schedule better.

  • Those who are always on the move will appreciate the convenience of using the app instead of the website. As compared to using the phone’s browser to check-in, using the app is significantly more convenient.

  • There are going to be times when the thing you’re looking for is unavailable. Make sure you provide options for the customer to finish their purchase.

  • If you’re particular about your meat or fruit, you may want to reserve that for yourself and do your grocery shopping. You may be dissatisfied with what you get since you have no say in the matter.

  • Here are a few pointers to help you have the best possible purchasing experience. You should also check out what your local Walmart has to offer.

The hours and items available at each location may vary. By clicking on an item you wish to buy, and then select the option to pick it up from the sidebar, you may achieve this.

How do I utilize Walmart curbside?

It’s easy to pick up your item. Your pick-up window will typically be between the hours of 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. at the majority of locations.

  • Pre-checking to see whether the chosen window is available would be helpful before making your purchase. Pick-up is available seven days a week at Walmart.

  • Walmart’s app or website may be used to place an order.

  • Determine where and when you want to be picked up.

  • Keep an eye on your email for confirmation that your purchase has been completed.

  • To get a parking number, go to the business’s app and type in the business’s information.

  • Reserve a parking spot and wait for your food order to arrive before you leave.

  • Just go into your local Walmart and pick up your order. They also provide completely hands-free delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQs related to Walmart grocery pickup:

1. How much does it cost to have your groceries delivered to your door by Walmart?

Orders of $35 or more may be picked up for free from most Walmart stores. You will be charged a $5.99 pick-up fee if you spend less than $35. It’s important to keep in mind that the minimum order quantity may vary from place to location. You’ll see the minimum in your basket and the pickup scheduler after you check out.

2. Is there a markup on online food orders at Walmart?

Nope! Items ordered for pickup have no additional cost. You’ll be able to acquire the same costs as those who purchase at the store.

3. Are coupons accepted when I have my groceries picked up at Walmart?

Walmart supermarket pickup orders are eligible for online coupons. At the time of purchase, be sure to input any applicable promo/discount codes. If you know the Walmart store you’re at, you may use the shop directory to look for the most recent coupons. For new customers, Walmart regularly provides promotional coupons for food purchases.

4. Does Walmart grocery pickup accept SNAP/EBT?

You certainly can. To pay using an EBT Card at Walmart, place your order online and choose in-store pickup. Eligible products may be paid for by swiping your EBT card when you come for pickup. You may then use a credit or debit card to pay for any products that are not EBT-eligible. Find out more information.

5. Is it possible to pay with cash for Walmart supermarket delivery?

Unfortunately, Walmart supermarket orders cannot be paid for using cash.

6. In what areas of the United States does Walmart provide grocery delivery?

Hundreds of sites around the country already have access to the service, and more are on the way. You can find out whether your local Walmart is participating by entering your ZIP code on or by checking the Walmart store locator.

7. Are Walmart supermarket pickup orders subject to bag fees?

If you reside in an area where bag fees are in place, you may be charged for your supermarket pickup order. Instead of receiving your purchase in bags, you may request that it be delivered directly to your vehicle.

8. What will happen if I miss my Walmart grocery pickup time?

It is possible to pick up your groceries at any moment after your planned pickup window for seven days. Your order will be canceled and reimbursed if you don’t pick it up within seven days.

9. Do you have to buy a certain amount to use Walmart’s curbside pick-up service?

Walmart’s curbside pick-up service does not have a minimum purchase restriction. There is, however, a $5.99 fee for any orders under $35.

10. Contactless pickup at Walmart is available?

Yes. While transporting age-restricted items, you may use a closed window to show your identity. Roll up your windows and pop your trunk to keep strangers at bay.


One of the most convenient ways to shop is via Walmart Pickup. There are several shops where you can get a lot more than simply food, and it is all done without jacking up the prices! As a result, you’ll have more free time to accomplish the things you want to do instead of wasting time shopping. Walmart Pickup, which has locations around the nation, convenient hours, and the addition of non-grocery products, is a significant benefit for individuals with hectic schedules.

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