Unmerge AT&T and Yahoo mail. How?

Emails have been one of the major advancements when it comes to technology and communication. This platform is deemed as one of the most important ones where you can communicate and interact with anyone from around the globe, given that he or she has an email account.

Apart from sharing information and communication perks, the platform also allows its users to send attachments like photos, documents, and even videos. Millions of people use email platforms from around the globe for both professional as well as personal use.

Many companies outshine others simply because of their brilliant features and services. Two of these major powerhouses are Yahoo and AT&T email. These two companies are known for their brilliant services that allow users to have the best of email experiences.

The two communication giants merged their respective email services to give the users an even better service, but it did not exactly turn out how they planned. The users were quite confused with this as Yahoo, which had only two features, now had tons of features and filters that came from AT&T which also made the login process a bit tricky.

A couple of years later the two decided to part ways which was a relief for the users who wanted to use the two email platforms separately. In today’s blog, we will be telling you some simple steps that you can use to unmerge the two emails if you have not done that already. But before we get into that, let us look at the signs that tell a user that they are still using a merged account.

Steps to check if you are still using a merged account

  • It may be possible if you still sign in to your AT&T account with your Yahoo email address.

  • If you still use your AT&T email address and password to login to your Yahoo email account.

  • You are still using a merged account if you can log in using either your Yahoo mail address or AT&T email address.

  • In case you receive messages and emails from both the Yahoo mail and the AT&T email account.

  • If you can log in using the password of either an AT&T or Yahoo email account.

  • This may also be the case if you reset the password of one account and it also changes the password of the other account.

  • You may also be using a merged account if your Yahoo mail redirects to an AT&T email account.

Steps to unmerge AT&T and Yahoo email account

  • Open your web browser and begin by searching the official link of the AT&T website.

  • From there, visit the official website only to visit the sign-in page of the AT&T email account.

  • Next, log in to your AT&T account by using the correct credentials that are the user ID and the mail password.

  • Once you enter your mail account, click on the “profile” option that is just on top of the navigation bar to proceed.

  • Now in the AT&T email accounts, find and click on the account profile option.

  • Next up, you will need to visit the user information and click on the “delete account” option that can be seen just on the right-hand side of the member ID option.

  • After this, wait for a few seconds before a new window pops up asking for the confirmation of the deletion of this email account. Click on ok to confirm it.

  • Now, you need to visit the official webpage of Yahoo and redirect yourself to the official Yahoo sign-in page from there.

  • Access your Yahoo email account by entering the email address and password correctly.

  • Now all you have to do is to select the “unmerge” button that is available on the bottom right corner of your screen.

  • You can now use your Yahoo email account separately as this step decouples the two email platforms.

These are the steps that you can use to separate these two email platforms to manage both of your email accounts separately.

If you are still unable to make this change by using the steps given above or if you face any kind of difficulties, you can visit the official Yahoo help center. You can also visit the official Online Geeks website to have answers to all of your queries.