Walmart Car Seat

Walmart Car Seats, car seats are a great way to recycle old seats. We can help reduce the amount of waste created by our children’s car seats by recycling them.

Walmart Car Seat

  • In the United States, there are two major car seat trade-in programs–Walmart and Target. Walmart’s trade-in program offers a $30 gift card, while Target’s trade-in program offers a 20% off on a new car seat, stroller, or select baby gear.

Walmart Car Seat Trade

  1. Target is offering customers the chance to trade in their car seats from April 18-30 in order to receive a discount on a new car seat. You are allowed to bring your old, expired, or damaged car seat and receive a 20% coupon off one car seat, stroller, or any other baby gear.

  2. Please note that the coupon must be redeemed by May 14, 2022. Based on 2021, it’s safe to assume that if you miss the April event, the next trade-in program will repeat in September 2022.

Walmart Car Seats Program

  1. All car seats must be traded in at Target stores. Target will have drop-off boxes to accept guests’ car seats for recycling located near Guest Services. To receive your 20% off coupon, you will need to have a Target Circle account.

  2. Check with your local Target store to see if they are taking car seats for recycling. If they are not, you may want to bring your car seat in for recycling. Most Target stores participate in the rewards program.

  3. To find a participating store, click here. If you trade in your old car seat, you’ll receive a 20% coupon toward a new car seat, car seat base, travel system, stroller, or select baby home gear. Select baby gear includes playards, high chairs, swings, rockers, and bouncers.

  4. Coupons can be used on in-store and online purchases until May 31st. To participate in the trade-in and scan in a coupon, guests must be enrolled in Target Circle on their mobile devices.

What Car Seats Are Accepted

  • Target offers a variety of car seats for all types of vehicles. These car seats include many different features but are not limited to.
  1. Convertible Car seats
  2. Infant Car seats
  3. Car seat bases
  4. Harness or booster seats
  • The car seats Target accepts can be expired or damaged, and don’t need to be in perfect condition. Even if you think the condition of your old car seat is questionable, you should bring it to Target to have it checked. They will accept any car seat for recycling.

When Will Walmart Hold this Year’s Event

  1. The first-ever Walmart Car Seat Recycling Event ran from September 16-30, 2019 in celebration of National Baby Safety Month. It is an unpublished separate event of Wal-Mart.

  2. In 2019 the event, Walmart and TerraCycle accepts more than 1 million car seats for recycling. We look forward to hosting similar events in the future.

Walmart Update

  1. Wal-Mart has not announced any future events, so it is not clear when or where the next event will be held. We have contacted us, Wal-Mart, to ask whether you have this event again this year and wait for a response.

  2. Wal-Mart is trying to reduce the use of single-use packaging and encourages its suppliers to do the same. They also encourage consumers to recycle plastic, glass, and paper products and use re-useable bags instead of plastic shopping bags.

  3. In the 2019 program, all of the car seats collected were recycled through TerraCycle, and all of the components were diverted from landfills.

  • Participating is simple:
  1. Participation in the car seat you have loved "Walmart Supercenter.
  2. Find the customer service counter to hand your car seat off to an associate, who will take it for recycling.
  3. Thank you for your $30 gift card! Is there a way to prevent or reduce the amount of noise pollution in my city?

Important Notes

  1. Any car seat is eligible for this program.
  2. Booster seats are not permitted in the aircraft.
  3. Limit two(2)gift cards per household.
  • Walmart advertised the event with safety in mind and let everyone know that safety is the most important factor in the child Department. Because of this, Walmart decided to use its huge size and many stores to make an event that created unprecedented access to the baby car seat trade.

  • People received a gift card when they traded in their old car seats. If you need a new car seat, you can use your gift card to pay for that purchase. Wal-Mart also stated that they were focused on sustainability, so that’s why they partnered with the ATL to help them recycle car seat components.

Why Should You Trade In Your Car Seat

  1. Below we’ll discuss the benefits of recycling your car seat, the best car seat trade-in programs of 2020, and other options you may have for trading in your car seat. By using this approach, you’ll be able to choose from several replacement car seats, and you’ll learn how to save money on each purchase.

  2. Since car seats expire and can become less effective over time due to exposure to a variety of climate factors, many of them become unusable after about five to six years. For more detailed information about how long a car seat is effective, click here.

  3. In addition, car seats should not be involved in collisions and should be reused. That’s because the car seat experienced a tremendous amount of pressure, after the accident, and is now weakened. There is an environmental problem with the annual disposal of many car seats. By recycling your car seat, you can help save the environment and your own pocketbook.

Walmart Car Seats and Environmental Concerns

  • Many of the car seats that are purchased do not last for more than six years, so they are often trashed after that. In addition, car seats cannot be used after an accident. That means more plastic is ending up in landfills, which is a waste of resources and potentially harmful to children.

  • Fortunately, many businesses are starting to see the environmental concerns around the disposal of large amounts of plastic, and are stepping up to help with recycling programs. If we continue to allow all of the plastic on the wind in our landfills, we will just have our environment (source).

  • Do not put old, degraded car seats in landfills. Many companies that sell car seats have realized that recycling and de-manufacturing old car seats solve many problems. By encouraging people to replace their car seats with a new model when their old one reaches their expiration date, the car seat issue is slowly evolving with a more positive solution.

Walmart launches its first car seat

  • Walmart is hosting its first-ever car seat recycling event on Monday. This event is in addition to the popular car seat recycling initiative conducted by rival Target.
  • During September 16-30, customers can trade in used car seats at the service desk of any of the nearly 4,000 participating Walmart stores. They’ll get a 30 Walmart gift card that can be used in stores or online for baby goods.
  • There is a limit of two trade-ins per household and booster seats are not eligible. The gift card is valid until September 30. Some Walmart stores are not participating, so it’s important to call ahead to be sure your store is participating.

Walmart ends car seat trade-in program early due to 'overwhelming response

  1. The Walmart car seat recycling program ended early because of the high demand for the service. The car seat trade-in initiative began on September 16 and offered $30 for participants who traded in car seats.

  2. This law also limited households to two gift cards. However, the program was so successful that Walmart said it reached its goal of one million car seats earlier than expected. Originally, the trade-in was supposed to last until September 30, but officials ended it on September 21.

  3. In less than one week, we collected more than one million car seats - or the equivalent of diverting over 200+ million plastic bottles from landfills, according to terraCycle.

  4. The original goal of the project was to collect enough car seats to divert 35 million plastic bottles from landfills. Nearly 4,000 Walmart stores nationwide participated in the country’s largest car seat recycling event.

Walmart is giving away money for old car seats

  1. If you’re looking for a place to discard an old car seat, Walmart has a deal for you. Starting from Monday, the retail giant is offering customers a $30 gift card if they trade in an old seat. The promotion is popular at nearly 4,000 U.S. stores.
  2. If you want to cash in on your Walmart purchase, contact customer service. There is a limit of two gift cards per household, and recycling of booster seats is not included in this event.
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  • Walmart is dedicated to ensuring the safety of its customers’ babies, and this event offers the public unprecedented access to trade in an outgrown car seat. She added that sustainability is an important part of any project. We’re happy to work with TerraCycle, which will recycle every component of the car seats.

  • The promotion is part of National Baby Safety Month and is held in conjunction with TerraCycle, a recycling business based in New Jersey. TerraCycle helps manufacturers reprocess difficult products that would normally be thrown away.

Walmart’s car seat trade-in

  1. Walmart would like to pay you $30 to recycle your child’s old car seat, rather than throwing it away. The Walmart Supercenter on Monday is holding its first-ever child car seat trade-in event that runs through September 30. Nearly 4,000 stores are participating in the event.

  2. Parents are encouraged to bring in their old or expired car seats to customer service and receive a $30 Walmart gift card in return. According to Walmart, all car seat brands are accepted.

  3. You can only trade in two items at a time. The promotion is only for car seats; booster seats will not be accepted. Walmart takes car seat safety very seriously, so we decided to create an event that would allow parents to trade in an outgrown car seat for a gift card.

  4. “Wal-Mart is as important as sustainability, and TerraCycle has a satisfactory job of recycling all parts in car seats,” Richards said it was. TerraCycle estimates that Walmart’s buyback program will divert the equivalent of 35 million plastic water bottles from landfills.

  5. September is also National Baby Safety Month and Walmart’s initiative encourages parents to check the size of their child’s car seat and its expiration date to make sure the product is still effective. Walmart offers discounts all month on baby essentials like cribs, car seats, strollers, high chairs, nursery furniture, and nursing pumps.

  6. Target ran its annual car seat recycling event in September. It ended on September 13th. Participants received a coupon for 20% off a new car seat, stroller, or select baby gear to be used at Target stores or online.

A Guide to Walmart’s Car Seat Trade-In Program

  1. Walmart is getting ready for the next car seat trade-in event. We have the details on what you can trade-in, the coupons you will receive, and more. Did you know that car seats expire after a certain amount of time?

  2. If you have an expired car seat or one that your child has outgrown, keep it so you can use it at Walmart in the near future when trading in car seats. Parents were eligible for a $30 Walmart gift card with every car seat trade-in at the 2019 car seat trade-in event. It looks like they’ll have similar benefits next time around.

How to Put Car Seat on Shopping Cart at Walmart, Target

  • According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), 23,000 children a year end up in the hospital due to falls or tipping over from shopping carts. Don’t be like them!

Best way to do grocery shopping with an infant car seat:

  • You can add the item to your shopping cart for free, or use a baby sling to free up more room for groceries. The safest option is to use the safe dock, which combines the best of both worlds.

Place it in the shopping cart

  • The easiest and most free way to shop for groceries with your baby is by having them ride in the shopping cart with you. The baby will be safe because there is no way for the cart to fall over or tip down accidentally since it’s right in front of you and the baby will be surrounded by groceries. It would take up too much space if I kept it here.

  • Yes, it’s true that this method doesn’t help much with space, but you could work it out by placing the groceries around the car seat. Shopping at smaller stores may be more efficient for you. It’s free, and you get what you pay for.

Walmart Car Seat Trade-In Details

  • Walmart is currently running a car seat trade-in program. The program started on September 16th and will end on September 30th. The program is so popular that Walmart ran out of car seats within a week of launching the program.

  • Walmart collected over one million car seats, which is equivalent to diverting over 200 million plastic bottles from landfills through their partner TerraCycle. Walmart teamed up with TerraCycle to recycle used car seats. The $30 Walmart gift card is definitely a bonus, but knowing that your car seat is helping to avoid landfills is also a big plus.

How it Compares to the Target Car Seat Trade-In

Target Walmart
* In partnership with Waste Management * In partnership with TerraCycle
* ​Accepts old car seats from all brands * Accepts old car seats from all brands
* Booster seats accepted * Booster seats not accepted
* Receive a coupon for 20 percent off a new car seat, stroller, or select baby gear * $30 Walmart gift card included, limit 2 gift cards per household

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does Walmart trade-in car seats for gift cards?

Walmart’s trade-in program offers a $30 gift card, while Target’s trade-in program offers a 20% discount on a new car seat, stroller, or select baby gear. This article will provide more information about each of these car seat trade-in programs.

2. Does Walmart sell infant car seats?

Learn about the different types of baby supplies available at Walmart, and find the best price on Everyday Low Prices. Infant car seats are designed for babies who weigh between 4 and 40 pounds.

3. Can you recycle car seats at Walmart?

TerraCycle helps make recycling at Walmart easier. TerraCycle’s recycling program made it so that previously non-recyclable car seats suddenly became recyclable nationally. That means that like Target’s program, Walmart will also accept any car seat.

4. Will Wal-Mart have another event for car seats?

Walmart has not yet announced any other event. During the 2019 event, Walmart and TerraCycle over 1 million accept car seats for recycling. They look forward to hosting similar events in the future.

5. Does Walmart sell infant car seats?

Walmart has not yet announced any other event. During the 2019 event, Walmart and TerraCycle over 1 million accept car seats for recycling. They look forward to hosting similar events in the future.

6. Where can I buy a convertible car seat?

Walmart has a wide selection of car seats and other baby gear, all at very low prices. Save money by using common sense and thinking ahead. Make the most of your life.

7. How much weight can a car seat hold a baby?

The car seat transitions from an infant car seat to a forward-facing toddler car seat to a booster seat. The rear-facing car seat is safe to use for babies as small as 4 pounds. The five-point harness can support a child up to 65 pounds in the forward-facing position.

8. What is a toddler booster seat?

Toddler booster seats are similar to seats in convertible cars that you can make the transition with your child from one stage to the next. The car seat comes with a five-point harness for smaller children to wear in the forward-facing position, but it can also be used with the car’s own seat belt system once the child reaches the appropriate weight.

9. What is the maximum weight a car seat can hold?

In the rear-facing position, an all-in-one car seat can safely hold babies as small as 4 pounds. In the forward-facing position, the five-point harness can hold a child up to 65 pounds.

10. What size car seat do I need for a 35-pound baby?

For toddlers of 35 to 100 pounds and 57 inches in height. This 2-in-1 infant car seat and the stroller are perfect for keeping your little one safe while you go about your day.


There are three different ways to trade in your car seat: for the environment, for your wallet, or for both. By trading in your old electronics with one of the three major electronics retailers, you’ll help the environment and get a discount on your next purchase. That way, you’ll both be happy and the environment will be protected. The most common way to hold a book is by placing it in front of you with one hand. This item is not meant for general use, and should not be used in that way. If you want more space or safety for the baby, the better of the two solutions: either purchase a hanging that is clamped to the surface of the car or invest in one of the docks systems from a store like Wal-Mart, it will keep the baby safe while still giving enough space to load groceries. There are three safe and easy ways to go grocery shopping with your baby. Thank you for reading this article. If you found it helpful, please share it with your friends.

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