Tips on How to Treat Older People to your Best

When it comes to dealing or caring older people, it is when things get different, means as much as we think we would be good at it, but when you get practical, things get different.

For those who already been dealing or caring elderly people, honestly its one of the hardest thing to care for older parents or any elderly people you are in-charge of caring. Ok fine, its totally a normal thing. First of all i would like to differentiate between people who are caring for their parents and other who are caring for people other than parents, because there comes a difference when you treat your blood versus non blood relations due to emotions attached to them, and yes in that case we do treat them a little different, intentionally or unintentionally.

Lets ponder upon mistakes we do and how to amend them. First of all, understand their psyche; understand their wants, wishes, what they hate and above all what is their liked pattern of doing things. You doing what they want gives them alot of mental comfort that they are being listened and respected rather than just dictated. Due to this there is always a chance that they would also listen to you. Remember elderly people get sensitive even if they never been all there life, its natural to them, so keep in check if you are doing this or not.

Secondly, don’t get offended but be sure to check your voice tone. Yes, it effects them, a little high pitch, a little harshness in voice can effect their mood, level of comfortness and/or their want to tell you things. In case if you are you are dealing with parents then there is a high chance that your rough tone prevent them from telling you things they want you to do for them, in other words if i say they get scared from telling you the things. Most of you might take this point lightly, but you will really get to understand it after practising this step because you will observe your nice tone towards them not only makes them comfortable but also makes them share many things with you that they were wanted. I can understand we are also humans and changes in our personal life changes our own mood, stress level and other many factors are responsible but we have to have a strong control on our body language and tone when you have to deal them, in case if you think you are getting hyper today, or going through some of your own problem that there is a high chance of you treating them roughly, even a little bit and you wont be able to control it, Stop! Dont go to them that time or day, until you feel better but in case if they are your parents, and you living in same house with them then move to some other location inside house for a while.

Thirdly, dont treat them like kids but keep in mind they act like kids, so treat them likewise. They may show stubborness like kids, if you are eating something different from them so they may demand to eat what you are eating etc. So, especially for those who are new into this, you must not be surprised watching them behaving like kids but be careful for example if they are not eating healthy food for particular diet based food according to health condition, then instead of giving them much rational explanation, convince them like we do to kids with politness and telling them consequences of not having that particular food item e.g if there is a stroke patient and he is irritated by his condition and fears to get it so you very politely tell them if having more salt would raise bp which in turn may be a result of another stroke, so as we love you and being on a safer side lets not eat it for now. Try not to go into much rational explanations, but keep it simple and show them their importance to you.

Fourth, make them go out of home for some outing. As elderly people especially those going through illnesses or deteriorating health might feel less confident in meeting people and going out. If you are an outsider to them, make sure to do some arrangement to make their regular outdoor visits, atleast once or twice each week. It will keep their soul alive, fresh and its good for physical and mental health as well, as fresh air is never a bad idea.

Finally, Be Patient! You need a good amount of patience to deal with elderly people. They are annoying at many times but you have to control your nerves alot. If you are not patient, all of the other things you do might not work for you at all. Accepting their behaviours, mood swings, agression to everything, even at times insults (particularly you can bear them if you are dealing with parents) is what you need to program your mind about. Meditate for increasing patience and do yoga which help to keep you calm, particularly, do these when you are about to deal them.
I hope this article will be helpful for you and would have given you some idea about the most common mistakes we do and what should we actually do. Keep in mind always, that we may also reach to this age someday, so if we will treat them best today, karma will do its work for us at our time.

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spend time with your elders, not everything found on google.
A good saying explains the importance of elders they are our well wishers , their smile are like hope , their talks are like wisdom , their hearts are place where we live !! its an inner feeling to respect elders. Respecting and treating others with good manners is all great but when we talk about elders its obvious to not misbehave or mistreat them. It reveals your character that what is your upbringing and personal view about world those who show lack of immaturity or disobey elders are called impolite or uncourteous. so in order to being a good human being you must earn love from elders. There are some ways to how you treat with them.
*spend time with them :
The most expensive and precious gift you ever give to someone is called time. when it comes to elders they are most needed that because of aging they get retired from job and sometimes life snatches their partners from them, they become lonely and start living life alone so first thing is spending time with them its a generous way to show that they are not lonely in this world. Go and visit your elders take them for outing, plan dinner , shopping with them. Spending time with elders beneficial for you elders are living source of knowledge , you can enlarge your knowledge bank by spending time with them you can also learn how to tackle problem of life cause they are experienced person , take advise about careers , and your overall personality they can realize you about your good and bad areas. These all could be happen when give your quality time to elders make their life happy and make them realize that you Care for them
*visit and volunteer senior living community.
World is moving very fast none has time for elders that why senior living community are getting increased. People dont have time and patience to understand their elders the reason they are living in community centers and some are lonely in this big world they lost their close ones. Those people who are living in community are craving for love , Care and appreciation in that case this is a great way to make them special by visiting those people spend time with them, talk about their problems and as a volunteer do little things for them for example eat with them , share and listen story to them , take them out , play with them , help them to do their self grooming combing hairs , etc etc … festivals and celebrations are the important events you can spend with them and make their moments special for life time . whether your love ones are live or not must visit and volunteer senior community centre its a great way to show respect and care.

  • words of appreciation.
    It expresses you have special place in heart because you revels it from your words. Appreciation really matters in all cases but talk about elders they extremely need to fulfill their emotional need. Appreciate their every little effort or thought for example use courtesy words thank you , my pleasure , give compliments about their views , knowledge ,way of living life , appearance etc etc … its a true sign of respect. Always use positive words while talking to elders, give love notes to them your words and body language have influence on elders.
    *Be kind :
    kindness is the language blind can see and deaf can hear. Always be kind to your elder its a sign of respect. Always do extra care for them answer them politely normally because of ageism health and mental issues create anxious behavior of them ignore these signs and tackle them politely. Sometime due to anxiety their language become abusive but never answer them same way as they behave with you always put smile and be kind to them. It reflects that your love are greater than their temporary peevishness.
  • have patience :
    The most required thing is have patience while take caring elders they are different from us , they are not modern or tech savvy. They need time to understand things. They cant quickly digest change and we have to endure it positively. Naturally everyone has their own pace of understanding things with their own perspective same as elders so when they need time or their point of view we must show patience and respect their decisions and views.
  • Flexibility :
    The more flexible you are , the more it will easy to you facilitate them. Don’t try to control and instruct them. Always ask them what and how to do things for them. Do thing according to them due to flexibility you can earn their trust . It make your relationship more strong.
    *Be compassionate :
    Compassion is that thing that makes your relationship real. In this relationship compassion should be present. Its more important to put yourself in elders position and feel their pain and problem its easier to understand them compassionately because don’t forget this fact that we will also face ageism and their effects so its better to perform some good deeds for our future. Do all efforts compassionately so it will not look like they are burden for you it will not feel them good about themselves. don’t make them feel ashamed of themselves because aging is natural everyone has to face this phase of life , its a process so treat them as you want to get treated.
    *Respecting :
    its all about respecting their decision , choices ,interest and views as I said they are not like us they have different understanding and mostly it happens because of different views clashes occurred but remember what the circumstances are, or situation is don’t forget to show respect. Make it your priority to give respect to your elders. Prioritize your responsibilities and duties regards them perform them with open hearts its essence of love and respect.