The Battle of JEE Main 2021 & Class 12th Board 2021

For the first time in its history, JEE Main is being conducted in four different sessions this year. It has never happened before, and you might thank the COVID-19 pandemic for the same. So, we guess that JEE aspirants ki toh ‘pawri’ ho rahi hai because they can attempt the exam four times.

However, there’s one usually expected hurdle for students amidst this JEE Main season – “How to prepare for class 12 boards along with JEE?” Usually, the board exams are conducted before JEE, but due to all the disruption in the JEE and board exams’ schedules, this is the first time that board exams will be conducted after JEE. Well, at least after the first three attempts of JEE.

Students often find it challenging to manage the preparation for both and this year, it has only become a bit more complex. Dono ko balance karna mushkil to hota hi hai but you shouldn’t worry, we have got you covered!

We’ve jotted down seven fantastic tips to help you take care of your JEE and Class 12 board preparation together. Read on:

1. Use the 3-pool formula

Here’s one great tip that you can follow going ahead. Follow a 3-pool formula which means dividing your topics into three different categories:

  • Strong
  • Average
  • Weak

Draw timelines, and you must impose deadlines for yourself. Pick up the topics from the pools to transfer topics from ‘weak’ to ‘average’ to ‘strong’!!

2. Previous years’ papers

Solving the previous years’ JEE main papers & previous year’s board question papers helps you to get a gist of questions that could come in the exam. Prefer using a timer while solving the papers. By solving previous year papers, you can:

  • Get an idea of what kind of questions can be expected in the exam
  • Understand the weightage of the topics
  • Get well-versed with the exam pattern

3. Self-assessment

Well, how do you understand if you are strong at topics? Attempt mock tests for JEE and sample papers for the board exam, and then assess your performance. Don’t just stop there! Analyze the mistakes you have committed.
Practice is essential for success in JEE. The more you practice, you better you get. Attempting the mock tests and board sample papers will help you with the entire JEE and Class 12 preparation. Moreover, it will also help you gauge and improve your section-wise speed.

4. Power breaks

While you’re preparing hard, don’t forget to give yourself some time to rejuvenate because ‘Break to banta hai boss’.

Do you know that the way our human brain functions require small breaks to increase our efficiency efforts? Try these steps when it comes to taking power breaks:

  • Do any recreational activity/ meditation/ eat protein-rich snacks
  • Take a 10-15 min break in between to recharge and then gear up for more work
  • You can listen to motivational songs during your break, like ‘Kar Har Maidaan Fateh’, ‘Bhaag Milkha Bhaag’, etc.
  • Remember to stay disciplined and DON’T extend your break at any cost
  • Set an alarm to make sure you get back to your study table in time

5. Schedule your remaining time

With limited time in hand, time management becomes quite crucial. So, you must ensure the following things:

  • Plan your time well. You are the best judge of the time you need to devote per subject and chapter.
  • Prepare a strict timetable and stick to it.
  • Keep the morning hours for tough subjects. Morning is the time when your concentration level is at its peak.

6. Focus on concepts and theory

While JEE Main is about practice, board exams are about theory. The course of JEE and Boards is almost similar. The only difference is that JEE demands very wide applications of theory and concepts whereas in boards, understanding the theory well would suffice.
So, study and understand the theory very well and do as much practice as you can. By doing so, you can excel in both JEE and Boards.

7. Keep yourself motivated

There will be times during your preparation that you’ll start feeling down or sad due to a lack of confidence. But you’ll have to remain confident and keep yourself motivated at any cost.

Because even if you’re following all the above-given tips and working hard, it won’t help you get the desired result if you’re not in the right frame of mind. Keep pushing yourself to give your best shot and the rest will be taken care of!

On a concluding note, you must remember that the CBSE syllabus acts as a smaller subset for JEE syllabus. An interesting thing is that preparing for CBSE boards is like warming up for the JEE entrance exam. But this time around, you’ll be doing the opposite as your boards will be conducted after your JEE.

Also, always keep a check on your health, it’s VERY important. Such are the times that even a normal cough & cold can give you anxiety due to the COVID-19 scenario. So, be extra careful when it comes to your health. Avoid eating junk food at any cost.

All the best for the exam, champs! Now you know how to prepare for both JEE & class 12 boards. We are sure you’ll all be ‘pawrying’ after your exams.