The Mayor Of Whoville

The Mayor Of Whoville is the primary adversary of the 2000 live-action adaption. Jeffrey Tambor portrayed Mayor Augustus Maywho in part. He is Whoville’s selfish and arrogant mayor and The Grinch’s archenemy.

The Mayor Of Whoville

What is Whoville?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! and Horton Hears a Who! Take place in Whoville, which can also be spelled Who-ville. — The Grinch lives high above them on Mount Crumpit with his dog Max and often looks down at them. The people who live here are the Whos, but very few of them have names.

One of the only things that make them different is their size. In the book Halloween is Grinch Night, the Grinch also comes to town on Grinch Night/Halloween. In “Horton Hears a Who!,” Horton hears that Whoville is on a speck and in a lot of trouble. He goes into many crises to show that the Whos are real.

The people of Whoville

  • Ned Mc’Dodd.

  • Sally O’Malley.

  • Yo-yo.

  • Dr. Mary Lou LaRue.

  • Ms. Yelp.

  • Cindy Lou.

There are two different versions of Whoville. One is in a snowflake, and the other is in a speck of dust in the book “Horton Hears a Who!” (although they are most likely the same.). The main points they have in common are that they are both home to the Whos, the towns are tiny, and the buildings look strange. Whether or not Seuss meant for the Grinch and Horton to live in the same universe is probably not necessary.

Whoville seems to have a very thick cloud layer that an equally large amount can only break of sound. For example, Horton talking loudly or all of the Whos directing a lot of sound at one point on this barrier (Mayor Ned McDodd yelling in pain will do as well).

Notable Locations

Location Description
Primary Square: The focal point of Whoville, it is found right external the Mayor’s office and committee chambers.
Mount Crumpit: Located only north of Whoville, its essential occupants are the Grinch and his canine Max. Close by is the Whoville dump.
Star-Studying Tower: Found close enough to Whoville to walk there. Getting to the Jungle of Nool by Dr. was used in the TV special. Whoovy. In the movie, the building is empty. There used to be a set of stairs that led to it, but now you have to use a balance tool and a giant slingshot to get there.
Mayor’sMayor’s house: This is where the chairman and his family reside. Its definite area fluctuates.


There are two different versions of Whoville. One is in a snowflake and the other is on a speck of dust. The main points they have in common are that they are both home to the Whos, the towns are tiny, and the buildings look strange.

The Mayor Of Whoville

Ned McDodd is the deuteragonist of Horton Hears a Who! and the Mayor of Whoville. He has a total of 96 daughters and one son. Steve Carell, the comedian, provides his voice. “Devoted, fair, and a little bit strange,” Ned is described. Although the Town Council is waiting for him to mess up, he takes his work as Mayor seriously and passionately.

He is as cheery as the rest of the Who, but he becomes concerned and even anxious when he notices something out of the norm. Although he is hesitant to confront the Council Chairman, his worry for the safety of the residents of Who-Ville drives him to try to alert everyone to the risk.

Despite the time and work required to care for 97 children, he is a committed father who adores all of his children and cherishes every minute spent with them. Although he is highly attentive to his 96 girls, he is less aware of his son, with whom he has tried to connect for years, and sometimes believes he knows what JoJo wants.

  • He has brown hair and fur, blue eyes, and wears a blue coat with a tie and mayoral insignia.

  • A wedding photo shows that he had had hair that was longer and darker, like that of his son.

  • He has an unpleasant habit of getting a staple in his forehead. The resultant agony howl is loud enough to pierce Whoville’s protective barrier.

Mayor Augustus Maywho

The primary adversary in the 2000 live-action adaption of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss is Mayor Augustus Maywho. He is Whoville’s selfish and self-serving Mayor and the Grinch’s worst nemesis. His primary objective is to marry Martha May Whovier and maintain his popularity.

Though first shown as a minor neutral character, it is revealed that he has bullied the Grinch since he was a toddler, making him primarily responsible for the Grinch’s dislike of Christmas and the film’s premise.

  • Augustus was partly developed to explain why The Grinch disliked Christmas in the first place. In the original tale, The Grinch loathed Christmas is never presented; nonetheless, the narrator speculates that it was most likely due to his heart being two sizes too tiny.

  • Also absent from the original novel was Augustus’s role as Cindy Lou’s foil, which leads her to help the Whos realize what Christmas truly means (where Cindy Lou was a minor character and was possibly two years old). In the original story, the Whos were not materialistic, so they just spent Christmas together after the Grinch stole their gifts.

  • Although Augustus was only featured in the 2000 live-action movie, the 2018 animated adaptation of The Grinch has Mayor McGerkle as the new Mayor of Whoville. In contrast to Augustus, Mayor McGerkle is more kind, selfless, and holds no malice towards The Grinch.

  • Augustus Maywho’s views on Christmas are a critique of modern Christmas. Christmas has become a materialistic festival for which people require gifts to celebrate. Of course, It is what causes Cindy Lou to assist the Whos to realize that the actual meaning of Christmas is spending time with family, something that Augustus, a worldly individual, cannot comprehend.

  • Peter Greene, Alec Baldwin, the late Dennis Hopper, Willem Dafoe, the late Bob Hoskins, Danny DeVito, Tommy Lee Jones, and Joe Pesci were all briefly considered for the role of Augustus Maywho before Jeffrey Tambor was cast. Alec Baldwin would later portray Larry Quinn in the 2003 adaptation of The Cat in the Hat.

  • The Grinch’s forgiveness of Augustus Maywho is likely connected to the film’s emphasis on the pleasure of Christmas rather than vengeance.


Augustus Maywho is the main antagonist of How the Grinch Stole Christmas! by Dr. Seuss. He is partly developed to explain why The Grinch disliked Christmas in the first place. Augustus was only featured in the 2000 live-action movie, but will appear in the 2018 animated adaptation.

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

People asked many questions about “The Mayor Of Whoville”. We discussed a few of them below:

1. Who serves as the Mayor of Whoville?

In How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jeffrey Tambor plays reporter Augustus Maywho, the reporter for Whoville Plaguing the Grinch.

2. Did the Mayor intimidate the Grinch?

Though first shown as a minor neutral character, it is revealed that he has bullied the Grinch since he was a toddler, making him primarily responsible for the Grinch’s dislike of Christmas and the film’s premise. Jeffrey Tambor, who had previously played K, portrayed him.

3. Which character is the Mayor in Horton Hears a Who?

As Mayor Ned McDodd, Whoville’s quirky and joyful Mayor, Steve Carell has 96 daughters, a son named JoJo, and a wife named Sally.

4. What is Grinch’s age?

Inadvertently left alone for the Christmas holidays by his family, an 80-year-old mischief-maker must safeguard his home from burglary. A miserable Grinch (Benedict Cumberbatch) intends to spoil Christmas in the town of Whoville.

5. Where is Whotown?

In the film adaption of the 2000 live-action picture Dr. Seuss How the Grinch Stole Christmas from Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment, he portrays Whoville in a snowflake south of Mount Crumpit in the film’s Pontoons.

6. What does Horton Teach a Who?

Horton Hears a Who! According to Dr. Seuss, only Horton can hear Whoville, a little settlement on a dust particle. Horton pledges to defend the stain and states, “One person, one person, whatever of size.” In this way, this renowned children’s book offers an equality lesson, which Dr. Seuss himself had to learn.

7. Who created the cat with the hat?

The cat in the cap would make a difference. Seuss developed the book to help children learn to read, and its popularity enabled her to write exclusively for children.

8. Who is Whoville’s reporter?

Speaker Augustus Maywho, Who else plays Whoville’s reporter.

9. How many children does Whoville’s Mayor have?

According to a new director-created subplot, the Mayor of Whoville has 96 daughters. He has a child.

10. Are Whoville humans?

The Whos are a species of tiny humans that range in size from towering to short. They all reside in the small community of Whoville.

11. What is the name of the Mayor of Whoville?

In the live-action film How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Jeffrey Tambor portrays a mayor named Augustus May. In the 2008 animated feature Horton Hears a Who, Steve Carell provides the voice of Mayor Whoville.

12. What kind of person is the Grinch?

Grinch and Whos are the same species. Nonetheless, this is a distinct subspecies, which explains its green color. There are quite a few Grinch types, but they reside some distance from Whoville.

13. Is the Grinch a Disney production?

How the Grinch Stole Christmas is unavailable on Disney Plus, mainly because Disney does not own the film. Universal Pictures produced the film. And now for the good news: Netflix owns the film streaming rights.

14. Is the Grinch diminutive?

Grinch’s Whos inhabit a planet comparable to ours and are vastly outnumbered. No, the difference in size is not related to typical species-wide differences.

15. Why did Dr. Seuss shave?

Jeremy Howard (Drew Lou Who) chopped off his eyebrows for the length of filming to reduce the amount of time spent applying makeup by half. The Grinch (Jim Carrey) is the only character in this film to break the fourth wall.


In The Grinch, Jeffrey Tambor portrays Mayor Augustus Whoville as Mayor of Whoville. He is a discriminating and pompous mayor of Whoville. As a child, he was a school bully who picked on the Grinch because of his shaven face, causing him to despise Christmas.

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