Title Loans

Getting a title loan is not a tough or a hard job. People prefer this loan because of the ease that one gets with this loan. Car title loans are a kind of secured loan that one gets in return for keeping the car as collateral. These loans are designed for people who need instant cash to pay bills and manage debt to cope up with emergency situations.

If you own a vehicle it will be quite easy for you to get this loan i.e. by keeping the vehicle as collateral in order to get the loan. There are several aspects that you need to cross-check in order to get the loan. Let us have a look at these aspects.

Car title loan

This is one of the keys and the primary things needed for you to have in order to get car title loans. You will be required to have a lien-free vehicle. Also, the vehicle should not be older than ten years in order to get this loan. This loan tends to range between $100-$5500- an amount that is typically equal to 25%-50% of the value of the car.

To get this loan, you should be able to present the title papers of your car and also show 100% ownership i.e. registration and insurance of the car under your name.

If you get approved for the loan, you will be required to hand over the title papers of your car to the lender for the loan tenure period in exchange for the loan. Once you have paid the complete amount of the loan, you will get the title papers of your loan back.

Car title loans have high fees and interest rates

When you get a car title loan, it is uncommon for lenders to charge around 25% of the loan amount per month to finance the loan. For instance, if you get a 30-day car title loan for $1000, the fee will be 25% and you will be required to pay $1250 and the additional fee to pay off the loan at the end of the month. The annual percentage rate will be more than 300% and this is much higher than any form of credit including credit cards. When you get the loan, the lender must tell you the annual percentage rate and the total cost of the loan. You can make use of this information and compare it with other lenders to find out the best deal for you.

If you cannot repay the car title loan, you might lose your vehicle

If you get yourself car title loans and find yourself in a condition where you happen to fail to repay the loan amount then you might end up losing the car. So it is always suggested to plan the finances beforehand while getting the loan for yourself to meet the finances with ease. So that you do not put yourself in trouble later on after getting the loan when you find it hard to pay back the loan amount.

These are the aspects that you should look into before getting or signing up for this loan. Once you are sure about getting this loan to meet your financial crisis then you can look forward to the ways to apply for this loan and get this loan for yourself. Now, you must be wondering about the ways to get this loan. Let us have a look at the same.

How to apply for car title loans?

To apply for the loan, you will be required to follow certain steps. Let us have a look at the steps that you will be required to follow in order to get the loan.

Step1- You will be required to fill out an online application form in order to get the loan. The application for the loan will be available at the online portal.

Step2- After filling out the online application form you will be required to submit a list of documents in order to get the loan approval from the lender. The list of documents is minimal and includes the following-

  • A lien-free vehicle.
  • The vehicle should not be older than ten years.
  • Registration and insurance of the vehicle under your name.
  • Proof of your permanent residency in Canada.
  • Proof of your legal age according to your province.
  • The title papers of your car.

These are the documents that you will be required to present in order to get the car title loan.

Step3- After submitting the list of documents, you will have to wait for the loan approval. After the approval of the loan, you will get a call from the experts to discuss the loan amount with you. The amount of the loan will depend on the condition of your car and also the market value of the car will be kept in mind.

These are the steps that you will be required to follow in order to get the car title loans. People opt for this loan for several reasons and one of the foremost reasons why people opt for this loan is the process of the loan application. The process to apply for the loan and getting it approved is simple and quick. You can get the loan approval for the loan the same day you apply for the loan.

There are people who avoid loans for the procedure it revolves around for one to get the loan but with this loan, one does not have to worry about the long process of documentation or the paperwork and also is not required to wait for days, or in long queues in order to get the loan. The reason behind the same is that the process to apply for the loan and getting it approved is simple and quick. If you are certain about getting this loan then you might consider seeking help from Canada Car Cash in order to get this loan.

Title loans online

As the world is progressing and technology is growing, many things have become automated. Nowadays, everything is online. You can perform a transaction online, pay utility bills, pay the fee etc. No one ever thought that this could be done b y just one touch.

When it comes to loan, it is also online. Yes, you heard that right! You can take a loan online. There are many websites available on the internet that let you take a loan that suits you.

Auto title loans

A car title loan is a type of short-term loan that the debtor puts the vehicle as collateral. It is known as auto loan. To apply for a vehicle registration loan, the borrower must be a free and clear owner of the vehicle. If the borrower does not repay the loan, the lender owns the vehicle and can sell it to get the capital back.

Detail on car title loans

Vehicle registration loans are generally seen as an example of high interest lending. This is because loans are typically made with borrowers with low income or relatively low credit ratings and often unable to obtain other types of financing, such as personal loan facility (LOC).

Critics argue that car registration loans are a meat-eating form of credit, as lenders take advantage of desperate borrowers who lack obvious options. The practice advocate argues that auto pawnshops are entitled to higher interest rates and collateral due to the above-average risk of default associated with subprime loans.

A controversial practice, which generally includes vehicle registration and short-term loans, is the use of the non-annual interest rate. For example, if a lender advertises a 30-day loan with a 10% interest rate without stating whether the interest rate is annual, the borrower may be misled by accepting a very expensive loan. In some cases, these mistakes can cost borrowers the reputation of buying a car because they underestimate interest costs when budgeting for loan payments.

Lone star title loans

The company was founded in 1990 in Jonesboro, Georgia. Originally Tool, Inc. Called as Instant Cash Loan, LoanStar and its affiliates have become one of the most respected companies in the country. Operating in 20 states, LoanStar helps Hard-working Americans get cash whenever they need, using the equity they have in their cars.

For the past 25 years, LoanStar has been dedicated to providing unparalleled customer service and giving the highest possible amount of money to all borrowers. Our goal is to provide our customers with a seamless experience with transparent and understandable terms and conditions. We pride ourselves on what we built, and we pride ourselves on doing business with the honesty and integrity our customers deserve.

Owned by LoanStar and wholly owned subsidiary Rod Aycox. We believe only as a trusted member of the communities they serve every operation, even if the company’s reach is nationwide. Mr. Aycox, local rescuers, fire brigade and police through charity, children’s toys agency Martin Luther King, Jr. has given back to numerous communities by donating to a wide variety of charities and organizations, including A youth organization that focuses on feeding the homeless and on after-school tutoring and computer training.

Tennessee title loans

Tennessee Land Registry Loans, Inc provides a range of home equity loans and payday loans so you can get the immediate cash you need in as little as 30 minutes.

Discount title loan

Discounted Car Title Deed Loan is a consumer finance company that offers auto mortgage loans that give Texas consumers access to secured short-term loans at competitive rates in the market.

Our mission is to provide safer and more affordable loans. Too fast. Customers are rewarded for their timely payments in Discounted Vehicle Title Deed Loan. Customers receive up to 50% discount on loan fees when they make their payments on time. This is not a promotion. But this is the way to run our business.

Customers decide how much they will get and for how long they will be returned. At the heart of the Discounted Vehicle Title Deed Loan business model is our proprietary Credit Optimizer software, a distribution tool that helps customers choose the optimal loan size and payment terms. Discounted Vehicle Title Deed Loan offers amortized vehicle loans. Range of $ 125 to $ 0,000 for 4 to 6 months.

Get paid fast, our online loan platform is ready to meet your needs in connection with quality vehicle registration loans. The process takes a few minutes. Complete our secure online credit questionnaire and we will send you an encrypted copy for us to confirm. After submitting your information, you will be able to check the terms of the vehicle registration loan, as well as details on all applicable rates and fees. If you agree to these terms, your lender can deposit money directly into your bank account as soon as possible today in most cases!

By submitting your credit check information through this website, you are granting discount title credits to initiate a credit check, which may include verification of your social security number, driver’s license number or other identity and credit checks. Credit checks are usually carried out by one of the major credit bureaus such as Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, but may also include other credit bureaus such as Teletrack, DP Bureau or others. Information and credit history about our third party lenders.

Lender terms statement Our third party lenders will provide you with all fee documents and rate information for the loan provided, including all fees for late payments and any rules you may have authorized. Refinance (if permitted by law), renew or transfer your loan Loan fees and interest rates are determined by the lender. Only in accordance with the lender’s internal policies, commitment criteria and applicable laws. You must read and understand the terms of any loan offered by the lender and reject any loan offer that you cannot repay or accept.

Late payments can affect your credit score. Be aware that missing a payment or a late payment can negatively affect your credit score. (For personal loans) To protect yourself and your credit history, make sure you only accept credit terms you can meet. If you are unable to make your payments on time, you should immediately contact the credit representatives’ discount department and discuss how to deal with late payments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Q: How do title loans work?

To apply for a loan, you must have equity in your vehicle. Many lenders want you to have your car for free, which means you don’t have an outstanding car loan.

Q: How to get a title loan?

To apply for a car loan, you must own a car or own a stake. A car registration loan is a small secured loan that uses your car as collateral. Vehicle registration loans tend to range from $ 100 to $ 5,500, usually 25% to 50% of the car’s value. Short loan term - usually only 15 or 30 days.

Q: Is it difficult to get a loan?

A car loan loan, informally known as “express car loan”, is easy if you have a car right away or you have little debt. But quick and easy doesn’t always mean good. You will have to pay a high fee for these types of loans and you risk losing your car.

Q: How do online title loans work?

Online mortgage loans allow you to borrow money and use your car as collateral for your loan. As with advance loans, loans are designed to cover emergencies or other short-term expenses, if approved against a loan, you will give the lender the name of your vehicle until the loan is paid.

Q: How long do you have to pay back TitleMax loan?

30 days

Lenders usually give borrowers 30 days to pay off the loan. Once you understand how home loans work, you can start applying online or in stores.

Q: How much interest will I pay on a title loan?

Title loans are expensive.

Loan loan costs a lot of money. They usually come with an annual percentage rate of interest or about 300% APR divided by an average monthly interest of 25%.

Q: Which applications provide instant credit?

LendUp is the highest rated cash advance app.

LendUp offers a mobile-friendly site that is fast, easy and responsive. Applying for our online payday loan can be done in less than five minutes, and in most cases you will instantly make a decision about your loan.

Q: Does the bank give car loans?

As long as you immediately own your vehicle and hold a non-binding vehicle title, you can apply for a loan through a service provider. During the application, you will be asked to prove ownership of the vehicle. (Name of your car) and lending license.

Q: What if you don’t pay TitleMax?

If you do not pay the lender, you will accept the debt by default and will usually result in your car being confiscated. In addition to the seizure of your car, you may be charged an additional fee during the confiscation process. That way, if you make your payment by default, they can easily locate your car.


If you are interested in buying a car and don’t have money to buy, then don’t worry. Title loans are there to solve your problems and guide you all the way.

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