Tips for Designing an Effective Home Office

If you have been caught unawares with this sudden transition into working from
home, rest assured you are not the only one. Millions all over the world are now
facing the trouble of finding a quiet corner in the house, where you can work
peacefully without any disturbances. But that’s easier said than done. With every
member confined within the four walls, finding a quiet corner would require some
ingenuity on your part.

Then there is the question of productivity. The home naturally lacks the formal,
serious setup of a professional space. As a result, it is easy to get distracted from
your work. So, finding a space is not enough; you need to remove the distractions as

Let’s look at 5 DIY tips for designing an effective home office.

Designing a Home Office

Finding a Space: First things first! You need to find a secluded corner that can be
safely occupied by your home office without getting in the way of other members of
the household. Attics and basements are the usual candidate. However, while
selecting a space, do keep in mind the light element. As you are likely to spend a lot
of time cooped up in front of your desk, it will be a good idea to get as much as
natural light as possible, into your home office. An attic with wide windows, or the
bay window space would work just fine in this respect. Wondering how to convert
bay window to home office?
Don’t worry! It’s not as hard as it sounds.

The Decor: Unlike corporate spaces, you get to have total control over the decor of
your home office. It does not have to be boring, sterile, and impersonal. Put your
unique artistic touch at every corner, turning it into a comfortable space that makes
you feel like spending hours there.

Desk and Chair: Pay special attention to the chair, the light, and the desk. Without a comfortable chair and desk, it would be difficult to finish your work in comfort. Keep
the option of a standing desk, as that will allow you to take a break from the chair.
During the normal course of the day, you will get plenty of opportunity to go around
the office. But with home office, you might find yourself confined to the chair more
than you need. A standing desk would be perfect if you wish to spend some time
standing or even walking around.

There should also be adequate provision for storage as well. The light should come
in handy when the natural light is not good enough. Select every tiny bit of furnishing
with your requirements in mind and you will have built the perfect study for yourself.

Light and Temperature Control: Your study has to be comfortable, as well as,
have a correct blend of light and shadow. To ensure this, select a window covering
that allows you the flexibility of controlling the light flowing into the room.

Zebra blinds, with their unique blend of solid and sheer stripes, allows you the
perfect blend of light and darkness. When required you can just position the solid
slats to reduce incoming light and let in a soft glow. Or you can adjust to retain some
of your view.

Vertical blinds are also a great option. The vertical slats allow you to enjoy the
views, while keeping the privacy intact. The slats can be positioned to cut off the
glare, or to remove the light away from the screen. Shut the slats all together to cut
off the light and insulate the room.

Another great option is to go for wooden blinds. These thick blinds are great for
insulation, light control, privacy, and noise-reduction. Super easy to operate, they

can be the perfect barrier against the intrusion of the outer world into your work-
space. Just close the slats and work in peace.

How to Set up an Effective Home Office – 5 DIY Tips

To craft out that perfect office space for yourself, suit the décor choice to your
temperament and style. Here we bring you some décor ideas, that can be put
together easily over a weekend.

Introduce Some Green- Are you a nature lover? No need to stick to industrial
décor. Put in as much natural green as you want in your space. A potted plant, a
bright green phone stand, a wicker pen-holder, the choices are endless. Transform
your work space into a green oasis, which would always keep to connected with the
world outside.

Repurpose Household Items into a Useful Office Accessories

Reuse a piece ofcork board and hang it on the wall. It will be handy space to put up
all your notes. Also, tie a string around it or surround it with lights to give it a fancy
look. You can also use empty jars and glasses to arrange your stationaries neatly.

Reuse Blinds

Add a blackout lining to your existing blinds. This will allow you to cut off both light
and noise that come in from the outside. With a thicker blind, your room will also
retain its temperature for longer.

Add a Flip Down Work Area

If you don’t have an office area, just get yourself a flip-down work area. A small work
area will take up little space, and can be folder up neatly when your work is done.
Most flip-down work areas come with in-built storage to nicely stack away all your
necessary office items.

Set up Your Workstation by the Kitchen

It might not be so obvious, but kitchen is a perfect place to set up your home office. It
has inbuilt cabinets for storage, enough space to fit in some extra shelves, as well as
a table and chair. Just spend some time in freeing up some shelves, and adding
some wall accessories.

Reuse that Shelf

If you have a shelf that has been on the wall without a purpose, it is time to remodel
it into a desk. Just push in a chair under it, deck it up with lights and a few wire
shelves over it, and you have a home office ready to go. Innovate at will and bring in work home in style.