Tips On Invisalign You Should Know

The dental industry has seen significant improvement over the years with advancement in technology. Taking teeth alignment as a case study, you will agree that before Invisalign clear aligners came on board, patients had to struggle with the unsightly appearance and heavyweight of metal braces.

Invisalign has become the new normal in dentistry. Thanks to the near invisibility of these customised aligners that don’t expose the fact that you are undergoing treatment. This makes clear aligners like Invisalign a top choice among adults.

Should you be using Invisalign clear trays or you are interested in Invisalign London, we would be showing you some useful tips that you need to know to make your treatment the best experience ever.

For a straighter and more beautiful smile, do well to consider the following:

  • Drink Only Water
    The importance of this tip makes it our foremost in this post. It will be a grave error if you drink anything else than water with your aligners in your mouth. While sugar-coated beverages will cause decay, consuming drinks like coffee, tea, and red wine will stain your trays with time.

Certain may ask you to remove the aligners before drinking water. Consult your orthodontist to know what’s right.

  • It’s Important To Brush Your Teeth
    Based on its snug-■■■■■■■■ Invisalign patients sometimes think they’re having real teeth and forget to care for their original teeth.

This is why we emphasise that you brush your teeth after each meal to remove leftover food particles that can decay your teeth. Rinse and floss your teeth in addition to brushing.

  • Chewies Are Essential
    Every Invisalign user should know the relevance of chewies.

Orthodontists recommend sugar-free chewing gum because of the benefits: it keeps the teeth clean after eating and holds the trays in position.

  • Wear Trays For 20 To 22 Hours A Day
    Unlike braces, you have the liberty of removing your aligners when you like. But this benefit shouldn’t be misused as you must keep your trays in for 20 to 22 hours daily.

For the remaining 2 to 4 free hours, it’s expected you use it to brush, floss, eat, and drink. Use this time very well and try not to exceed the free period. Doing this can extend the timeline for your Invisalign treatment.

  • Do Not Throw Away Your Old Aligners
    This is a crucial tip. Since it is possible that harm can come to your new set of trays, keeping your old aligners will come in handy should this happen. The essence is that you shouldn’t stop wearing your aligners in case they break; the old one can be used in the meantime while you’re making arrangements for a new set. Damaged trays without any quick substitute can prolong your treatment. For best Invisalign London, do not hesitate to contact us at our practice.

  • Nail Filer And Baby Nail Clippers Adds Comfort
    Please bear in mind that this tip is not recommended for heavy-handed people. Invisalign on its own may cause sore gums during first use as the teeth get accustomed to it; however, there are times plastic overhands rub against your gum and cause irritation.

Are you experiencing this, book an appointment for a trim. Alternatively, try filing down the extended area yourself. But if you’re heavy-handed, don’t do this.

  • Make Use Of Aligner Case
    For prolonged serviceability, put your aligners in their case when not in use. Avoid storing them in napkins or pockets because of sensitivity. Keeping them in your car isn’t encouraged as they can melt from high temperature.

  • Get A Reliable Dentist
    Cheap sales on Invisalign may cause more harm than good. Ensure you consult reviews and others who have had the treatment. When done right, Invisalign is a great treatment, so choose your orthodontist carefully.

  • Use Retainers
    Don’t say aftercare isn’t necessary after Invisalign treatment. Wear your retainers to prevent a relapse. Invisalign retainers are usually made to be thick. It’s recommended you use retainers full time, 6 months post-treatment and then only at night after that.

Metal retainers may sometimes cause your teeth to shift. Consult your orthodontist for advice.

Need More Information?

Should you need more tips on how to use Invisalign and what deep cleaning is about, we are here to answer these questions and more.

Consider your teeth and smile restorative treatment with Invisalign Battersea. Do well to contact us, and we would help you achieve it all.