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TikTok logo symbol is largely the same today as it was when the app was released in 2016. The design contains the letter “d” shaped in the shape of a musical note, which represented the app’s name at the time. TikTok’s name was changed to TikTok when it was published internationally.

TikTok logo

What Is TikTok?

1. App name Tik Tok
2. Owner ByteDance
3. Active Users 1.5 billion monthly
4. Net Worth $50 billion in 2020
5. Current Net Worth $75 Billion In 2022

TikTok has become one of the world’s most popular applications. Millions of people across the world are familiar with the Tik Tok logo and brand. TikTok is now worth over $100 billion and has 1.5 billion monthly active users.

TikTok debuted on the platform of social media world in September of 2016, soon turning to an international sensation and a place worthy to compete with the social media heavyweights like Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

TikTok Logo

The most recent version of the logo has two parts: “d” notes and phrases. The first element has remained unchanged from its start, while the second was enhanced in 2019.

The global version’s name was originally made up of two independent words, Tik and Tok, with a space between them. Without defined angles, glyphs made everything hazier. The upper panels of the ends “T” and “k” demonstrate this.

The word was initially only printed in black and white. Color accents debuted on the “o” in 2019 after improvements. A combination of blue and red hues distinguishes vowels. Not only has the hue of “O” changed, but it has also grown in size.

A letter that looks like a note and aesthetically sets the rhythm of the name by merging two syllables. The gap between “k” and “T” is still there. Designers kept the gap to a minimum and capitalized the second word to emphasize its presence.

The font and shape have changed. The letters were constructed without sharp corners and were smooth. As a result, the square icon above I has been replaced with a round icon. The ideal radius was created by the elliptical “o.”

In the conclusion, the glyph stems were altered. The lower diagonals “k” has been raised and relocated to the right.

1. Color Of TikTok Logo

The first option was black and white alone. Colors have been added.

1. Designers mixed black and white with red and aqua colors.

2. At the logo’s edges, shades shine out.

3. Only the huge picture extension allows them to be properly seen.

2. Font Of TikTok Logo

The designers concentrated on creating a sans-serif variant. "Color music is the focus of creation.

  • We modified the shape of several letters such that when they were combined, they created a rhythm and a beat.

  • In general, it makes no difference how the word is written.

  • “Simplicity is beauty and art,” application marketers remarked.

Mission Mastermind Of TikTok Logo

Both registered users and viewers on TikTok are in a good mood. After all, films from social media sites are frequently shared on other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Users make videos about music, sports, entertainment, and other topics. Last year, TikTok was named the first social media platform on which a full-length series was produced. There are 13 one-minute runs in the first Youngzterz season. The first episode of the sequel will be released on November 5, 2020.


TikTok app’s global version’s name was originally made up of two independent words, “Tik” and “Tok,” with a space (gap) between them. The square icon above the word “I” has been replaced with a round icon and the lower diagonals “k” have been raised and relocated to the right. Designers mixed black and white with red and aqua colors.

The Evolution Of TikTok’s Logo

It is now more normal for corporations to change their logos drastically over time than it is for them to stick with their original design. The TikTok sign, on the other hand, is an exception to this rule.

TikTok’s logo symbol is largely the same today as it was when the app was initially published in 2016, with very minor changes since then. The TikTok logo was designed by an unidentified designer who, according to TikTok, was inspired by a concert he attended before being hired to design the logo.

According to reports, the designer sought to build a design that evoked the excitement of attending a large concert to emphasize the app’s great content creators and demonstrate the entertainment value they provide.

The design contains the letter “d” shaped in the shape of a musical note, which represented the app’s name at the time. The name of the app was changed to TikTok when it was published internationally, but the business kept the same design.

While most users are unaware that the “d” in the TikTok logo design represents the app’s previous name, the design is instantly identifiable and has played an important part in TikTok’s marketing.

The TikTok Logo’s Design Elements

According to TikTok, the unidentified designer responsible for the TikTok logo was “a young man who likes attending concerts, especially rock concerts.” His design was allegedly inspired by a desire to replicate the sensation of a concertgoer who is surrounded by darkness and staring up at a bright and colorful stage.

The designer used a black background for the logo and then added a bright electronic wave effect to give the design a three-dimensional appearance. The neon blue and red hues he chose for this effect are comparable to those seen at a concert.

Given TikTok’s musical nature, using a musical note as the foundation for the design was an easy decision, and using a note that looks like the letter “d” was a deliberate tribute to the app’s previous name.

TikTok Logo’s Importance

If you were to ask a marketer or a mobile application specialist about the secret behind TikTok’s rapid growth in popularity, the app’s logo is unlikely to come up first. Logos do, however, play a few key roles in mobile applications, and TikTok is no exception.

For starters, an app must have a distinguishable and eye-catching logo that may be utilized as a thumbnail on the phone’s home screen. The more people who use TikTok, the more money TikTok earns.

TikTok can further motivate its users to notice and use the app when they are on their phones by ensuring that the app’s thumbnail stands out and is easy to spot. The TikTok logo has, of course, played a significant role in the app’s digital marketing activities.

Almost every TikTok advertisement has used the app’s logo in some way or another over the years. While the logo may not be the reason for someone downloading the app, it is a recognizable sign that TikTok can use as a focal point for its advertisements.

Origins Of The TikTok Logo

TikTok was created to inspire creativity and bring delight to fans and creators all around the world. Users are drawn into a world filled with people displaying their true selves through comedy, dance, sports, strangely pleasant movies, and more.

TikTok’s logo design was inspired by TikTok’s purpose to create a brand that spoke to the stage that TikTok provided for so many brilliant people.

A designer is a young man who enjoys going to concerts, particularly rock ones. As he stood in the enormous throng, surrounded by darkness, staring up at the bright stage, the logo concept came to him.

He wanted his design to reflect this experience. He wanted to make a logo that reflected the feeling of being in a kind of theater, seeing artists express themselves. To achieve this, the designer used black as the logo’s background to exciting people about the app’s capabilities.

The designer wanted the music note to stand out against the dark background once the concept was finished. As a result, he enhanced the 2D design with an electronic wave effect. He experimented with various variations of the music note before settling on the one that looked the best.


TikTok’s logo symbol is largely the same today as it was when the app was released in 2016. The design contains the letter “d” shaped in the shape of a musical note, which represented the app’s name at the time. TikTok’s name was changed to TikTok when it was published internationally. TikTok’s logo was designed by a young man who enjoys going to concerts.

The Significance Of The TikTok Logo In The App’s Success

When a brand expert is asked about the reasons behind TikTok’s popularity, the note logo isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. The note has undoubtedly been one of the key causes for the video-sharing app’s exceptional popularity, regardless of where marketing professionals or design experts rank its value.

1. A Memorable Logo Has Worth Its Weight In Gold!

Yes, you read that correctly. Any software that wants to build a reputation for itself in the market must first catch people’s attention. What could be more appealing than a memorable logo? The more appealing the logo, the more likely consumers are to use the app.

The note works well as a smartphone icon. And each time someone is drawn to the letter, he becomes addicted to the app and TikTok profits!

2. The TikTok Note Is A Popular Internet Marketing Tool.

While a good logo can help a company’s personality, it is not the only factor that contributes to brand identification.

However, logos can be so appealing that they become an integral feature of every marketing strategy. Every digital marketing campaign created by TikTok features the TikTok logo prominently.

3. The Note Symbol Is Used For Merchandise Branding.

The TikTok logo’s popularity has led to the brand’s adoption of the note in other branding items. T-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, and other products bearing the TikTok logo are available. TikTok does it better than others in branding merchandise and connecting with customers and potential buyers.

Frequently asked Questions

People usually ask the following questions.

1. What is the name of the symbol of TikTok?

The design contains the letter “d” shaped in the form of a musical note, which represented the app’s name at the time. The name of the app was changed to TikTok when it was published globally, but the business retained the same design.

2. What is the value of TikTok?

TikTok is estimated to be worth $50 billion in 2020. Some analysts estimate that this sum will be greater in 2022 and that it will be $75 billion. The ultimate result is that TikTok’s net value is at least $50 billion and might be as high as $75 billion.

3. How can you acquire the TikTok hidden-emoji?

You just have to write the secret-code phrase you’re using insidwe two square brackets when writing a TikTok remark. For instance, [angel]. Be careful you only use square brackets instead of curved brackets. Your secret word will then turn into a secret emoji.

4. What’s the best way to obtain the triangle emoji?

Copy & paste the unique emoji from another remark is the quickest method to acquire it. You may also put the emoji first, then the code [triangle]. The emoji should show immediately after you make your remark.

5. How can I create TikTok Logo?

In three simple steps, you can create your TikTok logo.

1. Enter the name of your TikTok business. Fill in your business name to begin the logo creation process.

2. TikTok logo concepts created by Review. My New Logo can now generate several TikTok logo ideas for your business.

3. Make your TikTok logo.

6. On TikTok, what does 1@ mean?

When attempting to tag someone in a post or comment, the initial @ merely corresponds to the first account that shows.

7. What will be the meaning of TikTok in simple words?

Although there is no official source for the explanation of the “TikTok” moniker, it is claimed to signify the platform’s short, snappy films. The tick-tocking sound of a clock’s second hand is of reference.

8. Who does own the TikTok?

ByteDance, the Chinese online business that occupies TikTok, laid off a worldwide human resources business project named as TikTok…

9. What is the motto of TikTok?

"Real People, Real Videos" is TikTok’s motto.

10. In China, is TikTok prohibited?

Even though TikTok was created by a Chinese firm, it is not accessible in China.


The TikTok logo symbol has remained virtually unchanged since the app’s launch in 2016. The letter “d” is formed like a musical note in the design, which symbolized the app’s name at the time. When TikTok was released abroad, the name was changed to TikTok. A young guy who likes attending concerts developed TikTok’s logo.

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