The Man From The Window Game

The man from the window game is a party game that’s sure to be lots of fun with groups of friends or at a family reunion, and it’s easy to play, too. Just think of a window in the room where you’re playing the game, pick someone to sit in front of the window and play along with them, and see if they can remember what they see outside throughout the course of the game.

The man from the window game book

  1. My friend and I were sitting on the couch, watching TV when he turned to me and said, Wanna play the man from the window game? Curious as to what this game entails, I nodded my head. He pointed to a window in his living room that faced out onto the street below. I’ll take this side of the apartment, he said. You take that side.

  2. He then picked up his phone and texted me. What do we do now? I asked.

  3. Now we text each other and make stuff up, he said. It’s a game. You can say whatever you want and make things up as you go. Don’t let it freak you out! And don’t lie about what’s happening outside! I’ll tell you my story first.

  4. I swear to god that I just saw a man walk through your window, then jump out onto his balcony across from yours, then climb over his neighbor’s fence and run off into an alleyway on 12th Street.

  5. That’s awesome, I said. How do I respond? Do I tell him that a man really did walk through my window and follow him down the street? Or do I play along with the game and say something like What are you talking about? or I’m not sure what happened? But either way, if someone does see something, there will be no proof because our stories will contradict each other.

  6. I think I’m going to play along with it, he said. Yeah, me too. Let’s see how long we can keep it up.

You are given very few clues, but after a series of guesses and eliminations I was able to track down the correct window since there were only 10 windows to choose from
I thought it would be a fairly easy task but this was not the case. The more I looked at the image, the more confused I became.
Despite all my years of studying and practicing logic puzzles I found myself staring at an image that was mocking me. I couldn’t for the life of me figure it out

The man from the window story

A woman was walking home from work when she looked up and saw a man in the window. He was wearing a red shirt and had a sly smile on his face. When she got home, she called her husband to tell him about it. It’s just some creepy guy, he said, annoyed. Just don’t look out the window.

But it wasn’t just some creepy guy to her, and the next day she called him again from work. Again, he told her not to worry. She went home that night and found a note taped to their door. I’m watching you now, the note read. What do you think will happen? She took the note off their door and threw it away before calling her husband for what would be the last time.

Over a period of time, she noticed he was always in a different window. Sometimes his face was completely covered, sometimes it was just his eyes.

She went out less and less until eventually, she stopped leaving her apartment at all. One day, unable to resist any longer, she looked out her window to see him standing there smiling at her. He mouthed goodbye before walking away.

She never saw him again after that. Months later, police knocked on her door with news of the accident. Her husband had been hit by a car while crossing the street and died instantly.

She moved to a new apartment and rarely left. It wasn’t long before she began seeing him again. This time, he was in her bed when she woke up. She never looked for him after that.

One night, he woke her from a deep sleep. She lay there with him staring down at her. Finally, he got out of bed and walked away, leaving her alone.

And so it went. At times she would catch glimpses of him and other times he’d be gone for weeks. Finally, one day she didn’t see him at all and decided to go outside to buy some groceries. When she stepped out of her building, she saw him there, waiting.

The man from the window apk

  • It’s the middle of the night when you feel a sudden bump on your window. Startled, you look outside, but there’s nothing there. But then, just as suddenly, you see it—a man in a dark suit and hat standing outside your house looking in at you with his hands cupped around his face.

  • You scream and scramble for the phone to call for help, but he disappears before anyone can answer. It happens again the next day and the day after that.

  • What begins as an upsetting but harmless occurrence soon begins to take a toll on you. You begin to look for him everywhere, and paranoia starts to settle in.

  • Are your friends talking about you behind your back? Are they working with that man outside your window? What happens if he comes into your house when you’re alone? Who can you trust? Your stress mounts, and before long, it feels like nothing else matters anymore. You just want it to stop.

  • To your relief, he shows up one night when you’re playing a computer game and not paying attention. When he knocks on your window, you see him plain as day.

  • You grab a baseball bat from next to your bed and run outside to attack him. But when you swing at him, nothing happens. He’s gone—as is that awful feeling in your stomach.

  • What just happened? you ask yourself.

  • You notice that in your hands is a baseball bat, but you have no idea how it got there. That’s when it hits you: You’re crazy. You’ve been sleepwalking again, and no one has been at your window at all. But it’s too late—you’ve already hurt someone who didn’t deserve to be hurt.

The man from the window download

I have always loved mysteries and solving puzzles. In the game, you are given a photo with nine other windows and must identify which one contains the man peering in.

You are given very few clues, but after a series of guesses and eliminations, I was able to track down the correct window. I thought it would be a fairly easy task since there were only 10 windows to choose from, but this was not the case. The more I looked at the image, the more confused I became.

Despite all my years of studying and practicing logic puzzles, I found myself staring at an image that was mocking me. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out which window had a man peering in, or why he would be there, but something told me that it was more than just curiosity.

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The man from the window game unblocked

  1. You awake to find yourself in a room with no windows or doors. You’re wearing an orange jumpsuit and you have nothing in your pockets.

  2. As you walk around the room, you notice that there is one chair placed against the wall, facing away from you, as well as a desk with a stack of papers on it, also facing away from you. When you try to open the door, it doesn’t budge.

  3. You notice that there is a man standing behind you. He’s in his late 20s or early 30s. He has black hair and blue eyes, but they’re cold and emotionless.

  4. As soon as he notices you noticing him, he steps out from behind you and begins to speak. Hello, he says, though it’s not a question or an introduction; it’s just a word he uses to start a conversation.

  5. You’re starting to get a little freaked out, so you ask him who he is and why he’s brought you here. He tells you that he’s brought you here because some very bad things are going to happen in your life and that he can stop them from happening.

  6. He goes on to say that in order to prove that he can save you from certain tragedies, you have to do exactly what he says. The first thing is that he wants you to take off your shoes.

  7. You’re confused and a little scared, but you don’t really have much choice. You sit down on the chair and take off your shoes. When your feet touch the floor, they feel cold and damp almost wet.

  8. He asks you if you understand now why he brought you here. You’re not sure what he’s getting at, so you tell him no.

The man from the window game mama rabbit

It was a dark and stormy night. Everyone in the house had gone to bed, except for me. I couldn’t sleep because there was something outside that made me feel very uncomfortable.

All of a sudden, I saw a man looking at my window. He’s been watching me ever since he saw me playing by the window with my toys. When I pretended not to notice him, he came out from his hiding place and walked towards my door with a knife in his hand.

I was afraid. I did not know what to do next. Should I scream? It’s too late because he already got to my door. Should I try to run away? But where will I go? Where can I hide? My friends are asleep, and I’m scared to wake them up.

I decided it would be best if I just let the man come into my room so we can play together! After all, he is lonely and doesn’t have any friends.

I opened my door and smiled at him. He looked surprised, but he quickly came in and closed my door.

After closing my door, he came up to me and put his arms around my neck. It was very dark in my room. I couldn’t see him, but I knew what he wanted because it is what I always want when I look out of my window at night. He wants me to play with him!

He bent down and whispered in my ear, Do you want to play with me? I smiled back at him and said, Yes! I do!

He smiled back at me, and then he took off his clothes. He was so excited to have a friend! I like being with him because he always plays games with me.

He started to touch me, and I felt very uncomfortable. It made me feel sick inside, but I didn’t want him to stop because if I did, he would get mad at me. He said he only wants to play with me because he loves playing games with friends!

The man from the window game mama rabbit

  • Once upon a time, there was a group of rabbits who lived in a cozy burrow. They were always together, playing and laughing. But one day something happened that would change their lives forever. There was a man at the window.

  • One day a man appeared at their burrow, his face pressed against an old dusty window pane. His breath clouded up on the glass as he peered inside and watched them play.

  • He didn’t move a muscle or make a sound until they saw him, but it was enough to send chills down all their little rabbit spines. Even though he seemed harmless, they knew it was time to find another place to call home.

  • So, one by one they left their burrow. When they were far enough away that they felt safe, they sat down together in a clearing and huddled close together, breathing in each other’s scent to comfort them.

  • But they couldn’t stay away forever, and when they returned home one day to gather some belongings, they found their cozy burrow torn apart. It had been ransacked by a man with no patience.

  • They had a nest full of eggs and knew they needed to protect them. Even though they’d never done it before, they all agreed that someone would have to stay behind to guard their home while the rest went in search of another place to live.

  • They didn’t need to discuss it for very long before they decided that mama rabbit should stay behind. She was their leader and deserved to be protected. As soon as she nodded in agreement, they bolted into a nearby bramble thicket and promised they would return as soon as they found another burrow.

The man from the window game online

You are greeted by a man with a top hat and a bow tie, asking you to enter the game room. You walk into the room and see two doors, one on either side of you. One door is open, while the other has a sign above it reading No Entry.

You go through the open door and find yourself in another room. In this room, there is only one door, which you can see from where you’re standing.

You walk through that door and find yourself in a room with four doors. One is directly in front of you, while one is directly behind you. You see another open door to your right and a closed door to your left.

You head through one of the doors, which takes you to a room with two doors. One is directly in front of you and another to your right. There is an open door on your left, but it looks out over an endless void.

You decide to take one of these doors. Which door do you choose?

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He smiled back at me, and then he took off his clothes He started to touch me, and I felt very uncomfortable. He was so excited to have a friend!
I like being with him because he always plays games with me. It made me feel sick inside, but I didn’t want him one day to gather some belongings, they found their cozy burrow torn apart
To stop because if I did, he would get mad at me. He said he only wants to play with me because he loves playing games with friends! But they couldn’t stay away forever, and when they returned home


It was a cold night in the last week of September. It had been raining all day and we were feeling the chill in the air. We had planned to go out that evening, but it was so wet outside that we decided not to risk it. Instead, one of us suggested playing a game called The Man From The Window. We each took turns going into the bedroom and looking out our window; whoever saw ‘the man’ first would win. I went first, then my girlfriend followed suit.

The Man From The Window Game

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Here are a few essential points to be acknowledged:

What is the man from the window game?

The man from the window game is a type of game where someone on one side can see and communicate with someone on the other side. It’s played by two people, each sitting at opposite ends of a long table. One person sits facing the window, while the other sits facing away from it. There are two boards with holes in them that are placed in front of each player. When you place your hand over one hole and yell out Window! then your partner has to guess which hole you’re covering.

Who made up the game?

The game began one day when a man’s wife had to work late. He was bored and lonely, so he left their apartment and went for a walk. As he walked along the sidewalk, he saw that there was an open window in the building across the street with no curtains. He looked in and saw three people inside sitting around the table playing cards. Intrigued by this scene, he continued to watch until they got up and left the room.

How does it work?

Each player starts out with five cards. In the first round, players take turns asking yes or no questions and flipping over the top card on their pile. If a player flips over a card that matches their question, then they get to keep it and ask another question. If they flip over a window card (a picture of someone’s face), then they can’t ask any more questions but must answer the one they just asked. If they answer correctly, they win the game!

What do players do in the game?

Players take turns asking the person next to them a yes or no question. If they answer yes, they then ask the same question. This continues until someone answers with ‘the man from the window’.

What are some dangers of playing this game?

If you play this game and believe you see a man in the window, then that means he’s watching you. He’ll know everything about you and your family, including their secrets and habits. You’ll never be safe again. If he catches sight of someone in your house that he doesn’t like, they could disappear or worse. And if you don’t continue to play the game by seeing him at least once a day, then he’ll come for you.

When did people start dying from playing?

It is unknown when people started to die from playing the game. It was known to be popular in the early 20th-century, and it’s believed that the earliest death occurred around 1919.

How does someone win or complete a game like this?

If you are looking for a game to play with friends, this is not it. In order to win, you have to betray your fellow players. When the man from the window appears in front of a player, they are given an option: either betray their fellow player or throw them out the window. Whoever is left standing wins. This game will show you how easy it can be to betray someone when put in dire straights and proves that true loyalty is hard to come by these days.

How many people have died from playing?

One person has died from playing the game.This player was found deaad in his home, fully clothed with a loaded guun in his hand. He had shot himself through the mouth and an autopsy revealed that he had high levels of alcohol and amphetamine in his system. There have been no other deaths from playing the game but it is unknown if there are other victims out there that haven’t been discovered yet.

What do experts say about how dangerous it can be?

There is a video game that has been circulating on the internet for about a year now called The Man from the Windows. It is a horror-based game where you are put in the shoes of a child who has to escape from an abandoned warehouse. It starts out as a seemingly innocent escape game, but it quickly turns into something much more sinister.
One player found out what happens when they reach the exit door.

How is it harmful to play this game?

This game is harmful because it encourages children to spy on their friends and family and be secretive about it. Kids will feel like they are doing something wrong, but won’t understand why. This game is not only unhealthy for kids, it can be harmful to the person being spied on if they don’t know that someone else has been watching them.


He came to me in the night, and now he’s back. I don’t know how he got in but I can hear him breathing outside my window. When I look out, I see him staring at me with his cold, ded eyes. He wants to kill me, and he’ll do anything to get what he wants.

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