TheWiSpy Review: Phone Tracker with Best Features

TheWiSpy Review: Phone Tracker with Best Features

Nowadays, it has become essential to keep track of your kids against cyberbullying or employees from leaking any confidential information to your competitors.

TheWiSpy has all the features one can request if they want to keep a lookout on their kids or employees. By using this phone Tracker, employers and parents can easily monitor the movements of their kids and employees. This is one of the best in the market right now for spying on cell phones.

Mobile Phone Monitoring Software with Greatest Features

TheWiSpy offers only the best features available out there and with the support of this app one can breathe easy as it provides an easy-to-use control panel that stores all of the data from your target phone and displays in a systematic method. TheWiSpy has excellent pricing strategies for its clients wherein they could choose a specific plan because of their requirement as well as the pricing is quite affordable. The many features TheWiSpy offers are as follows:

Monitor Messengers:

Together with the use of TheWiSpy, it is possible to track the chat messages from messenger programs like WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, WeChat, LINE, and BBM.

Calls & Surroundings Recording:

The calls created by the target telephone will be recorded and can be listened to at any time in the control panel. Also, the surrounding sound can be recorded using TheWiSpy, which can also be obtained through the control panel.

GPS Tracking:

The specific location of the goal phone is available using TheWiSpy since it locks on to the GPS location of the telephone and displays the place to the user.

Photo and Video Tracking:

Each of the videos and images stored on the target telephone can be obtained and may also be deleted remotely by logging in to the control panel.

Calls and Contacts Tracking:

Using TheWiSpy Phone Tracker, you have all the access to the call logs and contacts present in the target phone which can be obtained at any time.

Complete Control:

TheWiSpy permits you to have full control over the target phone since you’re able to block or allow any program you believe is appropriate for your children or employee.

Email and Internet Tracking:

Utilizing the control panel of TheWiSpy the user can track all of the web browsing done on the target phone. Also, the user will have access to the web history, emails (sent/received), and all other tasks linked to the web.

How TheWiSpy Works?

TheWiSpy can be installed in a few Straight forward steps:

Step 1. Find the perfect plan which suits your needs and make the payment. Provide the correct Email address as you will be receiving the login information on the same.

Step 2. Gather the details provided by TheWiSpy to your email and follow the instructions. You’ll be having the target device to install this app manually since it can’t be done remotely.

After the Phone Tracker is installed on the apparatus, you can track it with the control panel provided to you from TheWiSpy.


TheWiSpy provides all of the best features necessary to monitor and monitor a mobile phone. The pricing provided by them is also very affordable compared to its competitors. So in my opinion, TheWiSpy Phone Tracker is all in all a excellent value for money.