Tips And Tricks To Use Amazfit Bip

Smartwatches are capable of doing a great many things. Apart from telling you the time (which any wristwatch would do), these smartwatches come with a plethora of great features, like showing heart rate, blood pressure, step count, sleep monitor, alarm clocks, Bluetooth facility to connect with your smartphone to allow you to see a notification, call, text and do much more.

There are various smartwatches available in the market, and the Amazfit Bip is one of the best smartwatches you can get at the most reasonable prices. The watch comes with amazing features like sleep tracking, GPS, heart rate, and other stuff.

So if you’re looking to get a great smartwatch at a low price, the Amazfit Bip should be the first on your list. Continue reading to make your life easy with the tips and tricks we provide.

1. Download AmazTools

As you might already know, the Amazfit Bip is a product of Xiaomi’s branch Huami. You’ll mainly use the Bip watch through the MI fit app. There are abundant options to personalize your Bip. However, the AmazTools app is one that you should not miss at all. Make sure you download this application, as soon as you get the Bip on your wrist.

The application displays a wide range of statistics about all the things you do and enables you to export all your data to Strava. Moreover, if you own an iPhone, you can also sync all your physical activities, heart rate, sleep monitor, and other things with Apple Health. The official MI Fit application for the Bip will provide you a few watch faces and you’ll have to choose from them, whereas the AmazTools will offer you the option to create your own.

In addition to that, the app enables your Bip to control several functions of your phone, like the flashlight, camera, and music through the Spotify account. Just to make it clear, you cannot play music on your Bip, but you can control your phone’s music through the Bip.

2. Allows You To Disconnect Alerts

Since the Bip is a smartwatch, you won’t just use it to see the time or to some formal events. With its health-monitoring features and GPS facility, you’ll definitely wear the Bip when you’re out for a run. The watch connects to your phone and shows all the data on the application, but if your phone is left behind, the watch will start notifying you constantly once it’s disconnected from the phone. Well, honestly, these notifications can be very annoying at times. You don’t need your watch to constantly remind you that your phone isn’t with you. Fortunately, you can turn this off with the MI Fit application. Click on Amazfit Bip in the application and click more, you see the toggle mentioning “disconnection reminder” and you can turn it off.

3. Enhance The Battery Life

Most people don’t like smartwatches because of their weak batteries. People usually complain about having to charge them after every few days, which is troublesome. This is where the Bip stands out. This amazing smartwatch comes with a great battery life that works for around 30 days without a charge. The cherry on top, this can be extended even further if you like, with the right setting, you can stretch the battery life to around 45 days.

You only have to reduce using the minute by minute heart rate and cut down notifications. To relieve yourself from the hassle of charging for more than a month, slimming down the notifications will help save the battery a lot.

4. Change The Settings For Heart Rate Intervals

The Bip provides heart rates, and you can customize these heart rate intervals according to what you like. Log in to the Mi Fit application, click on the Amazfit Bip and come down to Heart rate detection. The option “detection frequency” will show you multiple options; one minute, five minutes, 10 minutes, and 30 minutes. Choose whatever is good for you. The majority goes with the 5-minute interval. However, if you’re more into physical activities and sports, you’ll want to choose the 1 minute so that you can constantly keep an eye on your heart rate, but if you don’t really care about the heart rate, the 30-minute interval would be what you’d want.


For anyone who loves to put on a good smartwatch at a reasonable price, the Amazfit Bip is by far the best choice. Get in touch with Dab Lew Tech to get your hands on the amazing Amazfit Bip in Pakistan.