Theme Song From The Jetsons

The Jetsons was an iconic '60s cartoon that aired between 1962 and 1963. The futuristic cartoon follows the adventures of George, Jane, Judy, Elroy, Astro, and their robot maid, Rosie. The show was very successful; it’s estimated that over 100 million people watched the show when it first aired in 1962 and again in reruns on TV every day until 1987! It was also adapted into a 1990 live-action movie.

The Theme Song From The Jetsons

  • I’m pretty sure that every family member has watched The Jetsons at some point in their life, and yet I don’t think any of us have ever stopped to realize how great it is. Whether you are a Millennial, Gen Xer, or Boomer, chances are you grew up watching George, Jane, and their two kids. This early ‘60s cartoon has always remained entertaining, but what makes it most relevant today? To find out, here are five reasons why I love The Jetsons’ theme song.

  • Advertisement - Continue Reading BelowMoms, and dads alike need ways to feel young again, but that is easier said than done, right? Well, perhaps you should try playing The Jetsons theme song while getting ready in the morning or at night before you go to bed. When I play it, I have trouble not dancing around my room. If you don’t believe me, watch a video of someone performing it!

  • I may be a millennial, but even I think The Jetsons is relevant. Now that you know their relevance and why you should watch their show, what are you waiting for? Grab your family and enjoy a new way to connect over your favorite show! What has kept The Jetsons on TV all these years, decades later? Let me know in the comments section below!

  • All You can hear is that trademark theme song of The Jetsons. That catchy tune that started so long ago continues through everyone’s head and never gets old. Do you ever wonder why that is? What is so special about The Jetsons? We don’t know how they could predict future technologies so well, but we do know that there is something special about them.

We’re off to See the World

We’ve never been a species to stick around in one place. As soon as we could stand on two legs and walk, our ancestors were on a slow march toward exploring every corner of our planet, whether by foot or vehicle.

We want to know what’s over that next hill; we’re wired to explore. Our curiosity has led us to create technologies that have shrunk the world around us, allowing us all (almost) unfettered access to other cultures and points of view.

Our ancestors were on an endless march toward discovering new places. Now that we can connect with friends and family in other countries at a swipe of a screen, it’s’ time to put down some roots.

We’ve learned a lot from our ancestors; with that knowledge, we can bring families together in an ever-changing world. With advances in transportation, communication, education, and health care—not to mention hundreds of other fields—the average lifespan has doubled in just over 100 years. We have all sorts of unheard-of luxuries during our parents’’ time, including mobile devices and even flying cars.

We’re off to see the world, and thanks to modern conveniences like cell phones, we can share our adventures with our loved ones. Instead of being stuck in front of a TV or taking a plane across an ocean whenever you want to visit family, you can Skype your relatives or post vacation photos on Facebook.

Spacely Sprockets

  • Meet George Jetson, the boy of our dreams. The 1990s space age sitcom gave audiences a look at what life in 2062 would be like with robots, flying cars, and household appliances that were able to talk. One of these ‘‘smart home’’ appliances was Rosie- The Robot maid who took care of all housework while Mr. and Mrs. Jetson were off doing more important things.

  • You’re in luck. These futuristic home appliances are already being developed today by tech companies.

  • We now have smart fridges, doorbells and even robots that can vacuum. Wouldn’t you agree that it wouldn’t be a stretch to see all these inventions in your home today?

  • Home appliances don’t’ talk like they did on The Jetsons, but they now have voice control features. You can instruct your fridge to set reminders or tell your front door to open automatically.

Meet George Jetson

George is an efficiency icon and a champion of hard work and dedication. He’s’ not afraid to put in a full day at his job as a space-age construction foreman, no matter what obstacles lie ahead of him. When he goes home to his family at night, he has one mission: to help them live better lives. His ultimate dream is that one day all his hard work will pay off, and they can achieve their dreams together as a family.

Unfortunately, many of today’s families struggle to work and live at a breakneck pace. But times have changed since The Jetsons premiered in 1962 and it’s’ time to update one of TV’s’ most iconic family sitcoms with a new theme song that better reflects today’s families.

As a family law attorney, I’ve’ seen far too many families fall apart over misunderstandings. Too often, parents are taken to court because they don’t understand their child support obligations or how to create a schedule that works for both parties. No matter what side of these cases I’m’ on, it pains me to see families torn apart when they want to live better lives.

Perhaps that’s why George and Jane are so memorable and so endearing. They represent what all parents hope to be: responsible, hardworking people who want nothing more than to provide their children with a better life. After decades on television and in real life, maybe it’s’ time we looked back at The Jetsons and finally updated one of TV’s’ best themes with a song that truly reflects how today’s families live better lives.

Jane Jetson

  1. A modern woman just like you, Jane is married to family man George, raising their two children, Judy and Elroy. She’s always on her feet—cleaning up after her husband and chasing after her kids. With little time left over for herself, what does she do? Watch TV?

  2. However, back in 1962, when The Jetsons premiered, it was a much different time. Women stayed at home and did not work outside of their homes. Times have changed! In 2017 there are many more options for women and what they do with their careers. They can be doctors and lawyers—even entrepreneurs themselves! So let’s examine why Jane would love watching The Jetsons today.

  3. Now, you try it. Here are some hints to get you started. Replace Jane with your name and The Jetsons with your favorite show or something you love that is a part of your life today. Then fill in those blanks at the end.

  4. However, back in 1962 when _______________ premiered, it was a much different time. _____________ stayed at home and did not work outside of their homes. Times have changed!

Elroy Jetson

Jet skies, jet skis,, and Jet Skates. In 1962, when The Jetsons first aired on ABC, these were some of Henry Orbit’s’ technological advances which he showcased as the house of tomorrow. Now in 2013, we have achieved many of those advances that Orbit introduced to us 50 years ago. Is it possible that a futuristic cartoon from 50 years ago accurately predicted today’s society?

Did you know that most families are two-earner homes today? That wasn’t as common when The Jetsons first aired. Did you know that working parents spend over an hour a day shuttling their children back and forth to school or extracurricular activities, compared to 15 minutes per day in 1963?

Maybe you didn’t know any of these statistics, but we can all agree that raising a family has become much more complicated. As a society, we’re working longer than ever before, leaving us less time to spend with our families.

We want to make sure our kids are growing up happy and healthy, so we devote endless hours to researching their childhoods online and preparing meals for them.

We have so many demands on our time, and it’s’ tough to keep up. All of these factors make finding a moment to spend with our families seem impossible. We want to find more time together as a family, but we don’t know how to fit it in.

Judy Jetson

  • We meet all kinds of folks on our way. Some are fat, and some are thin, But they’re always very nice. George Jetson: As we travel daily, People smile and say ‘hello.’ Judy & George Jetson in unison: Well, it’s a beautiful day In The Neighborhood! Children, both in unison with parents as necessary: We’re crazy jetpacking around here every day! Yeah!

  • Every day, we get up at seven, Have a breakfast that is fit to eat, and Then go out and have some fun.

  • George Jetson - Second Paragraph: We travel by jetpack or car to wherever we are going - Even if it’s just around our town!

  • Judy & George in unison with children as necessary: Well, it’s a beautiful day In The Neighborhood! Children in unison with parents as necessary: We’re crazy jetpacking around here every day!

  • George Jetson - Second Paragraph: The things we do are very diverse,

  • Judy & George, in unison with children as necessary: Some days are busy, and some are free.

  • Judy & George in unison with children as necessary: You’ll always find us doing things together!

Astro, Rosie, and Encyclopedias

As evidenced by Rosie and Astro, The Jetsons was partly an homage to Walt Disney and his love of family-focused entertainment. The song is a wonderful synthesis of Disney’s It’s’ a Small World (which, contrary to popular belief, he didn’t invent) and Rapunzel’s’ iconic theme from Tangled.

As such, it is a prime example of how we can use popular culture to push forward a common purpose. After all, today’s families face challenges never seen before in human history.

Consider these statistics, compiled by my friends at Canada’s Vanier Institute of Family. The average number of people per household in North America has declined from 2.67 in 1961 to just 2.14 in 2011.

Moreover, between 1961 and 2011, we have seen a steady increase in households consisting of one person or two adults with no children. In 2011, there were three million such families, compared to just over 200,000 in 1961. According to Vanier Institute statistics released last year, there were 14 million single-parent families across Canada in 2015—more than double what it was in 1980. That’s 18 percent of all Canadian families.

Things are Getting Better Every Day

While new technologies are doing their part to make our lives easier, it’s’ not always evident how much things have changed. That’s why we need to look at how people in previous generations lived and how much progress we’ve made.

The Jetsons were set in 2062, which means that today is only 56 years away from flying cars and robot maids! Here are some reasons why The Jetsons perfectly capture what our modern society looks like

They had a pet robot, Rosie. Today we have real-life household robots like Jibo and Kuri. They could send videos of what they were seeing to other people through their telephones. We can do that now, too, except with selfies! And they never went anywhere without their credit card. No one carries cash anymore – not even kids! Credit cards are way more fun than coins.

They never missed a special moment because they didn’t have cameras. We can all take pictures and video clips on our phones, and share them with everyone instantly! The Jetsons showed us that we should embrace today’s technologies while still holding on to our values. Hopefully, things are getting better every day.


As a child of my generation, The Jetsons was one of my favourite cartoons. I remember watching it after school and on Saturday mornings when I would wake up to watch television before I headed out to play with my friends. In fact, in those days, our family didn’t have cable television; we only had three channels, so if there was nothing on Disney or the cartoon network, we were often forced to watch the regular programming.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Here are some important points to know.

1 The Jetsons were canceled. Why?

It had its ABC debut in 1962 and was the first program to air in color on the network. However, this cutting-edge method of watching television didn’t help The Jetsons, which only lasted 24 episodes before it was canceled due to low ratings.

2 What is George Jetson’s opinion?

He is the Jetson family’s patriarch. He is the spouse of Jane Jetson and the father of Judy, a teen, and Elroy, a boy.
A fictitious character from the animated television series The Jetsons is named George J. Jetson.

3 What was the name of George Jetson’s dog?

The Jetsons family includes Astro (the dog), Elroy, Jane, George, Rosie (the robot maid), and Judy in the bottom row.

4 Who is the most famous dog in the world?

1. Laika. The first dog to travel to space, Laika, is one of the most well-known canines in the world. Some people have applauded this dog for the deed she committed, while others have expressed astonishment at the cruelty shown to an innocent creature.

5 Is the last name Jetson real?

In terms of the most popular surnames in America, Jetson is placed #133,863 in the data. This is what? In the 2010 census, the surname Jetson was recorded 126 times. If you took a random sample of 100,000 Americans, 0.04 would have the surname Jetson.

6 What does the word “Jetson” mean?

The meaning of the name Jetson, which is of American descent, is “son of a Jet.” Its name is gender-neutral. Another name for a black mineral is Jetson.

7 What is Elroy’s age?

Elroy is a boy who is six and a half years old. He is the youngest of the Jetson family’s two kids. He is very smart and an authority on the space sciences. He is 62 pounds, and his favorite food is butter-topped noodles.

8 Does George Jetson give the child a name?

Fans later learned that someone had named their child “George Jetson” after conducting an online search for the name, demonstrating just how insane this generation might be. Birthday greetings to George Jetson!

9 Is a name given to the child by George Jetson?

After conducting an online search for the name, fans later realized that someone had named their child “George Jetson,” proving how insane this generation may be. Happy birthday, George Jetson!

10 The Jetsons were how old?

Officially, George Jetson and Jane Jetson are 40 and 33 years old, respectively. Judy, their oldest kid, is now 16 years old, making Jane’s age when she became pregnant between 16 and 17. Given the age gap, George had to have been 24 when he became pregnant with Jane.


At the end of this article, you will successfully like to know that As a child of my generation, The Jetsons was one of my favorite cartoons. I remember watching it after school and on Saturday mornings when I would wake up to watch television before I headed out to play with my friends. In fact, in those days, our family didn’t have cable television; we only had three channels, so if there was nothing on Disney or the cartoon network, we were often forced to watch regular programming.

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