The most common types of sofas and their characteristics

Each house is a world so a sofa that can be perfect for one living room is absolutely out of place in another. Before choosing ours we must take into account a series of factors such as the space we have, the furniture that we already have placed, the use that we are going to give it or the place where it will be located. It is not the same to buy a sofa for the dining room of our home than to buy it to put it in the waiting room of our business. Obviously before making our choice we must take these aspects into account.

But if there is something we all pay attention to above design, size or any other characteristic, it is its comfort. And it is still the most used piece of furniture in the house and also the one where we rest after a long working day, watch television or spend time with the family.
From Moblerone we recommend that you always go to a specialized store since with the advice of a professional who knows in depth the different models you can buy the type of sofa that really best suits your needs. But so that you are clear that not all are the same and that, so to speak, there are different kinds of sofas with totally different characteristics, today on our blog we will review some of the most important. Take note.

The chaise longue
Surely you have noticed that in recent years this is the fashionable sofa. The main characteristic of the chaise longue is its size. They are very wide furniture and designed to stretch the legs . They are ideal for napping and there are even those who prefer them to sofa beds when hosting visitors. They can be found in L-shape or modular. Taking into account the large space they occupy, we recommend using it in large rooms.

The corner
The corner sofa is the best friend in a small living room. Its characteristic L- shaped design allows you to take advantage of any corner of the house. The size of your arms can vary, so that they are both the same and one longer than the other. This multiplies the options of this kind of sofa.
The Chesterfield
Chesterfield sofas have been synonymous with sophistication and luxury for decades. Its characteristic design implies a modernization of the ostentation and pomposity of the vintage rooms without giving up the comfort of the current ones. This makes them the centerpiece of many rustic decorations.

The sofa bed
In houses that are used to receiving visitors or in those where there are more people than square meters, a sofa bed should not be missing. Their designs have evolved to achieve stylish and comfortable sofas that can be comfortable and comfortable beds.
The couch
The armchairs are individual sofas designed to become comfort made furniture. Feel the king of the house sitting on it thanks to its reclining backrest. The little space they use, added to their functionality, make their site go beyond the living room, and may appear in offices or bedrooms. It is common to combine an armchair with a larger sofa. Mydeal Review

The modular
Modular sofas are those that can be divided to combine their parts as you prefer. Many sofas admit modular designs but the authentic ones are those that can be divided into frames or modules to give it the shape that is preferred at any time. Its variety of styles allows us to enjoy its functionality whatever your type of decoration.

Now that you know a little better some of the most used types of sofas, you will have a slight idea of which one is the best fit for your home. If you think that the time has come to change your sofa or buy one for the first time, we invite you to come to our MobileIron stores where the best professionals in the sector will help you to choose properly and this furniture will accompany you for many years.