The Perfect Jeans

The Perfect Jean, New York City-based produces extremely stretchy denim. Traditional denim is made of 100 percent cotton, but the jeans industry has moved to incorporate greater flexibility. With 30 percent polyester, 3.5 percent viscose, and 2 percent spandex, the brand’s jeans are marketed as the best alternative for men who place a premium on nut comfort.

The Perfect Jean

What is the Perfect Jean?

New York City-based The Perfect Jean produces extremely stretchy denim. Traditional denim is made of 100 percent cotton, but the jeans industry has moved to incorporate greater flexibility.

Today, the majority of denim jeans from companies such as GAP and Levi’s have stretch fabric. Although it certainly varies by brand and style, you should anticipate most jeans to contain some spandex.

The Perfect Jeans go way further

With 30 percent polyester, 3.5 percent viscose, and 2 percent spandex, the brand’s jeans are marketed as the best alternative for men who place a premium on nut comfort.

I recently went down the raw denim rabbit hole and bought a pair of entirely unwashed denim from a separate brand, in addition to purchasing many pairs from The Perfect Jean. The contrast could not be more obvious, and I will explain why in greater detail below.

Things to Consider Before Buying Denim from the Perfect Jean

The Perfect Jean’s product line differs significantly from conventional denim. Although they appear very identical to standard denim jeans, the extra flexibility makes these optimal for comfort.

As a result, they have been subjected to a vigorous washing procedure that softens them for enhanced flexibility and cotton-based comfort. They are great for informal situations. These are the type of pants you wear on the weekend when visiting breweries with your buddies.

Because they prioritize comfort, they are a perfect choice if you’re headed to the park and unexpectedly find yourself playing spike ball. Have you ever gone diving while wearing regular jeans? No fun.

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The Perfect Jean Review

The Perfect Jean offers a rather straightforward range, with three fits and six color possibilities for each. I prefer slim jeans, so I purchased two pairs, one in Bandit (black) and the other in Captain (blue) (midnight blue).

1. Fit

The Perfect Jeans are designed to keep your meat and two vegetables comfortable. I’m all about groin comfort, but I won’t wear a pair of pants that don’t fit nicely, regardless of how elastic or comfortable they are.

Fit is always my top priority, and you should do the same if you’re the type of man who wants his wardrobe to last for years. So while I was delighted by how silky the cloth was out of the bag, it didn’t mean a thing until I saw how these jeans look.

They sit lower on the waist and have a beautiful, contemporary cut. You won’t find many manufacturers that still offer jeans with a higher rise, but if you’re over the age of 50, a higher-rise jean is a good option.

I love the sleek fit of these jeans through the thigh. Due to my ample thighs, the majority of jeans tend to make me appear shorter. Due to the consistent taper to the knee, these jeans seemingly lengthen my lower body.

The leg opening measures 14.5", which is approximately an inch wider than I want. The pairing of these jeans with chunkier boots creates a definitively masculine style. Due to my wider thighs, I like a smaller ankle: a narrow leg opening continues that “visual lengthening” and typically makes me appear taller and thinner.

Nonetheless, even though the opening is a bit wider than I prefer, these jeans look and fit nicely, and I am quite pleased with both pairs. Next time I order, I will likely order a half-step smaller. Due to the elastic, relaxed style of these jeans, they felt slightly wider in the hips, and I believe I could have worn a size 33 or possibly a size 32.

2. Fabric

Fabric is what distinguishes The Perfect Jean. True denim is 100 percent cotton. The majority of jeans on the market now include one to two percent spandex for increased elasticity and comfort. The Perfect Jean, on the other hand, is a lovely, lightweight 10.5oz denim with 30% polyester, 3.5% viscose, and 2% spandex.

This blend of cotton and technical fibers creates a pair of pants in which I would feel completely at ease playing a game of dodgeball. As the cotton is rather lightweight, they are ideal summer jeans.

The extra combed polyester and viscose help wick sweat, improve ventilation, and increase durability, while the addition of spandex results in the most stretchy pants I’ve ever worn. The sole disadvantage of this fabric is that it is only suitable for informal settings.

They are the type of jeans you would wear to a bouncy house party/DJ set in the park, but due to the extra technical fabrics for optimum comfort, they are not ideal for sophisticated date nights. If you’re like me, your casual wardrobe receives considerably more wear than your formal or even business casual attire.

In addition to purchasing The Perfect Jean, I also purchased a pair of 100 percent cotton raw denim jeans around the same time. The contrast could not be much greater. I was unaware of how unpleasant raw denim is.

It is so rigid that it does not even conform to my body’s contours. Therefore, it was an absolute pleasure to shed the raw denim (they’re so stiff that they’re impossible to put on and take off) and slip into The Perfect Jean.

3. Color

I purchased Bandit (black) and Captain, two of the brand’s most popular colors (midnight blue). I’m a great lover of the Bandit colorway, which is a solid black and has maintained its color intensity through multiple washing. They’ve been washed four times, yet they’re still as jet-black as when I first wore them.

The Captain is a sort of washed indigo with a whisker design on the upper thighs. They are now working on deep, unwashed indigo, but the Captain is the closest TPJ comes to this color. It is a sturdy, relaxed pair of jeans that is ideal for lounging in the park or spending Sunday afternoons at the local brewery.

I’ve also washed the Captain several times, and the color has held up nicely, but with more fading than the Bandit. However, because the Captain already has a washed appearance, the uniform is practically the same.

The Perfect Jean also produces a Dark Indigo straight that is even more uniform than the Captain, as well as a lighter wash, both of which are manufactured from sustainable fibers.


The Perfect Jean produces extremely stretchy denim. The jeans are 30 percent polyester, 3.5 percent viscose, and 2 percent spandex. The best alternative for men who place a premium on comfort.

Fit Skinny Jeans

I haven’t formally reviewed the Skinny Fit because I could tell from the webpage that they wouldn’t be a good fit for me. That’s okay! The skinny jeans, according to Perfect Jean, are for men with skinny legs who like them snug. If you believe you have tiny legs and enjoy flaunting them, you will enjoy our skinny."

Slim Fit Jeans

In the initial version of my Perfect Jean Review, I evaluated the Slim fit. It felt rather snug around my calves and thighs, but it wasn’t a major issue. Nonetheless, while quarantine I purchased an X3 Bar (full X3 Bar Review!) I gained muscle, particularly in my calves and thighs.

Although the jeans were not tighter around the waist, the thighs and calves were. Perfect Jeans states, “Our slim is somewhat more tapered at the ankle than the typical slim jean.” We believe other brands have ankles that are a bit too broad. Nowadays, men want to show off their footwear.

Perfect athletic jeans fit

The calf and thigh sizes of the jeans vary the most from one another. This photograph shows it a bit more clearly: I do not have the largest calves or thighs in the world but by any stretch of the imagination. Until I tried the Slim Fit and began working out, I had never before experienced jeans that hugged my calves so closely that I could see my calves through the trousers.

My preference: Athletic

The Athletic Fit in the Perfect Jean is my new favorite, but don’t let the webpage images deter you. The images on the website make the jeans appear much boxier than they are. In truth, they are a wonderful fit that you may wear all day long.

In actuality, I could end up wearing the Slim Fit jeans because of the elasticity which is fantastic but my calves feel constricted in them. Odd, I know.

Are they denim?

The Perfect Jean is not made of 100 percent cotton, as “pure” denim is. I prefer this option! 64.5 percent cotton, 30 percent polyester, 3.5 percent viscose, and 2 percent spandex compose the Perfect Jeans. You may not have heard of Vicose before, but it is essentially synthetic silk.

The combination of cotton and denim is what makes the Perfect Jeans, well, perfect. Duer Jeans is the brand with which the Perfect Jean is most comparable (read our full Duer Review). The composition of Duer Jeans is 70% Cotton, 28% Coolmax® All Season Polyester, and 2% LYCRA Spandex.

Do they bleed before washing?

This is extremely important to me. I once visited the doctor because of a random adverse response to detergent. I was also wearing a brand-new pair of jeans that leaked. Because my hands were blue, the doctor panicked that I had the rare Raynaud disease!

I quickly understood it was because I was wearing brand-new jeans that DID BLEED before being washed. I was still hesitant to wear light-colored shoes with these trousers. Nonetheless, I am pleased to report that Perfect Jeans DO NOT BLEED when worn. I even confirmed its accuracy with white tissue paper.

How do they stand up over time?

The ideal pair of jeans are very well-made. I’ve owned the Perfect Jeans for around two years without any issues. The secret to a pair of jeans lasting a long time is not washing them too frequently (just when they smell or become soiled).

A gusset is the only thing I wish the Perfect Jean had. It helps the jeans stretch and last longer. These shoes are durable and highly comfy.


The Perfect Jean is not 100 percent cotton, as “pure” denim is. The combination of cotton and denim is what makes the Perfect Jeans, well, perfect.


Following are some of the important questions:

1. Who owns the perfect jean?

Zack Arnold –Co-

Zack Arnold Co-Founder, the perfect jean

2. Why is it so hard to find the perfect jeans?

Several factors make the search challenging but take comfort; none of them are you. One reason why it’s difficult to find good jeans is that they are one of the few things in the twenty-first century that are still heavily dictated by trends.

3. Where is the perfect jeans company located?


It’s just the name of a company in NYC that set out on a mission to develop reasonably-priced stretch jeans that could be comfortably worn all-day every f#!

4. How many pairs of jeans should I own?

Whatever the reasons behind this rather excessive average jean ownership rate, denim experts believe that 3 pairs of jeans are enough for any wardrobe, these 3 pairs of jeans can be categorized as; Dressy jeans. Everyday casual jeans.

5. What type of jeans should a fat girl wear?

Legs that are flared or bootcut can appear bulkier and stumpier. With one exception: taller, heavier-set women can wear bootcut jeans with high heels. Cropped jeans, which are better suited to thinner frames, are another no-no. Anything that is overly tight around the waist should be avoided.

6. What are the suitable jeans for a fatty tummy?

Bootcut jeans are one of the greatest jeans for a big stomach and skinny legs because they create a proportional image. Bootcut jeans are often ■■■■■■ snugly in the hip and leg and flare out at the hem.

7. Are Mugsy jeans true to size?

Mugsy Jeans was founded with a single purpose in mind: to produce a pair of stylish jeans that could be worn by slender, athletic, and obese guys alike. The fibres woven into Mugsy’s denim jeans have a fluid, stretchy feel and are constructed of artificial silk and T400 denim innovation. They are built true to size.

8. How longer should a decent pair of jeans survive?

The International Fabric Institute Fair Claims Guide says jeans last 2 to 3 years. A few elements can make jeans last years or fall short of that benchmark.

9. Can you wash jeans after every use?

Washing your jeans every 3-10 years or when they begin to smell is a good rule of thumb. Wash your jeans every three years if you’re fairly active in them (think: manual labour, anything that makes you sweat), but if you work at a computer, you can definitely go a few wears without cleaning them.

10. Which jeans will make you seem thinner?

If you want to look slimmer in jeans, use a shade that is toward the darkest end of the colour spectrum. Slim, well-fit dark wash jeans in deep blue or black denim hue are not only slenderizing, but also quite adaptable, working well with both casual and dressy shirts.


The Perfect Jean produces extremely stretchy denim. The jeans are 30 percent polyester, 3.5 percent viscose, and 2 percent spandex. The best alternative for men who place a premium on comfort. Fabric is what distinguishes The Perfect Jean. True denim is 100 percent cotton with 2% spandex for increased elasticity and comfort.

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