The Patch

The use of the patch is one of the latest methods of birth control. The patch has the appearance of a bandage. This is used to adhere to the skin’s outer layer. The patch includes hormone-related medication. The patch releases the drug into the skin, which helps in birth control.


2 When Was Use Of The Patch Started?

As mentioned earlier that one of the best ways of birth control includes the use of the patch started back in 2002, and so far it has been decelerated as one of the most effective and safe ways of birth control. Research has brought forth the results that the use of the patch by the women for pregnancy control is seen the most useful with just 1 percent of the pregnancy reports after the usage. Normally one single patch is used for up to a week.

2.1 Physical Properties Of The Patch

The contraceptive patch is a square-shaped hormonal birth control bandage in appearance. It usually has a beige colour. The patch measure about 1 ¾ inch.

2.3 How Does The Patch Work?

Let us see how does the patch work. Basically, the medicated patch, which is usually square in shape, contains mainly two hormones in it namely, estrogen and progestin. These are man-made hormones. Estrogen and progestin are the hormones that usually is contained by all of the birth control pills to keep you safe from pregnancy. You just take it and stick it to you e.g arm’s skin. It starts working by releasing the hormones via the skin into the body.
When estrogen and progestin reach the body, so that they block the ovaries so that they can not release the eggs to get fertilized. Then secondly, they also help to thicken the walls of the cervical mucus. As it gets thick, the sperm stucks, and cannot get entry.
This requires a time of almost a week to make the patch effective on your body.
Sometimes the hormones that are released by the patch, also make changes in the lining of the uterus. As a result, if there is an egg that has fertilized, cannot keep attached to the wall of the uterus.

2.4 When to Use the Patch?

Taken the decision of the use of the patch, after the consultation of your physician, now you need to know which is the right time to use the patch . Actually, the use of the patch is concerned with the mensural cycle. For example you will need to put it on your skin on the 1st day when you get your ■■■■■■.

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Do keep checks on the patch once you have made use of it. It has to be stuck properly, but if in case you find that it has detached from the skin, then consult your doctor.

2.5 How to use the Patch?

If you are going to make use of the patch for the first time, then you must consult your doctor , who will help you know that whether this product is good for you or not , or does it suits to your requirements. Do read all of the instructions given on the leaf let of the patch, to understand it thoroughly. As you have grabbed your patch, you can use it right away, if you are sure that you are not pregnant at the moment.
Lets us tell you how you will apply the patch on your skin.

  1. You must have taken shower before applying the patch , because neat, clean skin is required for the patch.
  2. Keep the patch on a certain flat surface. Remove the foil attached to one side of the patch.
  3. Now it’s time to select the area where you are willing and are comfortable applying the patch. The skin must be dry. Then you can easily apply the patch on your upper arm, stomach, and upper part of your back, on the shoulder or even the buttocks.
  4. Remove half part of the plastic attached to the medicine, do not remove all of that at once. Be careful do not to touch the sticky surface of the patch with your hands.
  5. Apply the patch on the clear skin by hold the half opened part of the plastic with the other hand.Once the half part gets attached, remove all of the plastic at once from the patch .
  6. Using the palm of the hand, press down the patch against the surface of the skin for at least 10 seconds minimum.
  7. Do mark the day you have applied the patch , because you will have to remove it on the same day of the next week.
  8. After the removal of the old patch you can make use of the new patch, by following the same steps.
  9. Once the old patch has removed, do discard it properly. Just fold the patch in a way that the sticky part of it gets stuck with each other. Then keep it in a certain plastic bag before throwing it in the waste bin.
  10. You can follow the same steps and do keep changing the patch after each 7 days of the week. But after the use of the third patch, take a break for a week. Then after a break, you can resume the same process.


3 Cares that are Required

During the use of the patch, you may feel some of the conditions that might you had not thought about. Let’s see which things are those and also how to cope with them.
• In case if you have forgotten to change your old patch, on a required day, then you must talk to your doctor. In this case make use of the other birth control pill or other birth control backup for yourself.

• Sometimes the patch gets loosen on the skin. That does not remain attached to your skin any more. That means the patch has also lost its effectiveness on your body. In this case do read the instructions given on the pack, or talk to your doctor. And mean while do not forget to get to make use of the other backup for the birth control.

• In case if you want to altar the method of the birth control from the patch to something else, then after discontinuing the patch, make use of the other birth control pill, after 24 hours .

4 Can I Do Regular Routine Task with the Patch?

Yes , the activities like swimming and bathing can be done as usual with the use of the patch.

:no_entry_sign: Dont’
 Apply any oil base lotion or any other product contains oily base including makeup on the skin near the patch.
 Apply the patch on the ■■■■■■■.
 Throw the patch in the toilet, to keep the water safe of the hormones.
 Decorate the patch
 Change the size of the patch by trimming it.
 If it has detached, don’t try to re-attach it with tape.

:heavy_check_mark: Do’s
 Check if your skin is thoroughly clean before the application of the patch.
 Once you have applied the patch, in the beginning, take the other options of the contraceptive methods, just for safety purpose. Because the patch will take time to start the procedure.

5 How Effective is the Patch?

As far as the effectiveness of the patch is concerned, it all depends on the proper usage of this product. The women who make use of the patch by following the instructions properly are more likely to get the hundred percent results. The patch has proved to be really effective with just one percent of the failure. There are 9 percent of the cases totally of women who fail to make use of the patch according to the proper instructions, then in such case, they get pregnant.
So this following all the steps is of great importance to make the patch completely effective. In this it will be required to remove the patch on the same day; you have applied it on the skin.
The effectiveness of the patch also is linked with the weight of the woman. If the women are more than 198 pounds or 90 kilograms, will less likely to have to get the fruit full effects of the patch.


6 Risk Factors of the Patch

As we all know that the medication is based on the chemical formulas, to help cure certain disease. But at the same time, the overuse of the drug certainly affects the rest of the body with its chemicals. The same is the case of birth control pills. Birth control hormones or medicines have adverse reactions to the body. Though they are not on the large scale, but still are of the serious nature. The potential side effects may include;

• Heart attack
• Pulmonary embolism
• Deep vain thrombosis
• Stroke

Still the effects of the different birth control pills, or the patch or the ring etc that contain the hormone estrogen is debatable. Over all the harmfulness of it is seen at a lower rate.

6.1 The Potential Targets of the Adverse Reactions

Still the adverse reactions of the birth control pills are seen common in those who are more pron to its effect. Like;

• The women who have diabetes
• Those who use to smoke.
• The women who are above 35 years of age.
• Those who are suffering from high blood pressure and also have higher cholesterol levels.
• Those who have family members suffering from pulmonary embolism. They are more likely to suffer from blood clotting problem.

So before trying the patch on yourself, just consult the doctor and discuss all of the health issues that you have previously. He is the one who will suggest either the hormonal pill is for you or not.

:grinning: Pros of the Patch

• The menstrual cycle becomes regular with the use
• You get painless or less painful ■■■■■■
• The time period of the menus reduce to a short period
• The results are 99% accurate

:unamused: Cons of the Patch

• May lead to skin rash
• Nausea
• Headache
• Dizziness
• Blood clotting
• In some of the cases those who use the contact lens may feel a problem in its use.
• May cause bleeding between the periods
• Has certain adverse reactions on health
• ■■■■■■ tenderness

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7 The Patch and the Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Unfortunately, the patch cannot help to prevent you from STD’s or sexually transmitted diseases. So to the use of condoms for the safety from the sexual transmission of the diseases.

Frequently Asked Question FAQs

Here are few of the frequently asked questions about the patch.

  1. How effective is the patch?

The patch is about 99% effect in the prevention of the pregnancy. So for this its is popular among the women. As it is easy to use. But of it is not use properly it may fail to save you from pregnancy.

2. Do you still get the period on that?

In fact when the patch is use, the harmone in it make some change in the body. As a result it is seen that the women who make use of it get blood stains, even after the mensus.

  1. What does the patch do to your body?

The patch contains man-made hormones. After attaching the patch to a suitable skin, it releases those hormones in the body. Its use helps to keep you safe from getting pregnant.

  1. What is better the pill or the patch ?

All the contraceptive medicines including the pills or the patch both have their own pros and cons. In case of the patch you apply it just once a week, but if you forget it you may lose all the effectiveness. In the case of the pill, you will have to take it each day for the control of the pregnancy.

  1. Can you shower with the birth control patch ?

Yes ! just like normal days , after attaching the patch properly on your skin, you can take shower and also can swim.

  1. Does the patch make your ■■■■■■■ bigger?

Certainly, all of the hormonal medicines, use to increase the size of the ■■■■■■.

  1. Can you get pregnant on patch free week?

If you are using the patch according to the instructions, then you do not worry as there will be no chance of you to get pregnant even in your off week.


With the changing trends, the ways of birth control have also been changed and modified. All of the pills that are used for birth control, overall have the same hormones in them. The patch, which is a new way of birth control is also in great demand. The best part of the patch is that it is easy to use. it releases man-made hormones in the body via the skin. It just needs to change once a week. so you are not going to take it daily like any ■■■■ medicine.