The best apps to download on your new smartphone

You just got your hands on a new phone. Of course, your first inclination is to go to the App Store or Google Play Store so that you can download your favorite apps on your cool new device. While the team strives to keep our phones relatively free, there are some apps we can’t do without because they make our work and everyday life easier. Below you will find over a dozen of the best that we think you should try.

1 password

If there is one thing you can do with this article, it is to download Password Manager. It doesn’t matter what we suggest here. However, we like 1 password for a handful of reasons. Not only will this allow you to create strong passwords for all your online accounts, but it also has built-in support for two-factor authentication. This means you don’t have to download a separate app like Authy to make your login as secure as possible. If you have access to a Fast Mail account, you can also use 1 password to create random emails for your logins, which gives you another way to protect your privacy. It’s just a well-designed app that is a pleasure to use.


If you’ve been using Firefox for the last time, now is the time to revisit it. In the middle of last year, Mozilla changed the Android version of its browser to bring many of its best desktop features to mobile devices. This version saw Mozilla add more solid support for third-party ads. It also introduces its advanced tracking protection feature, which prevents trackers from misusing your browsing data. Separately, Apple allows you to change the default browser since the release of iOS 14. There has never been a better time for iPhone users to be free from Safari.

Head space

I joined Headspace at the beginning of the epidemic. Since then, it has become one of the few apps I use every day. Yes, Headspace is a meditation and mind-building app, but there’s more. You will find that it also has a mix of music that works to help you focus and relax at the end of a long day. Throughout the board, everything it offers is excellent and you will find yourself turning to it for more than just peace of mind.


If you plan to fly somewhere soon, install a hopper on your phone. Although it has added various features over the years, it is basically one of the best ways to save hopper airline tickets. Once you tell the app where and when you want to fly, it will tell you whether you should book your flight now or wait. In the latter case, it will notify you when it estimates that you will get the best deal. The great thing about Hopper is that it saves you from having to constantly check websites like Google Flights and Caking.


If you want to read more in 2022, forget to buy books through Amazon and download Libby instead. If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it lets you borrow eBooks, digital magazines and graphic novels from your local library. All you need is a library card, which most systems in the United States offer for free. Sometimes you have to wait to borrow the books you want to read more, but you know that the labyrinth will greatly expand your reading list.

Open table

With restaurants reopening in cities across the United States and around the world, there’s a good chance you plan to dine out soon, and so do everyone else. This means you will need to reserve food at some of the most popular places in your city. In North America, almost all restaurants have an open table closest to the platform used. That’s why it’s important to download if you eat too much. It is also a useful tool for discovering new places to see as you can filter by kitchen and area.


There is nothing worse than waiting for a bus on a cold winter’s day or watching the three of them go one after the other. Avoid both, with one of the best public transit planning apps on Android and iOS. Transit is the best where other apps in the category fail due to its clean, easy-to-use interface that highlights all the options at your disposal. It also has one of the best algorithms for predicting departure times, so you know exactly when you have to run out of your house or apartment to catch the next bus, train or tram.


Paprika is the best $ 5 you can afford to feed yourself even easier. Inside, it lets you download recipes from your favorite websites and make them accessible on all your devices. You can also use it to measure the size of the food you are cooking and switch between metric and imperial measurements. Include a meal planner, grocery lists, and a tool to track ingredients in your pantry, and you must have an app for home chefs.

Pocket cast

As podcasts become more popular with each passing year, there is a good chance that you already have a handful of favorite shows that you listen to each week. As much as Spotify would like to make you believe that it has the best podcast app, this distinction goes to Pocket Casts. We like it because it provides a consistently great experience on all the systems it supports. And if you’re using a mix of Apple, Google and Microsoft platforms, you don’t even have to worry about sync. It’s also good to use software that doesn’t feel like it’s stuck between two worlds like Spotify. Pocket Casts is not trying to be more than a podcast listening app. That’s not all there is to Spotify, and it’s often frustrating for those who turn to music for it.