The 10 characteristics that your car must have to be perfect

Would you buy a car because it has Wi-Fi, because it comes with a built-in iPhone, or because music sounds better on it than in the theater? Despite the fact that, paradoxically, car advertisements emphasize things like these, the perfect model has nothing to do with it. The most desired benefits are others.

What motorists want is a safe car in the event of an accident (eight out of ten drivers consider this benefit “very important”). What they are looking for is that it uses little fuel, that the cost of its maintenance is low. However, they hardly care about variables such as prestige, technology for the passenger or a unique style. These are some of the main findings of the GfK Global Study: Importance of Vehicle Performance, conducted through online interviews with more than 22,000 people from 17 countries.

According to the evaluations in this report, these are the 10 benefits that the perfect car for Spanish drivers should have:

  1. Safety in the event of an accident. Very important for 79% of the respondents. 2. Fuel savings. 69% 3. Low maintenance cost. 67% 4. Reliability. 66% 5. Comfort. 53% 6. Quality of the finish. 52% 7. Spacious / Wide. 52% 8. Respectful with the environment. 51% 9. Quiet / silent driving. 45% 10. Nice / fun to drive. 38%
    Other variables, such as a powerful engine (32%), brand reputation (29%) or the latest technology for the passenger (22%) are “very important” to a much smaller number of drivers.
    If the data are studied by gender, in Spain men give greater importance to safety in the event of an accident (76%), fuel savings (68%) and reliability (64%). While among women a significant 82% favor safety, followed by low maintenance costs (71%) and fuel savings (70%).

The study also looks at the interests of motorists based on income, with safety being the most prominent feature for all salary levels. The biggest differences of opinion are observed in the incorporation of technology for the driver (assisted parking, cruise control, keyless opening or ignition). In this sense, those with more incomes give more importance to these benefits (49%) than those with lower incomes (28%).Visit here

Overall results
Regarding the overall results, accident safety and reliability (both, with 73%), fuel savings (65%) or reduction of maintenance costs (61%) occupy the first positions of the services considered " very important ”on the vehicles. However, there are a remarkable number of people who point to the latest technology for the driver and passengers as a prominent feature in their cars. Something that also increases with the level of income.

In this way, 36% of the Internet users surveyed in the 17 countries believe that adaptive speed control, power steering or parking assistance is very important, and 28% consider the connection to social networks to be equally relevant or streaming audio or video for passengers.

If we observe the results by income, there are notable differences: 44% of those who enter the most are interested in the latest technology for the driver, compared to 30% with less income. In the case of advances for passengers, the results indicate that they are valued more by those with higher incomes, 35% of those interviewed with higher incomes consider them very important, compared to 22% with lower incomes.

By gender, the results are similar, while men show more interest in reliability (71%), women choose safety in case of accidents to a greater extent (76%).
Some striking cases
In 11 of the 17 countries analyzed, the interviewees highlighted the importance of two characteristics, although the percentages alternate: safety in the event of an accident and reliability.

In other countries, fuel savings occupy an important place. Among them are Brazil (81%), Mexico (75%), the United States and Spain (both with 69%). In Italy (70%), South Korea (70%), Japan (50%) or Spain (67%) the cost of maintenance is among the main priorities when choosing a vehicle.

However, the cases of Russia stand out especially, where 76% of the answers are for the quality of the finish, after reliability and safety; that of the Netherlands, where 63% of those consulted appreciate a pleasant driving; and that of Japan, where the most important feature, with 57% of the responses, is low maintenance costs.