Top 7 Fabuwood Kitchen Cabinets Finishes

Kitchen cabinets are usually the constructed-in furniture commonly installing in all kitchens to store cooking equipment, food, and even sometimes silverware and decorative dishes for extra table service. More commonly, appliances like the dishwasher, refrigerators, and ovens tend to be incorporated into fabuwood kitchen cabinets. But some cooks these days prefer to do their kitchen remodelling and replacing kitchen cabinets with custom made ones that suit their own needs and style. You can find fabuwood cabinets dealers near me by searching online.

Quality of the fabuwood kitchen cabinets:

There are several things to consider when selecting the type of finish to use on kitchen cabinets. A good quality finish is significant for kitchen cabinets since the cabinets will be exposed to moisture and high temperatures every day. The interior finish you choose should also withstand daily wear and tear, mostly when food is continually being cooked and stored in them. Below are some finishes that are commonly used:

Abrasive resin:

Abrasive resin is a trendy finish used by many custom cabinet makers for fabuwood kitchen cabinets. This finish is a high-end one, which gives kitchen cabinets a stern, rustic look and feel. This finish is usually straightforward to maintain and clean. It requires merely soap and water and a dry cloth to remove any dust or streaks.


Laminate is another popular kitchen cabinet finish. It comes in two basic styles - the first is the real wood look, which looks very natural with all of the wood pieces included in the cabinetry. The second is the semi-gloss laminate look, which does have a grainy finish on the cabinetry pieces’ outer surface. Both styles are durable and relatively easy to clean.

Custom and semi-custom:

There are two more trendy finishes for fabuwood kitchen cabinets - the semi-custom and the custom finish. The semi-custom finish consists of merely replacing certain pieces in the cabinetry with other more unique details that are specifically picked out from the manufacturer. This can be used as a great way to create individualized cabinetry sets because you get to pick out the door style, the base cabinets, the drawer styles, and the soap dish styles that go into the set. The more unique choices you have, the more customized your set will be.

Distressed cabinets:

Distressed cabinets are a kind of technique of painting to add an old look to modern furniture. The polish is rendered using various methods such as stem, paint, or glaze to make the coat look washed out or scratched.

Glazed cabinets:

A glazed finish may change the cabinet’s color and texture, which is mostly used for false finishes. On top of the paint or polish, a glazed finish may be added to highlight features in the cabinet’s wood species.

Natural cabinets:

No tinting or teal is using in the natural wood finish, and the wood color is not changing. These finishes are usually translucent to give an extra raw look to the protective coating’s natural color. The durability can vary depending on the wood species.

Take into account doors and cabinets with color-related or alternative colors. And note the deep coffers can be using when building large cuisine islands to accentuate the kitchen space.


One of the most popular choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet finishes is lacquer. While this is an excellent choice for bathrooms, it’s not as popular for kitchens, probably because it doesn’t offer matte finish durability. Unfortunately, when it comes to lacquer durability, it all depends on what was used to create the look of the cabinets - thin veneers, paper patterns, frosted designs, and even raised dots. However, if you pick a high-quality product such as our ProVent wood glazing, you should be able to get more years of durability out of the finish than you would with most lacquered products.

Styles of the cabinets:

In terms of creating custom fabuwood kitchen cabinets, the semi-custom style is the best choice. The semi-custom kitchen cabinets will only have a basic style selection, but the designs that can be chosen will be much better than what can be found in a ready-made set. You will also have the ability to choose from many different doors and hardware colors for your kitchen set.

Whether you choose gloss, matte, or even semi-glass, having an attractive kitchen finish can bring your kitchen to life. Finishes for cabinets are available in a variety of different materials from aluminium to wood. Add finishing touches to your cabinets with finishes like a bake sale, satin, and distressed wood. Choosing these finishes can bring the charm right back into your kitchen.


Whether you choose gloss, matte, or a semi-gloss finish, your kitchen should reflect light and sparkle with its decor. Plus, adding these finishes to your space can bring back the look of it without spending a fortune.

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