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TJ Maxx’s salary ranges from $9.74 to $16.99 an hour. The Assistant Store Manager, employees at TJ Maxx Inc. make the most money, with an average hourly rate of $20.38. Sales Associates make the least money, with an average hourly rate of $10.73.

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About TJ Maxx

  1. Bernard Cammarata, better known as Ben, is a well-known film producer who created the department store company. TJX Companies Inc. was formed by him, which included Zayre Corp. and TJ Maxx.

  2. TJ Maxx initially began in Auburn as a branch of Zayre, another well-known chain of inexpensive department stores. We had high hopes for the Zayre-TJ Maxx partnership, but it didn’t work out. As a result of a massive loss in 1988, Zayre was forced to sell more than 400 of its locations to Ames Department Stores Inc.

  3. TJX Companies Inc. now owns TJ Maxx under the TJX brand name. The company’s priorities shifted to marketing and profit maximization. TJ Maxx made a fortune in the autumn of 1998, so they created AJ Wright, a network of stores. As a result, AJ Wright was forced to shut its doors in January 2007.

  4. It was still profitable for TJ Maxx, therefore the business decided to develop an e-commerce site for customers in 2009.

  5. Though handbags were once the main emphasis of the online store, it has now expanded to include apparel, jewelry, and other accessories as well as home décor and other trinkets. TJ Maxx now has more than 1,200 outlets throughout the United States.

Job Openings at TJ Maxx

When it comes to employing new personnel, the department store chain is highly active. These new positions are available in the Corporate, Stores, and Distribution & Logistics areas of the organization.

In the company’s view, this is a fantastic opportunity for the younger generation to obtain both practical skills as well as a wealth of information. In addition, the firm thinks that TJX Companies Inc. has a wide range of employment prospects because of its many shops and offices.

T.J. Maxx department store occupations include the following:

  • Apparel Store Associate

  • Asset Protection Man

  • Assistant Manager

  • Buyer

  • Cashier of Store

  • Sales Cashier

  • Customer Service Associate

  • Financial Accountant

  • Customer Experience Coordinator

  • Marshalls Retail Associate

  • Merchandise Associate

  • Retail Associate

  • Cleaning Associate

  • Store Cleaning Associate

  • LP Detective

Some of the department store’s openings include these roles. It’s also important to note that the requirements for each department are not the same in terms of education and experience. They will vary according to the kind of employment that someone is seeking.

TJ Maxx Salary per Hour

TJ Maxx Inc’s hourly rate is $12.04, which is the same as the national average. At TJ Maxx Inc., workers can expect to earn anywhere from $9.74 to $16.99 per hour.

With an average hourly salary of $20.38, TJ Maxx Inc workers who hold the position of Assistant Store Manager earn the most, while those who hold the position of Sales Associate earn the least.

Job Title Salary Range
Sales Associate $9 - $14
Retail Sales Associate $9 - $15
Customer Service Coordinator $9 - $16
Merchandise Coordinator $11 - $16
Cashier $9 - $14
Key Holder $11 - $19
Administrative Coordinator $11 - $19
Sales Coordinator $10 - $17
Merchandiser $9 - $16

Does TJ Maxx Pay Weekly?

  • Employees and workers at TJ Maxx are paid weekly by the department store giant. The corporation does not pay its workers and employees bi-weekly.

  • All employees and workers of the department store chain get their paychecks on the same day, every Friday.

  • There are two kinds of payment cycles used by all businesses or start-up enterprises in the country: weekly and bi-weekly.

  • To be on par with this, T.J. Maxx makes weekly cash payments to its employees and contractors. Every Friday, the department store pays its entire workforce.

  • Before recently, the department store chain had a bi-weekly payment schedule for all of its workers and employees, but this has now changed to a weekly payment cycle.

What is TJ Maxx Salaries for Different Job Titles?

There is a 16-year-old age requirement for T.J. Maxx jobs, however, candidates for managerial roles typically need to be at least 18 years old and have three years’ worth of retail management experience. Both entry-level and managerial jobs are looking for people that are kind, dynamic, and eager.

The following is a list of the most common occupations people get employed for:

Merchandise Associate TJ Maxx Salary

  1. These employees are still responsible for helping customers, keeping the store clean, and according to the company’s policies and procedures.

  2. Merchandise associates begin at the federal minimum wage and may expect to make up to $9.00 an hour after a year of service.

  3. The ability to work flexible hours, great verbal communication skills, and lift to 50 pounds are all desirable qualities in a merchandise associate.

Cashier TJ Maxx Salary

Customers are greeted, purchases are rung up, and queries regarding policies, services, and promotions are answered by cashiers.

In most cases, T.J. Maxx cashiers are paid the same as retail employees. Cashier roles are often filled by outgoing and enthusiastic individuals.

Assistant Manager TJ Maxx Salary

Maintaining order in the business and providing customer service to both customers and coworkers are all part of the job. Assistant store managers may expect to make $40k or more per year as a beginning pay. Candidates with strong leadership abilities and a desire to succeed are preferred.

Customer Experience Coordinator TJ Maxx Salary

As a TJ Maxx Customer Experience Coordinator, you can expect to earn an hourly wage of $13. TJ Maxx’s Customer Experience Coordinator salary ranges from $10 to $16 per hour.

Merchandise Coordinator TJ Maxx Salary

To put this in perspective, the average yearly compensation for Merchandise Coordinators at T.J. Maxx is $36,000, or $18 per hour, which is 5 percent higher than the national average of $36,000 and 54% lower than the average annual wage for all working Americans.

Merchandise Coordinators at Michael Kors earn an average of $63,000 per year, while those at Discovery Clothing earn an average of $18,000 per year.

Assistant Store Manager TJ Maxx Salary

A TJ Maxx Assistant Store Manager’s annual salary in the United States is around $51,669, which is 14 percent over the national average salary. A total of 26 data points were gathered from workers, users, and job listings during the last 36 months to calculate salaries.

Store Manager TJ Maxx Salary

TJ Maxx Store Managers in the United States earn an average annual salary of $69,814, which is 51% more than the national average wage. In the previous 36 months, Indeed has gathered salary data from workers, job seekers, and job adverts on the site.

Admin Coordinator TJ Maxx Salary

It’s not clear what a TJ Maxx Administrative Coordinator salary is. TJ Maxx Administrative Coordinators make an average of $13 an hour in the retail sector. TJ Maxx Administrative Coordinators make between $11 and $16 an hour.

District Manager TJ Maxx Salary

A District Manager’s annual compensation in the United States is $79,284 compared to TJ Maxx’s annual salary of $131,940 for the same position.

Loss Prevention TJ Maxx Salary

A whopping 7 percent more than the national average is earned by TJ Maxx Loss Prevention Officers in the United States, averaging $15.69 per hour.

Operations Manager TJ Maxx Salary

TJ Maxx Operations Managers make an average of $105,311 a year, which includes a base salary of $87,096 and a bonus of $18,215 on top of that. It costs TJ Maxx $12,421 more to be an Operations Manager than the US average. TJ Maxx’s Operations Manager salary ranges from $54,000 to $160,000.

Finance makes an average of $5,379 less than Operations at TJ Maxx. Comparable data shows that TJ Maxx Operations Managers earned a total of one salary.


A Director of Sales at TJ Maxx earns $251,101 yearly, while a Receptionist earns $38,184. Marketing averages $106,627, Sales $148,703, IT $117,929, and Product $159,393. TJ Maxx wages top $100,716. TJ Maxx’s Compensation is in the bottom 40% of similar sized businesses on Comparably (based on 736 reviews), while Perks And Benefits score in the worst 40% of similar sized firms (based on 250 ratings). Employees at TJ Maxx have salaries like Designer, Operations Manager, and Sales Associate. Comparably has 1 TJ Maxx salary record.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to TJ Maxx Salary:

1. Do TJ Maxx cashiers make a decent wage?

$11 per hour is the average hourly wage for a TJ Maxx cashier. TJ Maxx’s hourly pay for cashiers ranges from $8 to $16 per hour.

2. How much does a TJ Maxx sales associate earn?

$11 per hour is the average hourly wage for a TJ Maxx Sales Associate. TJ Maxx sales associates may expect to earn between $7 and $18 an hour.

3. Does a job at TJ Maxx count as a decent entry point into the working world?

TJ Maxx is an excellent place to begin your career. Being a coordinator was the only thing that kept me in the company. Weekends are the busiest times for business at this location.

4. TJ Maxx’s shifts last for how long?

As long as you have at least four hours of shifts every week, you’ll be able to work anywhere from four to twenty hours per week.

5. TJ Maxx increases wages how frequently?

No, I don’t think so. After three months, I was given a raise, but that was the only one I’ve ever received. On an annual basis based on your performance.

6. What is the minimum wage in the UK?

From £8.36 to £9.18, the National Minimum Wage for people ages 21-22. From £6.56 to £6.83 is the National Minimum Wage for workers aged between 18 and 20. From £4.62 to £4.81 per hour, the National Minimum Wage for under-18s. As an apprentice, you will be paid between £4.30 and £4.81.

7. Is there a TK Maxx employee discount?

TK Maxx employees are said to get a 10% discount.

8. What is the dress code at TJ Maxx?

A business-casual or casual dress code is enforced at TJ Maxx, and staff is required to dress impeccably and tastefully. Until 2022, TJ Maxx employees may wear jeans to work as long as they aren’t ripped or damaged.

9. Is TJ Maxx where you got your first job?

You may have to wait a week for a check, but you still get paid every week.

10. Are TJ Maxx jobs difficult to come by?**

TJ Maxx’s hiring procedure is often uncomplicated. Applicants with little or no prior job experience are hired for entry-level positions like merchandise associate or cashier by the Human Resources team.


T.J. Maxx provides a fast-paced, team-oriented work environment for its workers. The retail business provides paid training, in-store discounts, and a friendly work environment for its employees. Medical, dental, and life insurance are all available to full-time crew members on an as-needed basis. Full-time employees may continue to take advantage of benefits such as sick leave, holiday pay, and vacation time. 401(k) retirement programs are open to both full-time and part-time employees.

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